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  1. Kelli has dementia, Kitty is jealous and Judy is blind.
  2. I coated through life until I was about 32 and then got serious about a career. I think the nomadic lifestyle I had matured me and gave me more life experience than going straight to college after high school and then right to work.
  3. They probably don't have a lot of footage of her because she didn't bring the drama.
  4. Where was Kash in the triangle before becoming point her 3rd and 4th year?
  5. Whatever happened to TCC Jackie from season 11. She made it into training camp on year and then I haven't seen her since.
  6. I had to quit when they started, and I quote Queen Coral, "scraping the barrel" by letting the AYTO cast on. Also, it just lost it's charm. Katie Doyle posted about the earlier seasons when they would go out site seeing and them it turned into everyone locked in a house as a social experiment.
  7. Hmmmmm sounds like grooming to me. I liked Tonya from her first appearance on RW. I was always rooting for her. I hope she is doing well and staying away from the sporlight.
  8. Maybe they are extending extra grace to get the quarantine snack weight off. I still think she looks beautiful and she's one of my favorites.
  9. Did Meredith Oden get this much hate? Cassie is the queen of it and Victoria is the Duchess. It just seems like the legacies get more than their fair share.
  10. Or find a bootleg version of it on YouTube before it's taken down.
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