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  1. I get that, but like, Malik's dad opening up to Randall about his OWN experience with therapy, and then Randall totally brushing it off like, a good run is enough for me. I mean, how does that make Malik's dad feel?
  2. Though I wouldn’t lump James in with Buzzy and Austin! James was not a showboat-y douche
  3. Joe’s reading of the line “Spoke too soon” in response to Forty asking if he was a self-hating Jew was hilarious 😂
  4. Alex said he was in a good mood at the beginning, and he really did seem more upbeat. It was nice to see.
  5. The scene in the bathroom, when she was getting ready for Jeff to come over and then felt her depression setting in... that was brutal.
  6. That was the sweetest scene ever ❤️ Not to nitpick, but Rebecca’s grandfather would’ve been a steel worker, not a pipe fitter. — Pittsburgh girl
  7. That middle contestant's story irked me. Ok great tough guy, you "almost threw him over the dugout". Meathead.
  8. I have done a 180 on Toby since he first appeared. My previous opinion was that he was incredibly controlling and smothering. I was appalled at his Super Bowl stunt and couldn't believe Kate put up with it. However, now he's walking on eggshells around an unhinged Kate. I don't hate him like I used to; just feel bad for him now!
  9. I think they had padding on him at the beginning? I’m not a Toby fan but I like how he deftly dealt with the table issue Ha, true. And what Kate said just made it more awkward. Even though she was trying to be lighthearted.
  10. That perma-smirk on Jae Won’s face grates. Wish the fired lady would’ve slapped him before she left
  11. Ugh Kate with the monologue to the neighbor. I knew right away it was a mobility issue for him. You’re not the only one with problems! and she has no right to be mad at Toby for what he said. ive always loved kid Kevin. Love how he looks at the others to see if they’re laughing at arsenio, too. i didn’t get what was funny about Kevin’s AA speech? Was nice to see Nicky smile though.
  12. I see it more as having someone hold her accountable.
  13. I chuckled at Miguel’s 12 Days of Christmas joke. I thought it was a cute way to keep things light.
  14. I fear that you all who are saying Jack Jr looks like Kevin are actually the blind ones 😆
  15. Right? When I saw it, I was surprised how quickly Duvall dismissed him. I was like, but that could have been it!
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