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  1. LeeluDallas

    S04.E12: Change of Heart

    Sooo Nicole has changed Azan’s call name from “My World” to “Babe” and his profile pic when he calls to an affirmation that she obviously doesn’t understand 🤦🏼‍♀️ It says: If you want to be strong, learn to enjoy being alone. Oh and I fact checked a last minute flight from Fl to Morocco...average price $1200 adult ticket..child tickets are usually 30% discounted.
  2. LeeluDallas

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    Azan is a fitness buff. He claims to be a personal trainer. Before he agreed to get serious with Nicole he told her she would have to try her best to lose weight before he would find her attractive. If knowing this and agreeing to work out, diet etc..and still gaining another 100+ lbs since they first “met”, Nicole now puts him in the position of having to be her “weight loss coach”. So she asked for it by getting involved with someone who was pretty clear how he felt about her size. If she never plans to lose weight for him at least she could work on her health for May. You are right tho, she lives in a constant state of denial that will only come down around her, IF her parents STOP ENABLING HER. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Her love for Azan is really only desperation driven by lust and her ego being fed (semi celebrity/hot guy wants to marry me...really he does...I swear)
  3. LeeluDallas

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    Trying to drastically change someone’s personality after you start dating them is unhealthy, but all Azan’s done is encourage an obese girl to be healthier. And I totally agree...that FaceTime call was super awkward and cringe. She almost seemed giddy at the thought of being stared at in the Moroccan market bc of her purple hair. Ugh. She will have bald spots and thinning hair by the time she hits 35. And by that time we will see her on “My 600lb Life” still cyber stalking Azan.
  4. Coltee and his resting meh face. Are we totally sure he’s not just an 👽 alien in a decomposing flesh suit? This is a caption of him describing how devastating it is that Larissa is in jail again....the only emotion that is slightly leaking through his flesh suit is duping delight. Gross. I think Larissa deserves a medal for letting him near her naked 🤮
  5. Good catch! Is sum-ee the right way to say Sumit?
  6. To be fair most of us thought that too...😅 I’m still not convinced the first pregnancy was actually Pole’s 🤫🤥
  7. LeeluDallas

    S04.E01: Pardon Your French

    “.....and ONLY sliced on the bias! I worked at a restaurant so I should know.”~Darcy (Sorry that was from a 90 day episode ..and a very intense scene about steak lol)
  8. Oh yeah I totally understand that their are naive/delusional people out there totally willing to put themselves in risky situations; usually BC of love or money. However, the dialogue and forced reactions and at times obvious smirks when trying to be serious, threw up red flags for me. It’s obvious the reshoots/timing of shots/ scene set ups are a little forced. I’ve been on a one off reality documentary style tv show and I can attest that it’s not all filmed naturally. This show just feels more produced than the previous spinoffs but that could be down to the production team🤷‍♀️
  9. And the first episode is full of delicious train wrecks lol seriously...couples with more red flags than Dani and Mo or Molly and Louis 😅
  10. Omg the Mormon boy and the Ecuadorian woman.....huuuge red flags..they aren’t even married yet and he’s already spent his life savings😱
  11. Oh and when I hear women claiming they didn’t know they were pregnant...ohhh please ffs! You never ever get a full period...maybe some spotting but if you can’t tell that your body is changing within 2 months then you were choosing to stay in denial...if you’re overweight that’s no excuse to say you had no idea!
  12. This feels even more scripted/staged than usual... blimey it’s not going to be full of smart choices and real love lol but that’s why we watch right?
  13. LeeluDallas

    S04.E04: A Break Is Necessary

    On a weird side note observation: (sorry if these have been mentioned already..thread was too long to go thru ..will continue reading now lol) 1) as much as I despise Libby..the fact that Ahhndraay has no problems yelling and stressing out at his PREGNANT wife (even if he is being triggered by Libby) is just not cool... or healthy for the baby. =( .....random observation: 2) Pedro packing his suitcase on the couch while telling his wife he’s abandoning her for an undetermined time...ugh ok. Lol the acting is soooo bad ..it’s kinda condescending to the audience.
  14. LeeluDallas

    S01.E01: MAFS: Happily Ever After?

    That was one of the weird things I caught (along with the fact that they feel like a “Stepford Couple” repeat after me: We. Are. A. 10/10) From what I see Danielle seemed to be able to cook/eat dinner without any signs of crippling nausea, she can work full time and sit thru a manicure and go for drinks, sit thru interviews etc at the resort, all without any sign of illness.. In my experience when I had ‘morning sickness’ it wasn’t at all convenient and it had me house bound for the first 5 months. Unfortunately there was only one time I wasn’t feeling sick and that was when I was sleeping. Also im pretty sure I caught Bobby early on saying he hoped she would be able to fall in love with him eventually...so they are having unprotected sex to bring a human into this world but he’s not sure she even loves him? So strange. Jephtee and Shawnice are just one hot mess. From day GO. The other couple...I always forget their names...pedantic Pete and fertile Francis. He would drive me potty with his overanalysing and rules system for answering any questions she has for him. Albeit, I'm quite sure her questions come fast and too furious for his overly stimulated brain. Just answer with what you can man! Bloody exhausting. Imagine them at a dinner party? I feel like they would bring up their personal gripes all the time and make it awkward all night.
  15. LeeluDallas

    Season 2 Discussion

    Unless Family Chantal decides to go Fight Club on Family Chicken Feet lol