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  1. Egad, the side view of Caro in that jacket is even worse than the front view!
  2. Where to begin with this screenshot? First off, the OAP’s dining room appears to have been taken over by alien life forms, from the TSV spheres to the unfortunate hanging lights that look like jaws ready to chomp down on something. We’ve got a Boofetti-like candle holder on the table. And the one she’s presenting is supposed to be a candy corn. It is, but it isn’t. It looks more like a traffic cone or booster rocket. What a hot mess.
  3. Oh no, the assault of the Berkshire blankets is back. Handy-Rubby, Skyping from home, is living up to her nickname by rubbing and fondling the blanket like crazy. Please make it stop - it’s only August!
  4. Oh Val, what has happened to your sense of style and taste? These “Glitter Domes” have Gift of Spite written all over them.
  5. Since he hates salmon, he’s probably relieved he doesn’t have to taste it. Pre-pandemic, after Mary D had moved on from his sidekick role, salmon was the TSV. They brought her into ITKWD just to do the TSV presentations. David explained it by saying something like salmon isn’t his favorite food so Mary would do it justice. If he could choke down Nutrisystem, surely he could’ve endured a few bites of salmon.
  6. That whole presentation was basically six minutes of Carolyn pulling apart the pizza pinwheels, squishing and squeezing them, and making the cheese ooze out. BTW, I’ll bet that a lot of those pinwheels went home to Gracie Manor.
  7. About one gruesome looking floral top last night, Gary said "This looks like something you'd find at that store that begins with 'A' and ends with 'gie.' Anthropologie?? Is he kidding? I almost laughed out loud. Then he said, "Put a "1" in front of the price and that's how much it would cost there." The man is delirious. Too much time spent with Acorn, I think.
  8. That's where I do my pumpkin picking. And I'm not "picking" out a special outfit to do that.
  9. With all of Alberti's braying, six feet of distance is definitely not enough!
  10. Oh my gosh, you'll need a couple of hankies for this heartwarming story of Mr. B.
  11. Speaking of oily, Josie looks even greasier than usual. And her face is a different color than her body. Did she forget to self-tan her face?
  12. This has gone viral on social media. See if you can find the cat in the bookcase below. It’s apparently driving people crazy because they can’t find it. Many years of owning cats and knowing their quirky behaviors helped my find the cat pretty quickly.
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