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  1. Agree. I felt so bad for the two guys on dates with Aparna, esp the second one. Yes, I think Auntie needs to find some boys for Pradhyuman
  2. Janet doesn’t wear Ariana Grande’s anything. Ariana can’t hold a candle to Miss Jackson!
  3. Ok I was annoyed with Mina at the intro but then her unique voice made me like her. The woman in the middle is picking at a snails pace.
  4. Right - and the very last people she would ask would be her parents!
  5. ^^Exactly. He was extra special Big Baby in this episode. And then, slow clap, you come to your senses after talking to Ruby...but then you interrupt Bow AGAIN when she's with coworkers, to apologize. Just freaking leave her alone!
  6. Exactly- put on some evening makeup and maybe contacts! I thought she sort of looked silly in the dress bc of that. the WORST was when teen Randall (with his bad acting, may be UO) tried to order for his mom at the pizza place. Seriously dude? She’s not a child. What did Beth see in him? When TIU first started he was funny and fun with his family. I can’t see how teen Randall turned into that. Along those lines, when did sullen PTSD jack turn into fun dad Jack? It’s like four separate characters with him and Randall.
  7. I can't remember the question, but I don't think Paul's answer of "internship" should have been accepted.
  8. Too many plotlines for sure! I started laughing when they introduced Munchausen by proxy to all the other mess!
  9. I couldn't believe no one knew Al Franken!
  10. Aw, I liked Steve. He had a good sense of humor.
  11. Oh Kevin just breaks my heart; he is such a sweet guy. The conversation with him and Kate over the VMs from Madison was hilarious. “oh there’s a third one!” ”I should get credit for not sleeping with Sophie” his delivery was so funny!
  12. I thought of Roberts too! And was hoping Alex was going to say that guy actually went by Robert 😆
  13. But sometimes they are making a real guess, but once the answer is revealed you can see how far off they were. Or, like tonight, they don’t even finish writing a full answer. Alex needs to lay off.
  14. Fridge was funny but I was surprised he didn't know the answer. He seemed like a great guy - good sense of humor. I'm sure the woman in the middle was kicking herself for "Oliver North"! Again with Alex asking someone to explain a clearly wrong FJ answer. Just stop!
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