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  1. When Tara presented a wooden tray-board thingie, David informed us that his new cookbook has a “recipe” for a “nibbling board.” Not a charcuterie board, he quickly added, but a nibbling board, filled with things you can nibble on. First of all, a recipe? And, if he’s not doing charcuterie, what do you want to bet the “recipe” for the nibbling board involves potato chips, Cheetos, and a big ol’ cup of onion dip?
  2. It’s been fine for me - no trouble at all on desktop and iPad.
  3. When I saw these, I thought they were slippers. No, they’re sandals - the “Fuzz-ee” by Koolaburra. SMH.
  4. Yep, just coming here to post it. More proof that everything doesn’t go with everything. She looks like a Clown College instructor. Bizarre decor pieces too...it all just fits with her vibe, whatever one would call it (words escape me!).
  5. Jen was groovin’ to David Bowie on the Bose - Brett’s reaction -
  6. “Not Homemade, Fully Store-Bought” is a more apt title. I don’t think putting a slab of Corky’s ribs and a St. Clair mac ‘n’ cheese in the oven counts as “half-homemade.” Or how about, “Not Homemade, Fully Eaten”?
  7. Was it Carolyn? (The gold sandals...) 😊
  8. I do too. I never bought the retirement story.
  9. Absolutely. Not to imply that this person's situation is like Kerstin's, but a blogger I used to follow, who leads a privileged existence compared to many, constantly whined throughout the pandemic about everything - not being able to have date nights with her husband at a restaurant, having her kids at home doing virtual school, having her routine being disrupted, blah, blah, blah. Her so-called problems were very first-world and totally tone deaf compared to what many have faced this past year. Needless to say, I unsubscribed from her blog.
  10. Pretty soon squatting will be part of the host audition process - "Now show us how deep you can squat."
  11. @hummingbird - Chico's has some great skorts in their Zenergy line, and most have generously sized pockets. The pockets are what sold me on them, and they're really comfortable to wear.
  12. Aaron actually did a really good job hosting. And, he’s very easy on the eyes... 😊
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