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  1. I loved Gus Gus's story and how happy she was to get in the truck and drive away. I hate the American economy too, I was a victim of too much time in a job with very few jobs and was laid off at 62. I wasn't ready for retirement, I had several things I wanted to accomplish that just weren't to be. So I understand how Phyllis feels. I never considered over the road trucking and it probably wouldn't be a good fit for me. But I'm glad she was able to make lemonade when she was given lemons. And I enjoyed the visit to NYC and the Dog and Puppy Bowl stuff. Enjoyed Dog Bowl this evening and looking forward to the Puppy Bowl tomorrow and then the Super Bowl where I hope the KC Chiefs are victorious! FYI, even though the Chiefs use a lot of Native American symbols, they weren't named the Chiefs after Indian Chiefs, they were named for a former KC mayor, H. Roe Bartle who was called Chief.
  2. I am too. I do think their ad mentions 1/2 cup sizes and I need to look on their site. I'm bigger around the chest and not so big in the cup size and it's hard to find bras. It's like jeans, I am short and fat and apparently manufacturers think you can be short, but not that fat. I had lost 30 lbs, took me 3 years. Then last summer, one of my meds was changed and while it works most of the time, it causes weight gain, I put 20 of those lbs back on within 4 months. We adjusted the meds again and I'm not putting back on so fast now, but I go for a med check at the end of Feb., I'll see. I have a scale at home, but I have to drag it out from under the dresser and that's too much work for a fat person, lol. But on the positive side, I no longer have Ambien blackouts. And I do think I'll look at Third Love's site and see if they can accommodate me. I'm tired of sports bras.
  3. I guess the answer to some of my questions is, "I dreamed I cleaned the house, sat around with my friends, fed the children, in my Third Love Bra. This just came to me a few minutes ago, some days, I'm slow.
  4. why "Third Love" for bras and panties for real size women? I don't mind seeing the real size women in their underwear, but why are they all lounging around together and doing housework and preparing their child's lunch, some in bra and skirt or trousers and some in bras and panties, one doing an all over shake like my dogs do, one jumping up and down. Well, I guess those are to show that the undergarments stay in place, which is important. But it's just odd and I don't understand what the name means. I think self love should be first, or if you are religious, maybe second, and this doesn't take in to account narcissists.
  5. I'm sorry that so many have birthdays with bad events connected to them, but I understand. On my parent's 60th wedding anniversary, Michael Jackson had the temerity to die. I've never forgiven him. My parents were both gone by then, but it was a special day for me to remember them. And I never was a Michael Jackson fan. I also was never a Prince, a David Bowie fan either. But I always remember Phil and Don Everly's birthdays. Don's is Super Bowl Sunday when I hope the KC Chiefs will repeat their win of 50 years ago.
  6. well, except for that one episode of Unsolved Mysteries where he plays the victim of a sexual predator. "Larry, he shot Larry!" I really am sorry the woman lost her son in the very violent, vicious manner, but the acting of the woman in the segment always makes me laugh and mock her. But one of the most beloved actors of all times, not by me, but my parent's generation loved him, John Wayne. He was a terrible actor, he was always the same character. And the only John Wayne movie I liked in the least was North to Alaska, but there he was the same character as he was in all his films.
  7. Annber, I think most of us grabbed towels and wrapped ourselves and I doubt that we stood for a full minute, we just quietly picked up our clothes and put them on.
  8. Kennedy, I was in 7th grade, we had just finished P.E. class and were showering and dressing when the overhead announcement came. We had to observe a minute's silence, wet and naked and half naked. My next class was Civics, we had a test scheduled that had questions about who was President, Vice President, Members of the Cabinet, etc. Our teacher instructed us to answer as we would have in 1st hour. On 9/11, I was pulling into the parking lot of work when I heard the first plane had hit. Like many others, I assumed it was a small plane. By the time I parked and got into the building, the tv in the lobby was on CNN and the 2nd plane had hit, we knew then it wasn't small planes and things were very wrong. A little later our CEO ordered all tvs and radios turned off because we had children and adolescent psych patients in the hospital and she did not want them hearing the news. Not many of us obeyed. Those of us in offices where no patients went had radios on all day listening to the news. After a day of this, I went home and absorbed as much as I could handle. That was the night I was surfing the web, looking at news stories, watching the news on tv and I found TWOP Commercials thread. I found my internet home and people.
  9. Caught a couple of older shows this weekend, including the one of the move from California to New Orleans. I had seen clips of it but not the entire episode. I didn't know that the reason they moved was because something legal happened in the town/county where they were in California and they were forced to make changes. I had seen where Tia was looking at another property in California and then it was consumed by the fires. But what an undertaking to pack up all those dogs and drive them across country! Trying to get the kennels set up in the warehouse before the bulk of the dogs arrived! And how nice the Grand Opening was, all the locals turning out to see and help. Overall, good episode.
  10. I understand, I have lost some family members to dementia and Alzheimer's. They are heartbreaking thieves of the people you love.
  11. A friend of mine shared this on FB and I just knew that people here would appreciate this beautiful story and probably the most beautiful version of this song that I've ever heard. https://hellocaremail.com.au/dementia-patient-carer-sing-sinatra-classic-hit-number-7-charts/?fbclid=IwAR1sk28xHR30VFnPP6lHWI3lJ5URaWtgpcx0OdSQNh9ANog4AMWb_VxW9fI
  12. This has absolutely nothing to do with NYPD Blue except that James sang My Way at Andy's bachelor party. But it's such a beautiful story and probably the most beautiful version of the song I've ever heard and I knew that people on here would appreciate. I'm going to put it on small talk for commercials, so Peaches, just read it and give it a listen. https://hellocaremail.com.au/dementia-patient-carer-sing-sinatra-classic-hit-number-7-charts/?fbclid=IwAR1sk28xHR30VFnPP6lHWI3lJ5URaWtgpcx0OdSQNh9ANog4AMWb_VxW9fI
  13. I haven't seen the Nat King Cole one yet, but I like the Ave Maria one. I don't watch the ads, I just listen to them.
  14. Over in Annoying, Irritating, Angry thread, Auntie Pam said: I said I have a story about this. I've told it before, but it's been a few years, so I'll tell it again for those who don't want to search a zillion posts. I don't even remember which thread it was on. And I may have told it a couple of times. About 20 years ago, I was foster parent to my young niece, she was about 9, when this happened. I started noticing that she was watching pharmaceutical ads very closely, and then she'd say, "I'm going to do that." I asked her what and she said she was going to talk to her doctor about whatever drug. I said that she didn't need that, it wasn't for children. But she was stubborn, so I suggested she write down the names of all the drugs she wanted to ask about. She did. During one of our conversations about the ads, I asked her if she knew what Viagra was for. She did not, of course, so I explained it was for older men who were having sexual problems. Her response? In her most 9 yr old voice, "THAT'S DISGUSTING!" Finally, we had to go see the doctor, she took her list and after her exam, she handed Dr. Connie her list. Dr. Connie took her seriously and went down the list, "I don't prescribe this for children, you don't need that, etc." Then she got to Viagra, she said, "And I'm not even going to talk to you about Viagra!" I was snickering the entire time and it was hard not to laugh out loud at that. Children do pay attention to these ads, they don't know what all the conditions are for. I grew up in a time when there were no pharmaceutical ads, and they kind of came on tv gradually, so most of the time, I tune them out. But I do worry about those people who have no ability to filter out unnecessary information. And I'll probably tell the story again in a few years. I'm old, I have memory problems. Is there a pill for that?
  15. I have a story about that, I've shared it on these boards before but it's been a few years. I'll take it to Small Talk.
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