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  1. I also purchased a couple of these sets last year (also with free shipping), and they're great! Very handy to have for the holidays, especially for gifts that are hard to fit in boxes or in traditional gift bags. The solid colors are great for other occasions as well.
  2. Recently purchased from the Q Item # V34924, the set of two Snow Joe Oversized Snow Brooms. Tried out one of them last week when my area had a inch or so of snow. Although it does a good job removing snow, the darn handle does not stay on after it is screwed onto the snow broom head. Upon looking at the reviews (which I should have done before purchasing) there are a number of people experiencing the same issue. Returned both for a refund. I'm going to check similar models on the Q as well as on other sites, and I'll make sure to check those reviews 🙂 https://www.qvc.com/Snow-Joe-Set
  3. Remember Nolan Miller’s jewelry collection when it was sold on QVC? Although it wasn’t for everyone, there were many lovely pieces to buy for a special occasion, or just to dress up now and then. Although the line was retired in 2011 (Mr. Miller sadly passed away in 2012), many pieces are still available on websites like eBay, Etsy, Poshmark and Ruby Lane. These pieces for the most part are still sold in excellent condition, a testament to the great quality of this line. It appears a certain website is selling jewelry that is similar to several QVC Nolan Miller pieces. Upon checking o
  4. @Coffeecup, I also miss Ant hosting those jewelry shows back in the day. When she went to Italy several years ago for the Q, I really appreciated that she spoke Italian with the jewelry vendors. One can see she had a great rapport with them. And of course that beautiful scenery! Whether in Italy or the US, Ant does a great job selling and presenting jewelry. But I wish she would change her hair color back to brunette! Blonde hair is not flattering to her lovely Mediterranean olive skintone. This hair color makes her look older, whereas a darker color with golden highlights would loo
  5. It's been a while since I posted here, but I happened to turn on the Q yesterday - and lo and behold it's Jennifer Kovich! Seems like she's going to be the new OAP for Cheryl's Cookies now that Mary E. has retired (although it was nice Mary E. made an appearance yesterday - she will be missed). @Burly, ITA that she may have never baked a cookie before - she certainly doesn't look like she eats any samples. Let's see - Jennifer used to hawk lobsters, croissants, and now she's the cookie gal. Before coming to the Q, she was a model on HSN. Now I'm sure she is a lovely lady in real
  6. Reading these two posts makes me think about two beautiful QVC models: Ade and Stacy. I've heard Ade speak a few times when modeling clothes, and was pleasantly surprised. She has a rich and well-modulated voice. Stacy also speaks on air from time to time, and has a lovely voice as well. Both ladies have been modeling for years and would make great hosts, especially with apparel and jewelry IMO. With everything going on at the Q these days, having a few models as hosts might be a good idea. Perhaps these models can replace a few less than stellar hosts...
  7. Pretty horrid looking indeed, @lovemesomejoolery - and some of those so-called "recipes" makes me want to grab the Mylanta. A couple of years ago, David posted a video on his QVC Facebook page showing a small charcoal grill placed in the middle of a grassy yard. The grill looked like the flames were shooting to the sky. And I remember there were many comments criticizing him (and rightfully so) about the dangers of grilling that way. Now I do like David, but with the money he makes on the Q one would think he'd be cooking outside on a custom-made BBQ grill. Or at least one of those Tr
  8. And a seven-figure beach house in Delaware at that! Quite the upgrade from the beach condo in New Jersey - well, good for Jill and Doug! That's my dream too, @ByaNose - I have my eye on a waterfront condo overlooking Long Island Sound. Only four miles away from where I live in my middle-class neighborhood, but a lovely world away! All you need is a dollar and a dream...
  9. Regarding my May 23 review of the Samantha Brown 4-piece luggage set on HSN (above), in case anyone is interested, the set is back in all seven colors: Black, Bravo Blue (grayish blue), Burgundy, Koi Orange, Mustard, Nude (blush pink) and Watermelon. However, as of this posting, the colors Koi Orange and Mustard are in limited quantities. The set is now priced at $169.95 with the option of 5 FlexPays of $33.99 each ($15.22 S&H). As I mentioned in my above review, I purchased this set in Nude, which is a beautiful blush pink. Although I have yet to use it for travel, it is very wel
  10. Upon changing the channel a few minutes ago, I passed by QVC2. I had to stop and look at Antonella - I really hate to say this, but that light blonde hair is all kinds of wrong. As I mentioned in previous posts, there are people who can pull off blonde hair, and there are people who can't. Antonella is in the latter group. Her lovely Mediterranean coloring is washed out with that unnatural blonde. I know I'm not the only one who thinks this way, judging from comments here as well as on the QVC forum. Also, given the number of brunette QVC hosts who have recently lightened their
  11. @Coffeecup, Thanks so much for the news about Evine - and I also agree changing the name back to ShopHQ makes so much sense. Wouldn't you know that Optimum (my TV provider in Westchester County, NY) recently announced that Evine will be moving to another channel. Perhaps this might happen when the name changes to ShopHQ. We shall see...
  12. This past Mother's Day, I decided to purchase the Today's Special on HSN, which was the Samantha Brown Croco Embossed Luggage 4-piece set. The set consisted of an upright spinner suitcase (listed at 22" but actually 21-1/2"), a tote, and two packing cubes. Priced at $149.99, but I took advantage of five FlexPays at $29.99 each, with free shipping to boot! Received the set four days later on the 16th - everything looks great and very well made! There were originally seven colors available, but five of them sold out in a day. The two remaining colors are Black and Nude. My set is in Nud
  13. Thanks so much, @artisto Oh, yes - Jean Harlow on the set of "Dinner at Eight". She never looked more beautiful, and that gorgeous gown is one of my all-time faves as well. The days when gowns were gowns, needing their own stand for the wearer, lol. What a great movie, and the last scene with her and Marie Dressler is one for the ages. Remember "The Hollywood Collection"? It was a line of fashion jewelry inspired by old-time movie stars. Replicas of jewelry worn on-screen as well as off-screen. It was on HSN, featuring a host at that time named Charlene Lake. I purchased two r
  14. That's too funny, @7EasyPayments - and so David!
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