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  1. All I can say is if you want to know what’s really going on with Tom and the “ex gf” definitely check out this brilliant Instagram page FraudedbyTLC https://instagram.com/fraudedbytlc?igshid=19rb6vz918u2d enjoy the rabbit hole lol
  2. Yah sorry stupid autocorrect..and I changed it back twice 🤦🏼‍♀️ Thanks for the extra details bc I really do love listening to that language.
  3. Close! Africans said “ahf-ree-cahns” is his language and that is a mixture of English and Dutch. I have a few friends from Capetown and also Zimbabwe and I love that accent..it can make a doofy looking dude become wicked sexy in my eyes..however he is from Johannesburg and that’s a more guttural accent than across the West in Capetown(which I prefer). I’m English and live in The States and bc I’ve been here awhile ppl think I’m from Australia sometimes lol I always thought Irish sounds a lot like English and American merged...but my favourite accent has to be Welsh bc it’s sounds so melodic and their Celtic language even has words spelled without vowels 🤓
  4. I’m sure this dude sought her out...or at the very least has googled her and knows what he’s in for. So I would reserve your sympathy as we may have a second Jesse on our hands 😂
  5. Is it just me or has Darcy ditched the extensions and gone full Wig? That hair tho....🤭🤥 I’m super excited for all the snark to come..she maybe my favourite disaster case on these shows next to Nicole 😬
  6. Sooo Nicole has changed Azan’s call name from “My World” to “Babe” and his profile pic when he calls to an affirmation that she obviously doesn’t understand 🤦🏼‍♀️ It says: If you want to be strong, learn to enjoy being alone. Oh and I fact checked a last minute flight from Fl to Morocco...average price $1200 adult ticket..child tickets are usually 30% discounted.
  7. Azan is a fitness buff. He claims to be a personal trainer. Before he agreed to get serious with Nicole he told her she would have to try her best to lose weight before he would find her attractive. If knowing this and agreeing to work out, diet etc..and still gaining another 100+ lbs since they first “met”, Nicole now puts him in the position of having to be her “weight loss coach”. So she asked for it by getting involved with someone who was pretty clear how he felt about her size. If she never plans to lose weight for him at least she could work on her health for May. You are right tho, she lives in a constant state of denial that will only come down around her, IF her parents STOP ENABLING HER. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Her love for Azan is really only desperation driven by lust and her ego being fed (semi celebrity/hot guy wants to marry me...really he does...I swear)
  8. Trying to drastically change someone’s personality after you start dating them is unhealthy, but all Azan’s done is encourage an obese girl to be healthier. And I totally agree...that FaceTime call was super awkward and cringe. She almost seemed giddy at the thought of being stared at in the Moroccan market bc of her purple hair. Ugh. She will have bald spots and thinning hair by the time she hits 35. And by that time we will see her on “My 600lb Life” still cyber stalking Azan.
  9. Coltee and his resting meh face. Are we totally sure he’s not just an 👽 alien in a decomposing flesh suit? This is a caption of him describing how devastating it is that Larissa is in jail again....the only emotion that is slightly leaking through his flesh suit is duping delight. Gross. I think Larissa deserves a medal for letting him near her naked 🤮
  10. To be fair most of us thought that too...😅 I’m still not convinced the first pregnancy was actually Pole’s 🤫🤥
  11. “.....and ONLY sliced on the bias! I worked at a restaurant so I should know.”~Darcy (Sorry that was from a 90 day episode ..and a very intense scene about steak lol)
  12. Oh yeah I totally understand that their are naive/delusional people out there totally willing to put themselves in risky situations; usually BC of love or money. However, the dialogue and forced reactions and at times obvious smirks when trying to be serious, threw up red flags for me. It’s obvious the reshoots/timing of shots/ scene set ups are a little forced. I’ve been on a one off reality documentary style tv show and I can attest that it’s not all filmed naturally. This show just feels more produced than the previous spinoffs but that could be down to the production team🤷‍♀️
  13. And the first episode is full of delicious train wrecks lol seriously...couples with more red flags than Dani and Mo or Molly and Louis 😅
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