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  1. friendperidot

    Say What?: Commercials That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

    I'm a not so closeted fan of 21 Jump Street, I'm old enough to be Holly Robinson Peete and I guess Rodney Peete's mother, but I have a big crush on her and the entire cast of 21 Jump Street, especially Peter de Luise.
  2. friendperidot

    Say What?: Commercials That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

    Funky rat, congratulations! I understand, I'm 4'11" and I've lost 35 over 3 years, still need to lose another 10-15, but it's tough and I don't know about you, but I didn't put the extra weight on in a few months or weeks, it took years for it to sneak up on me. Losing it the old fashioned way, slowly, exercise and moderation of diet is really the only way. I've never tried any of the diet pills of any sort. And I've only lost 2 pants sizes, so just how did Rodney Peete lose 4 pants sizes with 30 lbs? Did he carry it all in his behind? I've never seen Holly Robinson Peete looking at all like she needs to lose any weight, but she's an actress and the rumor is they have to be too thin, it's the only acceptable look. I am happy there are a couple of actresses out there bucking that trend. People should look and be healthy.
  3. friendperidot

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    car repair or funerals I think. There's one on the old people channels for some car repair insurance scam where this woman screeches "NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS!" Obviously, these people don't get out much on the poor side of town. The slingers need to go away. I'm so sick of their innuendo. Or as I read in a psych note several years ago and this remains my favorite error in psych notes, started me collecting them, "sexual in yer window."
  4. friendperidot


    thank you again!
  5. friendperidot

    As Seen On TV: Does ANY of this crap work?

    No, it's a party! as someone who lives with active addiction in 2 other people and have a past with several, I hate the word "party." It's a synonym for "getting high." I promise there is no Tupperware, Amway or even funny, slightly naughty marital aids being sold at any of those "parties."
  6. friendperidot


    Irlandesa, thank you. I'll look for it.
  7. friendperidot

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    We've made it to Bastille Day and I'm starting to miss this show. Any one got any hints about who's in negotiation for this season? Pros, stars, I don't care, I'm just wanting to hear something.
  8. friendperidot


    I don't have a dvr, and I'm terrible at scrolling through show guides, so when and where is this on? It was one of the first shows I watched when I got streaming a couple of years ago. I like this one a lot. And I agree, not so big on "open concept."
  9. friendperidot

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I know we all hate Peloton here, but the commercial featuring the live instructor, "all my first time Peloton riders here..." I want to do her bodily harm. I would not be inspired by someone screaming encouragement and stupidity at me. I am not a candidate for spinning classes, aerobic classes or a freaking Peloton or Pelotan or Pelotin or however it's spelled, I can't even bother to look them up, I don't want their spam ads. But this one has been particularly aggravating to me lately.
  10. friendperidot

    Murphy Brown

    been watching the reruns, enjoying, we are now in the Peter Hunt year, played by Scott Bakula. He works so well with Candice Bergen, he's a gorgeous, sexy man and a good actor. I've also been catching the episodes on Boston Legal with him. I haven't gotten to see Quantum Leap in a While and I don't watch network tv, so no NCIS New Orleans. He's all that I said above, talented actor, gorgeous and sexy. So just what in the world was Jonathan Archer? I cannot stand him, and I've quit watching that show for Murphy Brown reruns and a guilty pleasure, Supermarket Sweep.
  11. friendperidot

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Me too, I live in Tulsa, in the city, I get about 30 channels over the air that I will watch and about 20 more that I block, religious, Spanish and shopping. I do wish I could get ION, I did in the last place I lived, it was on a hill. And there's a couple of channels in Muskogee I'd like to get, but I don't so that's life. I do have streaming service, but if my nephew is home and using video chat on his phone, that's the end of my movie watching. I just recently put a stop to the video chat nonsense, when he pays the bills, he can have more privileges. And to keep it on commercials - I hate AT&T, the commercials I can ignore, but I hate AT&T.
  12. friendperidot

    NYPD Blue

    Last night the gorgeous Esai Morales years started. I never care what show he's doing, I just enjoy watching him. The last go round when he was on I did catch his nude scene. It's one of his last episodes, I'll remember ahead of time this time even though H&I pixilates all the scenes. But it got me to thinking, did Lieutenant Fancy have one, I remember a couple scenes in his home, even one in his bedroom, but I don't remember if he got to do one of the famous scenes. I'm pretty sure Currie Graham didn't, I don't recall any scenes in his home, and same with John Irwin, I remember when he sublet Andy's apartment, but that wasn't a love scene, there were boyfriends but they were always set in the station house or at lunch. Connie got to have the funniest, she got to have Theo walk in on her in the bathroom which happen, kids walk in at inappropriate times. I guess my mind is just in the gutter tonight! The character on the show I feel so sorry for is Katy, Andy's first wife, she's on the show currently and while she has her own drinking problem and she got heavily involved with AA, but speaking from personal experience, she needed Al-Anon as well. Andy cares about her, but he's just not that into her and she knows it. She deserves better treatment than she gets from Andy and if she had gone to Al-Anon as well as AA, she could have helped herself more. While the programs are based on the same steps and have some similar focuses, they are different programs. In the early years with Sylvia, she went to Al-Anon and I was always glad the show put that as part of the plot line. Ok, the end of my late night before sleep ramblings.
  13. friendperidot

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    I don't mean to double post, but this is an entirely different topic of annoyance. So, there it is. I watch a lot of channels of reruns of old shows and reality crime, I've discovered I like Escape better than ID Discovery. I don't know why, but the last week or so, an ad for a program on Bounce is getting heavy rotation on the old people channels. Saints and Sinners, or Sinners and Saints, I don't really know, it looks a lot like an updated nighttime soap and I quit soaps many years ago. But the theme song with the commercial is annoying the heck out of me. It's probably somebody famous, but what do I know? I listen to the Everly Brothers and Doo Wop. Anyway, the song is heavy with vibrato and it goes with the vibrato about 6 stanzas too many. I probably wouldn't pay attention except that the song annoys the stuffing out of me. And I debated whether this belonged on commercials that annoy or on previews. I still don't really know.
  14. friendperidot

    Say What?: Commercials That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

    Janie Jones is your dog pit bull scary? Mine is a 60 lb ball of anxiety. He may be scary to some people, but so far, he's loved everyone but my great-nephew because he doesn't like to be yelled at and my nephew yells. He's the kind of person who thinks dogs have to be intimidated, and I think that redirection is a good way to change behavior. Ok, maybe my post would be better on Pit Bulls and Parolees or Cesar Milan groups. But I doubt that anyone could walk my dog. I can't, he's half my body weight, much younger and much stronger. We need a trainer.
  15. friendperidot

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Sheryl's She Shed ads don't affect me much one way or another, but you know the actors had a good time making them. Probably had to do several takes because they were cracking up.