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  1. Voight is total trash & an asshole, and I am pretty sure we are supposed to hate him, which we do to varying degrees, however I "Think" we are supposed to like & feel sorry for Upton, which I do not, in the slightest. I don't get what they are trying to do with this character. Eid got run out of SVU for trying to make us feel sorry for the bad guys because of their traumatic pasts, so it didn't work over there so he bought it over here and thought he'd try again. I feel like the cases are becoming secondary to the drama and it's sending this show down the tubes. The only thi
  2. Isn't Burgess amazing....not a scratch, bruise, moment of hesitation or concern barely weeks after being kidnapped, beaten, shot twice, dragged across a warehouse floor and in a coma. Could this show actually put some effort into continuity? A potentially interesting case that got lost in the dreck of this poor Hailey story they insist on flogging like a dead horse. Can they please get back to case focussed stories and leave the over wrought personal drama to once or twice a season at most.
  3. I think also, for many people here they have been with this show a long time and have seen it devolve into this mess it currently is. That is pretty much at the feet of the current showrunner & sadly his obsession with his fave character is beyond annoying now. This also isn't the first time Upton has been a dirty cop, she has form. Trust me, most people think Voight is beyond trash, some love him knowing he is trash, some hate him because he is trash but we all know he is trash. They are both guilty & complicit & should both be in jail. But we know this isn't going
  4. Kevin doesn't seem like the token...he is the token. After next weeks whine fest apparently Episode 5 is when they actually remember Atwater is a hot blooded male. About bloody time too.
  5. So, surprise surprise the liar, doubled down and lied again or is it tripled down, I've lost count.... Felony Barbie really does have a disease doesn't she. Still with that shit eating grin on her face, she looks soooo cut up about her & Voight's big secret....moving in with her victim boyfriend. Jay, maybe you should take some relationship advice from someone, anyone.... because he's not known for making wise choices either, all his girlfriends have been varying degrees of nutty, this one takes the cake though. Good to see Burgess back to normal this week, this show cou
  6. The gun thing stuck out to me as well....I guess that's just supposed to be hand waved away for the sake of the plot & not wasting too much time. Also didn't quite get why Adam had to go out to pick up breakfast with the kid with his side arm on full display....no wonder the server thought he was a 'Police Officer'...preettttyyy sure the gun gave that one away.
  7. Since when has that stopped these shows from randomly making shit up years later if it fits the current story.
  8. Sadly I think you are right, it will all be about the felon.... just like when her lies are finally exposed, somehow Eid will try & make her the victim.
  9. Voight and Upton remain the biggest POS on this show. Of course Burgess comes to the rescue but watching her terror when Voight knocked on her door & then watching Felony Barbie just stand with her miserable sanctimonious shit eating smirk while Kim talked about her PTSD regarding Roy being alive repulsed me ... I just wanted to punch her. Ruzek, being Ruzek tries to help, fucks it up although he didn't actually tell Platt that Kim wanted a desk job, just that he was checking if it was open. He definitely should've run that one by Kim but he was trying to help because she had to
  10. Well the screaming tweenage nitwits on Social media just can't live if they don't know their faves are still breathing...they can't eat, sleep, go to school without melting down randomly about the fate of some fictional character so they spend their days hunting down filming locations to post spoiler photos of X, Y, & Z on set so I guess the writers, show runners & networks just don't bother anymore & we get phoned in scripts like this mess & the 3 minute 'will Burgess survive' resolution on PD.
  11. The problem with Jay at the moment is he isn't a leaders asshole....they have turned him into some sappy, feckless follower who spends his whole time mooning over FelonBarbie™. They would need to go grab his balls back from the chain around his girlfriends neck. They need to bring in a new person, that nobody here is comfortable with or knows and start again.....or fire the showrunner & bring in some half way competent & who isn't obsessed with one character.
  12. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/news-life/perth-twins-anna-and-lucy-decinque-reveal-they-with-both-be-mum-to-each-others-babies/news-story/1db3e9531fa505f086aad995b6e6d8d3 I guess they used these Twins as their inspiration...
  13. Their fans on twitter are vicious. I do my best to completely ignore them, but yes outside of that rabid mob this couple is tanking. Eid's just too stubborn to see it for some inexplicable reason and they continue to shove it down people's throats. Kim surviving seemed like an afterthought to the writers as we endured another Upton whine fest. I think we are supposed to feel sorry for Hailey and see her as a victim in all this.....She's got form, she arranged Darrius Walkers' execution, she planted evidence, and despite bitching on Ruzek constantly about his tactics, she's 100x wors
  14. I'm not sure Kim knows, she was probably just confused as to why FelonyBarbie was there in the first place seeing as she has not shown one iota of concern for Kim since she rocked up. How long before Upton spits out 'her truth'... which will involve her blaming everyone else for her own choices.
  15. I actually put this on to watch & don't remember one single thing...so yeah that's how exciting it was.
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