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  1. I play solitaire on MSN games. I'm not paying for ad free, so I get ads every couple of games. Most of the ads are for other free to download games, but there are a few others, One for AAA Insurance, it's graphics are color background, the words FAAAmily and In$$$urance, lots of letters and numbers. It doesn't appear to be a very expensive ad. At one point in the ad, the screen has "Hello Insurance!" The other day, the screen froze and it had on "Hell Insurance!" I laughed and laughed and refreshed the screen.
  2. Apparently tp is still in short supply in my area. I order groceries for delivery and cannot get more than one 18 pk double rolls per order. I'm a little ahead, but not at the hoarding stage yet. Things I can't find are Lysol/Clorox wipes, bleach, liquid hand soap refills, I usually buy one every 2-3 months, haven't been able to get any since February, the small bottles are available, so I'm stocking up, but there's a limit of 2 per order. Crunchy peanut butter is a shortage here also. My sister will only eat creamy and then rarely, she has a stash. I like crunchy and am ordering 2 jars this week, I like the Great Value brand because it does not contain sorbitol and my dogs like a little peanut butter now and then. Sugar and flour seem to be back in the store. I think my sister is still looking for yeast, but I want no part of it. I do not have the strength in my hands to knead bread. I will buy frozen loaves and rolls. Some meat items are in short supply. I want to make pepper steak this week. Finally cereal is back in the stores, for a while that was in short supply. Milk is abundant, farmers around here are dumping it because they can't sell it.
  3. I'm still watching and enjoying, a couple of my favorite episodes are coming up in the next couple of weeks, one where Sam leaps into the understudy of a drunken actor playing Don Quixote in Man of La Mancha, played by John Cullum. I saw him in that show many years ago, it remains a favorite. The other is when Sam leaps into his younger self at 16 and sings Imagine to his sister. When I started watching a few weeks ago, that episode was on, but we had tornado warnings and I had to turn the tv to local weather. I've been wondering as I watch, what is going on in the mind of the person in the waiting room. I know sometimes Al reports that they are confused or think they've died and gone to heaven. But what I really wonder about is what happens when they are transported back into their own selves and Sam has put right what once went wrong. What do they think happened? That might be an interesting series to watch.
  4. I just watched the final episode, I haven't seen it since it first aired. It made me cry. They just started episode 1. I'm rewatching with interest. And the bartender from the final episode is a superior officer in the first episode.
  5. re the Dennis Haybert allstate ad in the coffee shop, isn't the guy behind the counter Geoffrey Owens, who played the husband of the oldest Huxtable daughter on Cosby?
  6. Years ago, I worked at a museum, it has a lovely restaurant with 10 - 12 ft ceilings and windows that go from floor to ceiling. One of the kitchen staff found a baby blue jay in the garden. He chewed food and fed the baby and then as it grew up he continued to feed it other food. That jay was the pet of the staff. He sat on one of the gardener's head while he cut grass. He flew onto the patio and landed on the tables looking for food. Startled a lot of the patrons. But in the very hot summer, he would fly up to those windows, spread his wings and paste himself to the window to cool off. That really startled patrons of the restaurant.
  7. I don't mind it, I believe that is the original Hank Williams (Sr.). I grew up with that song and all of his music. I hated it as a kid, but don't mind it so much now because it reminds me of my parents and I like thinking about them now and then. I used that version of that song for a slide show for my mom's funeral. Add me to the hatred of the gecko blooper reel.
  8. I sleep to Pluto's Cold Case Files channel. Bill Kurtis' voice is so soothing. It's better for sleeping than Forensic Files or New Detectives or even Unsolved Mysteries. I don't want anything on that will keep me interested, I just want the drone of the tv. When I'm awake, I like Cold Case Files, but for sleeping, with the sound low, it's perfect and they repeat the episodes often. I might be tied of BTK though. But, back to the ads, on Pluto they advertise other channels and networks, a lot. I have never watched nor will I, some comedy show on some network where they keep screaming about "put a bird on it!" And, the only reason I ever watch WE is for Law and Order. I'm the one that started the WE TV, the trashy and tacky thread. I dislike most reality tv and WE has the worst of the worst with the exception of Naked and Afraid. But all of WE's bride shows annoy the crap out of me and so do their ads. The one where some woman is on a sidewalk screaming into a cell phone, "NO.More. Brides." makes me want to punch her lights out. I had problems getting to sleep last night and kept hearing that one. I'm also getting tired of All Together Now and Iko Iko. I like both songs, but I'm sick of them.
  9. Over 6 weeks later, I found some at the store for $5.49. It does really work. I got some with my Walmart order last week. Paid less than $5 for it, don't remember exactly. I haven't tried it yet. I wanted it for cleaning the cookie sheet in particular but now we're in the mid to upper 90s and I will not use the oven when it's this hot. Maybe I'll try it on the Foreman Grill plates.
  10. you want it's brother? He's my sister's cat, so I can't do more than cuss him out. He is a good mouser, but if I gave my Pit Bull free reign of the house, he'd probably give the cat a run for his money.
  11. I would have stayed as far away from that thing as I could. I like watching birds...from a distance. I have a friend who has retired from her volunteer job as a bat rescuer. She would come to our doll club meetings and bring one or two in a cage to trade with another recuser who lived in this city. My friend lives on the other side of the state and they specialized in different kinds of bats. One time, the friend brought the bats in a cage to my house to take to the doll club, she was going out of town and couldn't do it at the right time. I accepted the job of transferring them reluctantly, I had to put the cage in my spare bedroom with the door closed to keep my dogs away. I did an elaborate rearranging of animals, locked the dogs in the bedroom while getting the bats and putting them in the spare bedroom, closing that door and letting the dogs back out. Then had to do it all again when I loaded the car with the dolls and bats. That was as close as I could get. I don't like creepy crawlies. I have learned a lot about bats because of my friend, and I appreciate them. I just don't want to get too close.
  12. It's been a few days since I logged into this board, so I'm just going to copy and paste and comment on several posts. I see an ad on FB trying to raise donations for a candidate and apparently they are getting a lot of money and they are happy about it. But when they say in the ad "We were screaming! (over the donations)" I think about this ad, I've thought about commenting to them that "We were screaming!" sounds like a Plaxederm commercial, but I'd then get more ads just like that one. But the thing about the fake infomercial for the product with the 2 women, before they get to the "We were screaming" part, the one moderator says in such a serious tone, "this one's for real." I want to punch her in the face. I now, officially, hate that freaking song! But there's one lady in the ad, or maybe it's the Jane Seymour ad, where she says something like "now people can't tell my age!" I'm nearly 70, small stature and have always looked much younger, it's kind of annoying. I was nearly 40 before I was no longer carded to buy alcohol. I look older, but not 70. But, back to the ad, I scream back at the tv, I do that a lot, that no one gives 2 flying figs about her age, no one ever really has, build a bridge and get over yourself lady. I've said similar so many times in these forums. I hate him and I don't even know him. I particularly hate the fake press conference one. I hate all fake press conference, fake infomercials, fake product groups (the ones where the spokesperson is talking about the product and the people ask stupid questions like "will the estimate cost anything?" "how do I get my husband to use that product?" I don't mind the commercial, but not because I'm a cat lover, I'm not, I'm not amused by their cute cat behavior like racing ahead of me down the hall especially when I'm trying to get to the stove before the food boils over or burns, and then stop in the middle, roll over on his back, grab my leg in mid step and trips me and digs his claws into my leg and bite my shoe, then yeow at me when I step on his little ass. But I don't mind the commercial because I think the mother knows her spawn pretty well and he's not crying, not sounding any kind of alarm. Mom's don't have to jump and run because their child fell or tripped. She could ask, how much blood? I'd love to see the original commercial, it's one of my top 5 favorite commercials of all time. I can still recite the entire ad. And, I had a dog named Mikey just because of the commercial. My Mikey has been gone about 15 years, still miss him, he was the bestest dog ever.
  13. I just discovered today that Prime has all 8 seasons available. I am still on season 1. Tom Selleck was so darn cute in his short shorts. I'll probably still be watching this a week from now. I had forgotten just how much I love this show.
  14. I went to a Home Show at the height of Trading Spaces just to hear him talk. What I could hear was enjoyable. It was ruined for me by two women in the row ahead of me yakking it up the entire time. Frank was my favorite designer on the show, whether I liked his final room or not.
  15. I recently discovered the Comet was running Quantum Leap on weekday afternoons, so I've been watching. In the 2 hours before the 2 episodes of Quantum Leap, they are showing Sliders. I watched that occasionally during its first run, but I've been watching. There are things I don't understand since I didn't watch the show before. Does anyone know anything about backstage gossip on the show?
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