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  1. But by this stage they are figured out that Matt is infertile and can't father children so Gabby scuttles off back to PR to find another victim to pin it on.
  2. I swear I get more of a 'Dexter' like stalker/sociopath vibe off her than anything else. Halstead better sleep with one eye open.
  3. (fixed it for you) Choi won't handle it well, and they will probably break up.... AGAIN. I put this show on to watch and found myself in the garden watering my plants.
  4. So Cruz, Sylvie and Foster are together 24/7...very few married couples spend that much time together, let alone work colleagues. I was actually half enjoying the housemate story, it wasn't AS dumb as last weeks C-plot but in usual #OneChicago style anyone who is not stationed at 51 is a buffoon. They had to make him hideously over the top annoying to make sure we got the point. Someone needs to crack a window in the writers room, the lack of oxygen in there is starting to become a problem. Stella and Severide I just can't seem to muster any enthusiasm for them, which is weird because as characters individually they weren't so bad, but together they are just dull. Nice to meet Ritter's boyfriend. I do like the whole Ritter/Gallo bromance they are building...so I fully expect that to blow up in our faces by the finale. Trudy seemed as pissed as I was that they bought her in & then blew her off. I wanted to see her do something, anything because she does SFA on PD. I thought they'd made her buy into the bar to actually provide some kind of new storyline/angle....but its been crickets and then they trot her out for this.....nothing.
  5. Well, well, well Hypocrite Hailey finally shows her true colours. She's no better than the rest of them but at least they don't pretend to be holier than thou. The next time she tries her sanctimonious claptrap on people I hope they tell her to stick it up her ass. Barely two weeks after narking over Halstead getting personal, she facilitates a murder because she's pissy. Of course Halstead has to run after her, can those two actually function independently? That inevitable relationship has train wreck written all over it no to mention they both have the personality of wet blankets. I was hoping, at least at the start they were going to give Rojas something to do but alas, barely two minutes in it becomes all about Upton....Again. Voight needs to stop enabling Upton and trying to make her a replacement for Lindsay and put her back in her place. She just walks all over him, he's gone soft.
  6. I think his brother was witness to something and it was deemed 'too dangerous' for them to stay in Chicago so they shipped them off to an Aunt. I'd say we won't hear from him for another season and then next time they decide to give Atwater a story up he'll pop only to end up 'six feet under' Most relatives get two or three episodes before they are offed. Either that or the unmentioned sister during all this SNAFU will come back and probably be raped or something equally hideous & the snotty brother will exact revenge & Kev will have to cover up more crimes but to no avail & snotty brother will be holed up in Statesville with his old man.
  7. As if the Ladies Lounge storyline wasn't already dumb enough, they had to double down on it again. Who writes this drivel?
  8. She's got that 'Dexter' like serial killer smile though. Creeps me out.
  9. While Voight said he 'doesn't allow relationships in his unit' to Burgess way back in season one, when has he ever stopped it? Yes he warned Jay but they did it anyway and he's never talked about it again.
  10. Maybe she can stun us all again with her maturity and give him another 'push test'🙄
  11. I don't think she cares about who is friends with who. They should have done Atwater/Hayley last year instead of the route they went. But then again Atwater is too nice for her and she wouldn't be able to treat him like shit because people would have been in uproar. That whole relationship was to show that she was in love with Halstead.
  12. The only issue I have with him and Vanessa is then you've got Ruzek/Burgess with their baby drama, Upton/Halstead making goggly eyes at each other & skipping to crime scenes holding hands & then Atwater/Rojas. In a six man squad....way too much. Because there will always be drama in TV show relationships & to have all three couples working together, not only unrealistic but extremely boring. If they wanted to do Atwater/Rojas they should've kept her out of Intelligence for a while and let them build a relationship based on seeing them on cases occasionally & do it that way. And they need to drop Upstead all together.
  13. And what was with Choi running in like some high functioning mute to start CPR to save 'not abrams'.....could he have not called out as he was weirdly running through the ED that it was a mistake. Instead of barging in, starting CPR & not bothering to utter a word to anyone until Abrams walks in. Also I'm pretty sure there are a few more checks and balances before you willy nilly 'pull the plug' especially on a patient who's whole face is unrecognisable. I feel sorry for the poor guy in the bed, I mean how unlucky was he, switched seats on a doomed flight & then ended up at Med with these bunch of muppets. His card was well and truly stamped.
  14. I swear they pull a name out of a hat & then spin the wheel to see whether they get to be hypocritical, sanctimonious, judgemental, belligerent, obnoxious or just downright insufferable. Every single week. I will admit I was wrong....pretty much thought the baby was going to die. although from the time the mother mentioned the red hair it was always going to be an IVF stuff up....still shocked it didn't die though. (Lucky Natalie was too busy pontificating elsewhere)
  15. Yep. Glad they finally talked though. It was getting tiresome. I could see both sides but I did feel sorry for Adam, he was trying to do & say the right thing & she constantly shut him out. I think he was really hurt that she didn't even tell him about the Doctor's appointment. She could have said she wanted to go alone but to just dump it on him, then the Ultrasound, then the heartbeat, then telling Kevin. It was like she was telling her neighbor not the father of her baby who had already told her he wanted to be there. I really think if she had talked to him that whole shooting situation would never have got to that point. Also Kim was trying to prove that nothing had changed for her, that the fact she was pregnant didn't matter & she was reckless. The marriage proposal...yeah Adam way too far but I guess at that point he was just desperate to be part of it. Kevin's brother - piece of snot. Hopefully they won't just drop it, but I am guessing thats the last we will hear of him for a while, until the next time Kevin needs some angsty storyline. Please, who do we have to petition to get him a woman, or a man, I don't really care at this stage. I am flummoxed as to what the point of bringing Rojas onto the team was? At this point she has bought nothing. They could have had her work on and off with Intelligence and built up to bringing her in full-time because at this stage she's just there not really adding much.
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