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  1. Does anyone know what happened to Shadow Wolves ? I checked their website and didn't see any news about it being bought (is this word correct here?).
  2. I love what you did here!! And I am going to try, at least with some of them: F- Mr Scratch E- Elliot's Pond This is harder than it seems!! I can't see the picture is G well, it's too dark but it might be Mosley Lane ? Editing to correct my previous mistake: E is The Capilanos. I think I can't do the rest without cheating !!
  3. I think I've said this before: If I hadn't been in love with the actor and the character by then, I would have fallen in love when I first watched Gubler Direct, the interview he did when he first directed for the show. His enthusiasm for what he does is so beautiful to see !! (I'm really struggling with words here, I hope I've been able to express myself more or less clearly) Thanks for sharing the link, Annber !! And thanks to ReidFan for the screencaps.
  4. That's why I try to keep away from promos, previews and similar until I've seen the episode. And it's not the first time it happens !!
  5. Beautiful!! (Right now I'm smiling and blinking quickly at the same time!!) And there's another one planned, Great!! Editing to add: BTW, I hadn't realised what it was that Reid had in his hands in that scene until you posted that screencapture in the episode thread, so thanks for it!!
  6. It will have to be a double Reid - O - Meter, because he is directing this one. He wrote this in his Instagram/twitter some time ago " I’m directing my newest episode of CM and it’s going to be horrifying" . I hope it's not too weird or horrifying !!
  7. Old Dog, if you were going to break that rule, you should have watched False Flag !! Really good episode even if there's no Reid in it.
  8. Thank you !!! They are so beautiful... (should I say "he is so beautiful"?)
  9. I had been missing your episode tags (well, your writing in general) for a reason!! The writers for the show should have a look at this if they have run out of ideas ...
  10. Another Reidless episode ??!! That's so unfair !! What's the saying: distance makes the heart grow fonder ?? In this case fonder is impatient, I can't wait till next week!!
  11. I've watched some favourite episodes far more than five times, and there are some favourite scenes that I can quote from memory. If that is being obsessed,then I am absolutely obsessed!!
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