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  1. I want to know what caused her to miss the bus.
  2. Exactly. They both should have been axed. They would have cut a rookie or 2 year vet in a flash.
  3. I'll take Victoria's sneakiness over Cassiegate anyday. Ugh, Cassie did not have the look at all. Woof.
  4. Season 12 episode 4. LOL at Jerry Jones giving the girls a pep talk. Bruh how about to close your mouth and open your wallet and pay them more.
  5. Her body type reminds me of Allie's, and she was cut for weight after her rookie season.
  6. Who do you think will get rookie of the year? My vote is for Kat.
  7. She mailed that performance in. I think it was her dress and shoes that was limiting her movements.
  8. I think her lack of wearing a bra is the least offensive thing the cheerleaders do.
  9. Should we send a gift? Also, I need a backstory on how Jinelle switched sides.
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