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  1. She probably signed on with one of the many companies that supply products and product reps to QVC.
  2. Oops - I missed yesterday’s Throwback Thursday, so we’ll call it Freaky Friday this week! These past fashion poll nominees are flying their freak flag. Is it Halloween yet?
  3. I’ll add my pic of the diaper shirt, with the Spenco sneakers. I think this has fashion poll written all over it.
  4. Ditto - totally agree! I almost expect her to make a dramatic entrance - carrying a Luminara candle, of course - down the staircase in her fabulous house, in an over-the-top evening gown, a la Loretta Young.
  5. Similar to the carrot advice, cut your onion into quarters or smaller (depending on how large the onion is) before putting it in the Nicer Dicer. Half an onion is just a little too bulky. Even with pre-cutting up the onion into smaller chunks, it still makes dicing or mincing an onion so much easier.
  6. You'd love it. There are other brands out there, but most are not as sturdy as the Nicer Dicer. It really is pretty easy. The slicers and dicer inserts are pretty sturdy.
  7. @JohnnyStar5, all but one slicer insert fits inside the container, and I just lay that on top of the of the lid. So it's nice and compact and takes up very little space. I use mine a lot - it's a great little kitchen tool!
  8. I use my Genius Nicer Dicer - that I bought from the Q ages ago - more than I use my food processor. Chef Tony would be so proud. Thank you!
  9. OMG, I’m so sick of Temp-tations products! Is there anything that Tara won’t slap her patterns on? What’s next, Temp-tations sheets in the Old World pattern? Boo-fetti toilet bowl brushes? Dildos in Floral Lace? Make it stop!
  10. Oh my, Tova’s neck and chest look like pebbled leather. It actually looks painful. Ack!
  11. Is it just me, or does Our Lady of Perpetual Surprise not look so surprised? Desiree’s eyebrows still look drawn on, but the high arch seems toned down. She looks different too. Fuller face (plumpers maybe?) and longer hair. She looks very pretty.
  12. Isaac: “I mean, is that not the chic-est look in the whole world? It’s just divine.”
  13. I guess “Girls with Curves” translates to “wear the biggest, most shapeless thing you can find to hide your curves”? This thing looks like the 2021 version of the muu muu. Amy looks like the Head Abbess of an all-girls Catholic school in this number - She’s looking to heaven for divine guidance here - She said she was wearing an “extra extra extra small extra small.” I kid you not. Is this a new size category at the Q? What’s the equivalent, a negative 4?
  14. Saved to the fashion poll photo file!
  15. Good idea! Could be a new game like those games of old - The Lucky Number machine The QVC Price Wheel (that’s PJD getting ready to spin the wheel) - And who could forget Q Bird?
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