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  1. I love that movie. Ugh Sigourney Weaver telling her to rethink the jewelry.
  2. Awww I liked Terri. She didn't have to boring "DCC look." I always thought it was interesting that she left DCC and went straight to the Mavs.
  3. They should teach them how to respond to a question they don't know the answer to. Come one, who's really going to bring up the "me too" movement at a dinner?
  4. I asked it not too long ago on the past seasons thread. Queen Nicole Hamilton, Mia Greenhouse, Whitney Isleib, Jennifer K, Jenna Jackson (for like one day), KaSexy, Amy/Maddie. I know I'm missing 1 or 2 though. KaShara was point her third year because Jenna was demoted for her behavior.
  5. Everyone comes up with excuses when thy're being cut.
  6. I can think of other former DCCs that are more memorable than her.
  7. I forgot about Jinelle. She was always my favorite because like her, I am too skinny with almost a D cup. Everyone always likes to ask if they're God given or bought. Ummm I'm too poor to buy boobs.
  8. I agree with all of this. I think this will be Christina's last year. I think she'll retire. Some called her desperate in her quest to be a DCC, I called it persistence. I think most of them are A or B cups. The only ones that come to mind who were larger in the bra were Amy Simone, Kali, and Holly P.
  9. Funny you mention her (assuming you're speaking of Rachel W). She in almost every game day photo on PDC.
  10. I want to know who makes them because I'd like to see what else they have.
  11. It was obvious that she was pulling a "you can't fire me, I quit" card. I would like to see receipts on this.
  12. I could remember the 50 dances they learn if I only had to dance to them to one song. The way I learn is half muscle memory and half music memory. I could not do the same moves to different songs like they do.
  13. I have a sister who always has to fight with someone. First it was my sister for a year, then it was my mom for 6 months, now it's me going on 6 years. I refused to kiss her ass and apologize for calling her out on her decades of stupid choices, so I've been banned from seeing my nephews. Some people are just so toxic.
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