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  1. I think she was just trying to tell them she isn't normally that thin and explaining that is was a serious illness.
  2. Yep, those flare ups will keep the weight off. Gastrointestinal diseases are hard to manage. I have GERD and it's a pain to manage just that.
  3. Kelsey said she was in the hospital recently for stomach issues that caused her to lose so much weight. She was probably suffering from malnutrition and malabsorption at the time. The vets (probably Cassie and cronies) were making up rumors about it being an eating disorder.
  4. Thank you to one of your members for sending me the link to the 2 hour special that aired in 2005. Kelli use to have compassion and humility. It's actually sad to see the woman she has become. Does she ever watch the show and cringe at the things that come out of her mouth? I would be embarrassed if I were her or a member of her family. A rookie was cut and a vet was crying to Kelli about the fact that she was going home to an empty house and had no one there for her. Kelli showed compassion and told the vet to go talk to her. That would never happen now. Even the way she addressed
  5. I read somewhere she quit because of mean girls. Who are these mean girls>
  6. Based on what Cassie said when she found out she was having a girl and her daughter now being a Jr DCC, I believe it will be shoved down her throat more than it was for Cassie. I can only name one rookie DCC, Marissa. Only because this board is not a fan of hers. Also, the kick line and jump split, when they actually have to learn it is going to expose a lot of things for the rookies.
  7. Dang, 6th row all the way to point is impressive. I wonder if anyone else has made a jump that big (not necessarily) becoming point thought).
  8. Thank you so much! It was a good read.
  9. I visited Seattle last year and I HAD to take a photo of the pier and where the "slap heard around the world" happened. Do you have a link to the interview?
  10. Maybe tagalong with Dayton and work on a cruiseline. She'll get life experience and see the world.
  11. I remember Natalie Wood asking (I believe) Nicole Hamilton to stay on her and correct her. I think there is nothing wrong with a vet correcting a TCC or rookies dancing and/or behavior since they know how things work...as long as they do it politely. Maybe VK doesn't take criticism by any means well.
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