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  1. this one annoys me because, the sister has a neighbor and he's supposed to remember which neighbor? Is there only one neighbor the sister talks about and has introduced him to? To me, the sister's neighbor is a relationship so far removed from my every day existence that I wouldn't have a clue? Except Neighbor Billy, my sister had a friend/neighbor that she always called him Neighbor Billy. I asked her once if that was his birth name. At some point, she could have just said Billy and I would have known of whom she was speaking. But what I came here to gripe about was not one commercial,
  2. Not exactly a favorite, but we have no category for commercials that amuse. I've been watching Law and Order on WE most of the day. They been running ads with scenes from the show, with the dialog changed. One is something about Covid, I don't really pay attention. But saw some new ones today for Criminal Minds that are hilarious. I can't remember most of the ad, but several times they have Shemar Mppre saying something about you'll see him posing pretty and then he says something about you'll see me like this, and they put up a scene with him shirtless and he says, aren't I pretty. I really h
  3. what's worse than an earworm in a commercial? an earworm they don't finish! Just saw an ad, the one that uses Cindy Lauper's All Through the Night, the singer sang, "all through the" and they cut to a different commercial! AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! Now I have to find the song and hear it to finish it. I like that one and I don't even mind the slowed down version on the commercial.
  4. that is a name tailor made for a soap opera.
  5. I'm not sure how I feel about the Colace cutesy song about pooping and no. 2. There are two different songs, one about pooping and one about no. 2. I'm leaning toward irritated.
  6. we're doing a little remodeling, painting, sanding and staining and sealing floors, new surround and vanity and floors in bathroom, etc. Had to replace some trim molding in the one bedroom. Fairly simple molding, from a late 50s/early 60s ranch style tract house. $7/foot. The room is not large about 12x12, but that can add up fast.
  7. Obviously, I do not watch closely enough. Actually, I do very little watching. I mostly listen.
  8. I bought my cell phone in 2008 when my family insisted because I was driving 250 miles to my high school reunion. I started with one that the keypad kind of pulled out from the bottom of the phone, moved to one that had a keypad and screen on one piece with a keyboard that pulled out of the side. After my nephew had it and got in a fight with the neighbor kids and dropped it and they brought it home, smashed with a hammer and left it on my porch, I went to a $15 flip phone. I've replaced this one about 3 times, one time the dog chewed it up, one time my nephew had a fight with a friend and the
  9. Re the Progressive ad where the customer has a claim and the gang all drop what they're doing and rush to the accident site. Flo is dressed like Flo, Jamie is in cap and gown like he was giving a speech at a graduation, Mara was either at a prom or was a bridesmaid and I don't know the other guy's name, but he was fly fishing. I just caught Mara's little comment at the end, she mutters under her breath, not so softly, "you smell like fish." The fly fisher guy says, "sorry." She replies, "not you, Jamie." or "I was talking to/about Jamie." or close to one of those. Cracks me up. And I wil
  10. Re treadmill accidents from Annoying, Irritating, Enraging, I was on my treadmill and my brother came over to my house to get something. I told him it was in the bathroom, underneath the sink. He couldn't find it, I told him 3 times. Finally, I got off the treadmill and went and got it for him, in the bathroom, under the sink, right where I told him. I left the treadmill running, big mistake. I tried to get back on it, went flying backwards, landed face down on the end of the thing. Had to have my brother take me to the ER for X-rays for a concussion. I was fine, but terrible headache and a bl
  11. There were an estimated 22,500 treadmill-related injuries treated at US emergency departments among all ages, I've been one. Since it's a topic for Small Talk, if anyone is interested and I don't expect it, I'll go there if requested. Edited to add my take on the stupid Pelotan ads. I assumed (I know) that everyone taking the class with the instructors suddenly and inexplicably changed their name to Pelotan so the instructor wouldn't have to exercise their brains too much.
  12. you might look into Philo, a streaming service, $20/month, I've had it for several years now, since Trading Spaces came back on. It has Animal Planet, Discovery, DIY, Discovery Science. The only channels I'd like to have but don't are TBS so I can watch A Christmas Story and TCM so I can get some Hitchcock now and then and I love old movies.
  13. I won't be back either. This was must see for me since season 1. No longer, I can't tolerate Tyra.
  14. I finished the series this weekend. It took me over a year because I started watching on Prime and then they dropped it and it was several months before Roku started showing it. I can't really compare the beginning and the end because my memory isn't that long any more. I skipped a lot of episodes, mostly what I considered the stupid ones, the ones with Luthor Gillis or others where either Thomas or the gang were imagining themselves as a legendary dectective and other nonsense. I liked the serious episodes better. I skipped a couple of the middle seasons. I love Thomas Magnum, but I could onl
  15. I see that some readers of this thread like the Provenza and Flynn humorous episodes, those are my least favorite. Just goes to show that old phrase, "different strokes for different folks." The episode with the adopted Russian psychopath always reminds me of my time working at the psych hospital for children and adolescents. They had a sex offender unit and it was always full. Lots of horrible and very sad stories there, the boys and in all the time I was there, only one girl was on the unit and it was a brief stay, she aged out. All the patients on that unit were there for months and ev
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