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  1. Selling polyester garb has apparently been very good to her.
  2. IPad lover here too. Although I still have an HP desktop (with Windows 10, @lovemesomejoolery - it's easy to use!), I use my IPad for almost everything.
  3. It's extraordinary! We just sold out of the goldenrod (hands it to nearest peon production assistant) but we have more colors! Limoncello, banana cream, and build-me-up-buttercup! Happy dance, happy dance, git it, git it, git it!
  4. “Praise the Lord and pass the broccoli!”
  5. I guess some people would rather talk to Marge... than order online.
  6. Note to self - do not buy this Hunter McGrady sweater. It makes Mary Beth look huge. Mary Beth is not huge. I mean, who would buy this after seeing what it does to poor Mary Beth’s figure. Is that why she looks like she’s about to cry?
  7. I caught a few minutes of Graver earlier. She used one of her standard lines about some schmatta - Who are these women who are going crazy for Graver garb?
  8. It was the bold plaid that did me in. She can do much better IMO.
  9. Lunch Time Special for months on end.
  10. Oh dear, where to begin, lol. First of all, here’s a head scratcher - having the most footwear-challenged host of all time host a shoe show. “You know me,” says Caro, “I love my cute flat shoes.” Eliminate the word “cute” and she’s got that right. Then she squealed over her Denim & Co outfit. Egad, another fashion fail, including the hair mop!
  11. Is it just me, or does it look like Dr. Lancer and his assistant are getting ready to embalm this woman?
  12. I hear the "-uh" all the time when young women talk. It's like they add an extra syllable to everything - "Don't-uh you-uh know-uh?"
  13. Remember when Paula Deen was hawking Smithfield hams on the Q a while back? That gigantic ham pictured with David above is big enough for this -
  14. Speaking of Candace Cameron Bure, this pic of her and her husband popped up on one my news feeds yesterday. Nice hand placement!
  15. I think that’s the Q’s new marketing slogan these days - “Let’s Unload These.”
  16. I snapped this pic of Caro earlier during the D&C show. It’s an even better look at just how dreadful her hair is - it looks fried. I don’t think she’s wearing much makeup these days either. She’s gone full “give up.”
  17. Maybe McTool is styling her with the Flowbee these days.
  18. Make it stop, please! Even though she changed sweaters, she’s still Living La Vida Frump.
  19. This outfit is just begging to be in the next fashion poll.
  20. According to the program guide, Caro has a Barefoot Dreams show on at 2:00, which probably means she has to wear this. Should be an interesting look on her!
  21. I agree with everyone else that those salaries look way too low, even for the newer hosts. In the article, I don't understand the distinction made between "QVC hosts" and "QVC on-air hosts." Aren't all hosts on-air?
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