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  1. Would someone please stuff that stupid gecko into his stupid flat tire and drive around the block?
  2. thank you peaches and crazy. I always liked him in Law & Order.
  3. Seeing an ad lately for Smirnoff something in a can. I don't pay much attention and since I don't drink any alcoholic products, I don't know the difference between them nor do I want to. But anyway, the ad has an actor that looks and sounds so familiar. Does anyone know if it's Anthony Anderson who played Det. Bernard on Law & Order. The actor in the ad has a gap in his front upper teeth just like Mr. Anderson, a gap in the teeth is not so easy to change like a hair style or shaving or growing a beard.
  4. Just watched Sharon and Andy's wedding again. Every time I see it, I cry.
  5. nope, bought it online. I have to do most of my shopping online. Editing to add, I just measured my popcorn popper bowl and it's 6 inches, the lid fits down inside and will only come above the popper if you are popping a lot. Hope that helps with your search.
  6. I had to go look. My smarta$$ answer is the turquoise one. But what you're wanting to know is Zulay, I got it from Walmart, they have bunches and so does Amazon. I didn't look at Target, but I'll bet they have several also. I really did buy the one I got because it was turquoise. Looking at them and reviews, it seemed like 6 of one/half a dozen of the other, so I got the color I loked.
  7. I tried popping pop corn in a glass bowl in the microwave, it was a 70s pyrex bowl, the popcorn wen all over the place (I forgot to cover it) made a mess and broke the bowl. So then I tried a 70s Tupperware bowl, the kernels burned into the bowl, made indentations into the plastic, had to throw it out. Then I tried my Corning Ware sauce pan with lid, it worked ok, but it was hard to carry the pan, the handles get very hot and they're heavy. I just didn't like messing with them. So I bought the silicone contraption and it's light weight, has it's own silicone lid and I like it just fine. I don'
  8. A couple of months ago, I got a handy gadget for making microwave popcorn, it's silicone, just put some regular popcorn in the bottom, put the lid on and microwave. I usually put some butter slices in with the popcorn before I put it in the microwave. I can make a small amount that I will eat in one sitting. Of course, I try not to burn it because it stinks!
  9. Been home from the dentist for a couple of hours, I'm exhausted, the side of my mouth where the wisdom tooth was removed is still a little numb. Had that one plus what was left of 3 broken teeth removed. The 3 broken ones came right out, but that wisdom tooth was a bugger. He had to numb my mouth 3 different times to get it numb enough. The first aide who did the numbing was bragging to the other dental assistants that she could numb people when no one else could. I was told years ago that I have an extra nerve in the lower part of my mouth that makes it hard for me to numb. She said most peop
  10. I agree that not everything has to be thrown out, but my sister buys more things so she'll have more, she has things she'll never ever use, like a big several gallon tea server thing - it's for parties or banquets. She has a baking pan for baking sourdough bread, she doesn't like sourdough bread. I don't know how many punch bowls and cups she has. I've started using one of her punchbowls as a salad bowl, at least it gets used that way. She doesn't have little punch and cucumber sandwich friends. The few friends she has are druggies. But she will not let me get rid of this stuff.
  11. I don't think he can get more annoying. I have always hated the stupid Snuggle Bear and now he that lady are having seizures together, I hate him even more.
  12. There may be some guilt involved with my sister's hoarding, but it's more of a replacement for her drug/alcohol addiction. She's not sober, she just no longer is able to use drugs or alcohol. She's still an addict, she's switched addictions to food and buying cheap c**p. There's a part of the food addiction that I think comes from the times when she used and spent every penny she had on drugs or drink and had nothing to eat and nothing to feed her children. She eventually lost her children and she has a lot of guilt about that and she did a lot of damage to her children during those years, 2 o
  13. I got a salad shooter as a wedding present over 30 years ago, 1988. I used it a few times, but then it got put away. I knew where it was and all the attachments that came with it, I think 3 different cones, before I moved 6 years ago, but right now I have no clue. I'll put out an apb to my helpers that as we rearrange and unpack stuff, to rescue and it's parts. I know, 6 years and yes, I have unpacked very little. At first it was because I was in denial that I'd be stuck living with my sister for the rest of my life, but it is probably going to be that way. So, we're trying to go through my st
  14. different people have different situations and lives. I'm at home 99% of the time, I only go out to doctor appts. I have cataracts and have a lot of difficulty seeing. At home, I have a 23" screen on my computer that I can adjust the size of what I see on the screen so that I can actually see it. I am also on a very limited SS retirement budget and AT&T wants another $100/month for a data plan for a smart phone. They already get entirely too big a cut of my limited income so f**k them. I don't want to give them another d**n cent. I hate AT&T, but am forced to use them for internet. I m
  15. Thank you all, I was planning to start the Ibuprofen the night before the pulling but I hadn't thought about taking the antibiotic before I leave for the dentist office. I don't have a knee infection, but I do have breast cancer, I don't know how that could be affected, but it's best to take no chances. Since I have to take three of the Amoxicillin/day, it will be easy to schedule two before I go to the dentist.
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