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  1. But I kind of doubt CMT would renew the show for the season if this were the case.
  2. I actually looked on Thursday which of the DCCs with public IGs posted anything related to the previous days’ events. Only Sydney, Darian, Ashlee, and Alora-Rose had any reference. Some DCCs have private IGs (Bri, Kelcey, etc.) so it is possible a few others could have posted.
  3. @lemonbus230 any insight how the year is going? Which rookies are doing well vs struggling? What vets are stepping up? Etc.
  4. If they want the girls to have “company” IG accounts, fine. But I think it’s unreasonable to ask them all to change their profile pics to a non uniform pic on their personal accounts.
  5. They typically post it on the DCC making the team Facebook and Twitter within a few days but the preview showed next week is solos/show group auditions.
  6. I have a feeling Meredith’s cut will be extended into the next episode because they didn’t tease show group auditions at all tonight. Perhaps Taylor’s vet day and Cassie’s cut will be shown out of chronological order and be shown tonight?
  7. And never understood the boards on boards warning from the mods 😂
  8. What was the name of board we use to discuss the show on before Twop? There’s primetimer, twop, and there was one more before but can’t remember the name.
  9. Dear lord is Gina extra during the IG story today of the DCC walking out in their Santa uniforms 🤦‍♀️
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