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  1. Ugh driving me crazy, and he says "What's" instead of "What is"
  2. 2 minutes in…nope, Savannah’s voice is going to be an issue 😬
  3. The new champ's story made me laugh out loud (him getting caught in the bus). His visual was hilarious!
  4. Ew at best it’s obnoxious; at worst blatantly racist. I’m glad he lost. He was so stunned he missed the DD that it affected the rest of his game 🙄
  5. I think they should start requiring first and last names, when the answer is a person. For some reason last night was really jarring to me when the champ kept just saying the last name, and then Anderson filled in the whole name. There could be someone else with the surname "Jay" in NY who the champ was thinking of, right? And also, it should just be a requirement to know the first and last names.
  6. The Streetcar Named Desire clue was way too easy for a $1000 clue! Agreed that Aaron is growing on me!
  7. The Fredo question was odd. But good on Pasquale for knowing John Cazale right away!
  8. Not to beat a dead horse BUT I'm from Pittsburgh and wouldn't know what you meant if you said "Ames" or "Carbondale". I think it's regional. More people around the DC area (or who have family there) might've heard the Naval Academy called "Annapolis", but I disagree that it's nearly as entrenched as "West Point" is for USMA.
  9. Edit - I didn't realize the clue said "he" 🙂
  10. I think they definitely should've asked for a BMS on the Sedaris one.
  11. She said “overwrite” instead of “overbite”! No correction?! Did I mishear?
  12. Speaking of tropes, the dad all, "Laurel?" on the phone when no one was speaking.
  13. James yes. Austin may cause be to actually stop watching!
  14. I like Ken overall but I agree about his voice. I'm hoping I just get used to it, but otherwise I think he's great.
  15. It’s only because “William Hill” is such an unusual, uncommon name that this storyline isn’t far fetched at all 🙄 Beth is a goddess to put up with Randall’s constant drama. i felt bad for Kevin’s baby mama (name escaping me ATM). He’s in love with the babies and the idea of family life, but not in love with her. Not that she loves him either though; this forced relationship is kind of weird and sad. Toby DID seem to be faking it in the car afterward! Don’t blame him
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