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  1. That was a crime against humanity.
  2. Clarke....I loved Jeff Clarke.
  3. Nurse Practitioner's are able to diagnose & treat certain conditions & have limited prescribing rights. They are more skilled & trained than an RN but do not have a medical degree.
  4. I know he doesn't care about her any less, it was more about how they acted and wrote that scene just before Adam lost it. It was just flat and something that they have never talked about in that way before. They just don't do well keeping people consistent with their character, they lack subtlety and deftness with their writing. You can still portray urgency without all hell breaking loose.
  5. You know, I felt the same. It was weird how 'meh' both Atwater and Halstead seemed about it all. When have they ever stood there and said, right 'we need to do some digging, build a case, find some evidence then apply for a warrant' like they were reading a recipe? They had zero sense of urgency. So I got Adam's frustration, as he said, look what these guys had already done? I get what they were trying to portray....the good cops v the rogue cops....but they continue to have no subtlety. And Jay continues to just ignore that his girlfriend is a psychopath and just meander through scenes
  6. She picked him because despite everything else she loves him and trusts him and as she said, they were going to have a baby together and she considers them family. Kim never seemed like she cared for children either until she decided on a whim to adopt a child. I think it was also designed to show the growth that we saw in Adam this episode, and while the show chose not to show any development of even Kim's attachment to Makayla, let alone Adam, they obviously had been spending time together, he did say they were going to pick her up for dinner when things went to shit with his Dad, he knew wh
  7. I got the feeling that Natalie's confession was supposed to be a cliffhanger, the old, will she, won't she be back and considering after they filmed this is came out that she won't be back that it felt pretty feckless. I mean it wasn't great to start with but knowing she has left it was such an anti-climax (totally appropriate for this show though)
  8. "Hey, guess what I shot a guy and our boss is going to dispose of the body & we are going to pretend it didn't happen, you an me should totally get married." All delivered with the sincerity of a barista telling you they are out of your favourite milk. This is going to end well, can't wait to see this crash & burn next season. So Burgess literally saves herself again. Ruzek finally does something smart. I even liked the fight between him and Kev and how once Kim was at the hospital it was already forgotten, their bond is pretty unbreakable. Wetstead remains just
  9. Desperate 'tweenagers' will do anything, I guess we know they aren't getting an education in school if they spend hours voting in a poll that 99% of the viewer population don't know about & 100% of the cast don't care about.
  10. And PD is never-ending misery, torture and trauma with little or no relief.
  11. Correct, she came in when Burgess left to care for her sister (Her real life Maternity leave) at the end of season 4 & then kept on when Erin left. Eid took over the start of season 5, retconned the little past we knew about her. Platt helped them when their restaurant? was robbed. Seemed she had a good relationship with her Dad then & was considered a moral cop who wanted to do the right thing......So essentially she is Eid's character. Now is she a corrupt cop, a hypocrite, devious, evil and an emotional clusterfuck. No way she's stable enough to hold a gun or a badge. They've d
  12. Well this should be entertaining...😂
  13. Do they actually have female writers on this show? One female went nuts and cut her own throat because she couldn't 'have' her boyfriend. Natalie is a drug stealing selfish asshole who has violated just about every law & ethic in the medical world & April is just an awful whiny hypocrite. All 3 leave in disgrace. Who writes this shit & how does Dick Wolf allow it? Over on PD they just beat the living shit out of Burgess every season & Fire has a woman who needs the men in her life to beg, borrow and steal promotions for her. Gah...misogyny is alive and well in C
  14. I understand why they give all these storylines to Marina, and by extension to Paddy....they totally will own them. Could you imagine Bender Barbie & Snorestead trying to over emote their way through this? They need to give Marina a break though, and Burgess. They do not know what else to do with her, they can't possibly let her be happy for more than a week. Upton is an emotional clusterfuck...who seems suddenly to be triggered by everything, someone looks at her wrong and she's having a crisis. Her talking to Ruzek in the preview annoyed me. She has never show one iota of conc
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