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  1. Kelly Jo's mom and step dad ended up in the hospital because of COVID, her step dad died. Still they continue to act like it's not a big deal. Not a mention of it from her kids. Maybe someone can post the link because the Bates blocked me.
  2. People over on reddit are speculating that they both got covid. It's spreading so fast in California, two of my sisters and my dad have recently recovered. These idiots have been hanging out with several people all year and attending a maskless church, I'm surprised they haven't gotten sick. I have no idea why they stopped posting pictures of the kids, they were completely fine with the paps following them around photographing them.
  3. This is the 2nd cover. The first one had Jerm front and center with his gaping mouth. Pictures seem to have been taken early 2020, Covid definitely made them push the book back another year because they can't tour right now. I think they meant to announce it along with her pregnancy.
  4. Apparently they all randomly got together in June in Charleston, SC. Funny how they all forgot to post pictures of their family vacation. The quarantine episode literally aired a month after this picture was taken.
  5. Don't forget he also went golfing with the the Dean. What are these people getting out all the Jeremy ass kissing?
  6. Matt Coeler. The guy was there with friends on Thanksgiving. Must be their vacation home.
  7. "Friends" they are mooching off. I'm pretty sure they are with the Coelers, the family that owns the house they live in. The son, Matt, just posted a picture from Lake Arrowhead. Jeremy and the Coelers maskless at church a few weeks ago.
  8. Germy living up to his name, attending a crowded church maskless. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/13420426/jinger-duggar-maskless-husband-jeremy-church/amp/
  9. Meech looks like trucker. Also, the people on reddit already knew what the merch was because they figured out their shop password days before it went live. Their password was: Vuolo. The candles are made by Macbailey Candle Co but they replaced the label with their own.
  10. Or Evangelize. Their pronunciation butchers the whole name imo.
  11. I don't think this is the house they live in. Wonder who's house they went to this year, last year they went to the Mahoneys.
  12. Stuff from their store Looks like the same crap on the Roloff store
  13. They are starting some type of business? I'm guessing they'll sell fancy pens and stationary.
  14. There's been a huge spike in covid cases in Arkansas and these two bozos aren't wearing masks.
  15. Aaaaannnd there it is..... I knew this was coming right after the podcast. Taking theJer and Auj Roloff route and writing a book 2 seconds after marriage. Maybe that's why they keep calling the paps because they need to stay relevant until the release.
  16. This is already old news but MacArthur's #2 man, Michael Mahoney, was fired from Grace Church back in August without any explanation. Jeremy used to kiss Mahoney's ass, his family has been featured on the show, they had Jinger's surprise party at their house. Their daughter, Madisen, was the Vuolo's personal photographer and did their quarantine shoots and baby #2 announcement People pics. All pictures of the Vuolos and Mahoneys have been scrubbed from both their social media. It's all very fishy.
  17. People on reddit are saying they sound flirty. Wonder if Jinger found their text exchange and he posted it to SM to downplay it. Nobody cares about Jessa's dumb tree.
  18. This video was released 2 weeks ago. Pretty sure Greasy Vuolo was there during the filming, I remember he posted a picture of McArthur being filmed in an auditorium.
  19. I'm going to hell. His name is literally 'tight asshole'. 🤣🤣 I'm glad Lauren didn't get stuck as Lauren Duggar 2.0., with a balding, greasy boy.
  20. I think it's their publicist calling the paps, his name also happens to be Jeremy.
  21. Jinger got papped by the Daily Mail doing random shit. Aaannnd the photographer just happens to be the same woman who shot her other pap pics that appeared on Radar Online and The Sun. Wonder why her hubby, Pennywise, is never around when his wife is being "randomly" papped.
  22. In 5 years Kendra will be all caught up with mommy Caldwell.
  23. What the fuck is up with stupid fundies thinking this boy child is a great catch for their teen daughter?! You are literally selling your daughter to a kid that looks 12 for a little bit of fame.(someone on reddit who supposedly knows the Spivey's said they are starstruck by the Duggars)
  24. The Duggars know how fuxked up this looks because they turned of commenting on their page. The Duggars know how fuxked up this looks because they turned off commenting on their page.
  25. Her mom posted him on her page last November, that's like a 10 month courtship. Definitely waiting for the boy to turn legal to announce an engagement. Lucky for this dumb girl he turns 18 next month. I'm guessing a Christmas wedding and a baby by next September on their 9th monthiversary. 🙃.
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