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  1. Reality Steve (the guys that spoilers the Bachelor) just announced on IG he’s dating Kat Dunn. For those that watch DCC and The Bachelor, this is a crossover I did not see coming.
  2. I remember the season she was on she was saying how Erica and her became best friends and they used to hashtag their pics #futurebridesmaid. Funny thinking about that now since she doesn’t even follow Erica 😜
  3. I’ve been trying to figure that out too. I’ve seen her in 2 different long dresses plus a short dress.
  4. I would think VOTY or Pro Bowl because there is only one per year, voted on my team members, and means you have the stamp of approval from leadership.
  5. I would hate to be doing thunderstruck next to those three plus Kashara lol. All such strong dancers! I believe Hannah (the blonde cut for weight) also did it at her wedding.
  6. Wow good for her! Never would have known this. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Do they all dance for each show? Just asking, I don’t know either way.
  8. Her IG name is bri_channelle https://instagram.com/bri_channelle?igshid=9m7hat194mlj
  9. Looks like Briana is sitting out of tonight’s game based on her IG posts.
  10. They changed the order of the pictures. The original picture #23 is now #27. Still not sure who it is lol
  11. https://prodancecheer.com/nfl/nfl-cheerleaders-2019-week-1-photos/23/ who is this?
  12. Yeah it is interesting. Trevor Knight used to date Sadie Robertson too. It’s kind of like Mandy’s ex boyfriend now dates Christina (though Mandy and Christina were never on team at same time).
  13. Weight? They never would now, though I would be curious what a girl like daphne, jalyn, or Tess weighs as they all look underweight.
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