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  1. I don't care for Myrla at all, but her early family life sounds horrific. Myrla's mother was 15 when Myrla was born. Add to that the abject poverty and the terrible murder her father. I don't like it, but I completely understand why her personality is so fucked up.
  2. Katie kisses like a praying mantis chewing off the head of it's ill fated mate.
  3. I love and endorse every word of this comment. These are my feelings about Paige summed up far better than I ever could.
  4. I formed a completely different opinion of Jake after seeing him on unfiltered. Yes, he's extremely low-key and quiet, but also very kind, gracious and witty. Jake also looked a lot better with his hair a bit longer and his early grays soften his features. I believe Haley is the real dud in that relationship. I haven't heard her reveal one interesting thing about herself. She isn't playful or sweet. She seems to be very stodgy, inflexible and set in her ways. Poor Virginia looks so rough for her 26 years. I believe she uses alcohol as a substitute for developing a personality. I h
  5. Keith introduced the men as "his brothers", but I don't know if he meant it as they were blood relations. I did assume they were his actual brothers, though. Whether or not they were, I was horrified by Iris's behavior. I was raised in the south (not that that matters) by two very good, generous parents who would never deny anyone anything we had in the house to eat or drink. Relatives and guests were always offered the best of what we had. I would die a thousand deaths before I would every deny anyone anything I had to eat or drink. To try to embarrass someone in front of people over he
  6. Not just you. My daughter pointed it out right away. Shave her head and they'd look just alike.
  7. Thank you kathe5133 for finding his name (David Ariely). I didn't catch it during the show either but wanted to because his research sounded so interesting. Perhaps the half beard was his own private behavioral experiment as it made an impression on a few of us.
  8. I don't think it's tacky to ask. Every time the fellow was shown I couldn't help but fixate on his facial hair. Most every one of us have seen and also have scars, but half a beard and mustache just isn't something you see everyday. Had he been clean shaven I wouldn't have given his looks another thought.
  9. Fear of the camera must be why Joe is always looking down or awkwardly off to the side. I like and feel sorry for him. He's a fish out of water. He doesn't have the same famewhore gene that the others do.
  10. I appreciate Kevin's mature handling of the Leo incident. That said, Kevin's revelation that he sees a therapist twice a week to deal with not being able to find "the one" on the various Bachelor franchise shows makes him sound like a complete moron and a lunatic. Can he not meet a woman outside of reality television? He also very much reminds me of a Geico caveman, which is a big turn off.
  11. That scene was the only thing about the episode I did like and you described it beautifully. I detested everything else and feel cheated, or angry and made a fool of for suffering through the entire series of Camille driving aimlessly (I get it already!) and Richard's various sweat stain patterns. Was that the entire point of his completely useless character, to show us how hot and humid it was?
  12. Giada is a mean, vain, ugly woman. I can't stand her. Is Manny an actual fireman or does he just cook for them? He's woefully out of shape compared to the fire fighters I've seen and moves like a bull in a china shop. Chris is so sloppy and unkempt. His wrinkled shirt and too short shorts looked like they came from the dirty clothes pile. Being a heavy-set person is no excuse to dress like a slob. His weird, patchy hairline (or lack thereof) really bugs me, although there isn't much he can do about it except shave his head clean and that wouldn't be in keeping with his total disregar
  13. I feel sorry for, and will miss sweet, awkward, clueless Jordan. He was the only break in this batch of humorless dullards.
  14. I enjoyed the judges and that's as far as it goes. What a godawful show. One would think they'd want to showcase some actual talent on the AI returns! premier. Most of the auditioners were untalented/delusional/insane. Far too much time was wasted on tiresome backstories and on indulging the whims of young people who just can't sing. The ages of our viewing household Sunday were 8, 12, 50 & 60 and we all had the same opinion. There is nowhere for the show to go but up after last night.
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