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  1. Bwaahaha - this is great, and hilarious!. Austin Powers Sr.!
  2. The Gravel TSV jeans aren’t a good fit on Ade, and she usually looks great in everything. She then tried the model trick of hands-in-the-pockets to try to camouflage the excess fabric, but it still looks poufy.
  3. We posters here are old hands at "The Eye Bleach Challenge" - QVC challenges us every day to reach for the eye bleach!
  4. I think he is too. His "design" skills may be questionable, but he seems like nice guy with a good sense of humor - which he needs in order to keep his sanity working with some of those hosts!
  5. The other day when the TSV was the Toni Brattin wig, Gary disappeared off screen during the end of the D&C hour, and came back wearing the short wig. The kicker - he looked better in it than Caro did!
  6. Agree, but her fashion sense leaves a lot to be desired IMO.
  7. What is happening on this channel? Katia looks like she’s barely holding in her contempt for this outfit.
  8. Good grief, this top of Martha’s looks like a flour sack. Ya think she needs to size down? Love the white slab o’ leather wedge sandals too - they complete the look.
  9. You mean this dude? Yeah, the universe is definitely telling me to bring back The Men category in the next fashion poll...
  10. Oh no, are we getting another knot aficionado at the Q? And how about that coy little pose in the first pic? Where’s the spray bottle/hose/super soaker when you need it?
  11. I checked Amazon to see if they had Handy Rubby’s books. They do and they’re definitely not current. Most were written in the early 2000s - the earliest one I saw was 1998, the latest was 2007. Most seem to have a spiritual bent, and many listed Guideposts as the publisher, which is a Christian organization originally founded by Norman Vincent Peale. Several of the books had no reviews, several had only one review (probably ghostwritten by SHR.) The highest number of reviews I saw was seven for one of the books. The funniest part? When I searched on SHR’s name, the following Amazon message popped up: ”Did you mean sharon baby robe?” What does it say that “sharon baby robe” is a more popular search term on Amazon than “Sharon Hanby Robie”? Lol.
  12. David, sampling a veggie burger. All he could mutter was a very phony, “Mmmm, I like that” - weak praise from him indeed. Later, he managed a half-hearted happy dance, probably because his producer was screaming in his earpiece, “Do a happy dance!”
  13. Or that Kari Michaelson “starred” in Gimme A Break.
  14. You’re right. My info was bad - oops! Stacy was married before, he wasn’t.
  15. I could be mistaken, but I think he was married and had kids. ETA - I was mistaken. Stacy was married before, he was not. I edited my original post above.