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  1. I've noticed that lockers are selling for a lot less money especially without Dave Hester around. Ones that used to go for $1000-$2500 are now going for under $500. That's quite a drop. I wonder why.
  2. I was so glad to see Barry and his same old goof ball routine. I was glad not to see Dave Hester, and Daryl Sheets is still as obnoxious as usual, Brandon wasn't with him, he's probably doing fine on his own without his dad. I prefer Brandon anytime over Daryl. Still cannot tolerate Rene. Don't really mind Ivy or Kenny. I like Brandy much better without Jared, she made him tolerable and the episode with them bidding against each other was uncomfortable. I like how the other guys are nice to Brandy and willing to help her, even if it's something simple, like pulling down a door. I don't mind M
  3. on a layover at O'Hara, I saw my college French teacher dissolve into a shrieking ass. Our plane was delayed, and delayed and delayed and every time there was a fight to KC where there might be stand-by tickets available, the whole flight of people for my flight would race to the boarding gate. I quit after the second time. But I saw this one man who looked familiar but I couldn't place him, he was leading the pack, today, he would be a Karen (I don't really like using that name, but we all know what is meant.) Finally after about his 3rd meltdown, I remembered him. I know he recognized me, bu
  4. Underwear ad, only saw it once and I was more amused than annoyed. Jammies, I think. Ad was talking about how soft and comfortable and they had pockets! Then the same man who was wearing them pops out of the opening in front and was running his hands over the fabric of the opening. It would fit right in with the "ball ance" guy. After I got through being stunned, I laughed. Now the wearing underwear around the house and the dancing all the time in the house I'll take to small talk.
  5. I enjoy Best Buy's ad with Santa and the Elves. "Nice jammies!" The elves are just having a good time and pay about as much attention to Santa telling them to go to bed as any teenager.
  6. It's been running for years, in the Julia Roberts perfume ad, the song that plays, are they singing, "I have to tase you or I have to phaze you?" All I can think is tasers and phazers from Star Trek shows.
  7. This commercial caught my attention because I like The Platters. However, it immediately bugged me because in the black & white flashback, the man is a full head or more taller than the woman. When they flash to full color "today" they're both about the same height. So, either hubby shrank a full 8 or 10 inches, or the guy at the prom isn't her man now. I was just coming to say that! And it's not the Platters, it's the Flamingos and I knew that without looking it up, I love doowop. But the ad for whatever that has someone screeching out "I Got You Babe" reall
  8. Been bingeing on CSI on Pluto, still. See a lot of ads for NCIS Hawaii starring Vanessa Lashay. Her voice reminds me of someone, but I can't remember if Simon, Theodore or Alvin.
  9. I have one of those odd names that have a meaning depending on whether I use my name or initials. I do both. I hated my name as a kid, but I love it now. When I got my divorce, the judge barely got the words out about did I want to change my name before I was shouting YES!!! I used to work for a doctor, we had a patient and I will make up a name for her to keep her confidentiality even though it's been nearly 30 years. Her father was named a single syllable name, like Earl, he added an "a" to his name and named her Earla. But even more odd was that Earla was a twin and her twin was named
  10. the tuneless singing that everyone is complaining about on the Volkswagon ad? I keep thinking they're making up their own lyrics and using the tune, Marching to Georgia. I don't even know that song other than a brief snippit in Gone With the Wind, I think. But the song and the singing suck. Wish they'd stop.
  11. this one has been around a while, didn't see it for some time, but I've always hated it and now it's back in rotation. It's from Discover Card, young woman says "I can get ma maonnee!" I want to smack her upside her head. Thank goodness for the mute button. And along similar lines, it's for Everlywell or Everlyhealth or something. I remember the Everly part because I'm a big Everly Brothers fan, may they rest in peace. Young woman lists all the things she could be allergic to and that she could take them all out of her diet and put them back in one at a time or she could find out what's a
  12. I have a solution, at least in part, to the problem of AT&T not supporting my old flip phone as of February. They sent me a new and updated flip phone today. I still may consider changing carriers in the near future but I don't have to think about getting and learning a new phone with a data plan.
  13. I used to live in an apartment with a young couple with 2 small children living above me. It wasn't too bad except their bedroom was above mine and the headboard of their bed was too close to a wall and during certain times, I could hear the headboard banging against the wall. Most of the time, I could ignore it. But on Valentine's Day, I signed divorce papers and then that night...I turned up my radio loud enough I could ignore what was going on over my head until things got quiet. Shortly after that they moved the bed away from the wall, I was grateful. Then a few months later they moved. I
  14. I think it's for PetSmart, I like it the one with people singing, "I'd Do Anything," from Oliver. I like the song and I like seeing the happy pets.
  15. Chessiegal, that's nice to know about the dried Caesar's dressing. Hidden Valley used to have one I loved. I grew up in the midwest and I guess I'm older than the ranch dressing thing because I'd never heard of ranch dressing until I was an adult. It's ok for some things, dipping veggies, but pizza? no way. I'm not a big fan, I grew up with Wishbone Italian, there used to be a restaurant in KC where it originated and they were a customer of my dad's, so that's what we grew up with. Medicare Advantage plans, thank goodness for them. I have one, as far as having to stay in their network, i
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