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  1. Only 15 episodes each this season. I think Med returned to shooting today & PD & Fire are early October.
  2. https://tvline.com/2020/09/22/chicago-pd-nicole-ari-parker-cast-season-8-police-reform-storyline/ Something 'new'....
  3. https://tvline.com/2020/09/14/chicago-fire-adriyan-rae-cast-new-paramedic-season-9/ No idea who she is but they have named Foster's replacement. Hopefully the angry Gabby/Monica fans are a little more welcoming to this new cast member than they were to Annie. I think you are not supposed to think about it too deeply. Like you weren't supposed to think about how Gabby could foster a special needs child, work as a paramedic and work at the bar at the same time. Suspend reality.
  4. Good Luck to the actress ....but I am not sad to see her character go, actually I don't really care. She never really made an impact.
  5. Hopefully, if that is the case Wolf moves Eid over to Fire and PD can get someone decent with half a clue and without the weird obsession with one character.
  6. Probably because of the vitriol and abuse he no doubt received from the pathetic childish little trolls on twitter. Their latest is wanting Kara (Brett) fired because she didn't say enough or what they wanted her to say about BLM and started a petition on Change.org. They also targeted Brian Luce (PD) &Started a petition to fire Jesse Lee Soffer as well because he had a photo taken 5 years ago with a Blue lives matter hat so I guess they more than likely harrassed Derek as well.
  7. I find it strange that they chose to re-air this episode today considering the news at the moment. Completely and totally tone deaf. But then I read all the comments on twitter & IG about how wonderful it is & how much Jay has such a big heart, oh & poor Jay & #Upsteadforever...🤮 I get it. So much of the outrage over George Floyd's horrific murder is pure slactivism. Yes retweet the hashtag & then go gush over a TV show that shows a black man dying & the cops continuing to cover their own asses. This could have been a good episode had there been consequences for CPD, had they come out at the end & said the FR was biased & they wouldn't be using it again & that Marcus didn't murder those two boys, at least give his family that peace....but no we can't have that can we.........Jay feeling bad is not a consequence. Poor Jay indeed, he felt guilty but he did nothing about it. He may as well just tweeted a hashtag.
  8. My guess is Kevin's Brother, as is usually their MO they bring back or introduce a random family member for the sole purpose to kill them off or torture them. Of course they will overhype it as being someone 'we know' and it will turn out to be a character we've seen twice in four years & Kevin will 'grieve' for all of two episodes & it will be forgotten. So it's either the brother or some random character that nobody cares about, a bit like the total fizzer of a premiere this season where a character nobody liked or cared about is killed.
  9. Ruzek, although he has pushed his luck many times. Season 6 was a particularly bad year for him.
  10. I'm torn....I hope it is X but that character is Eid's love child so that won't happen....on the other hand I hope it's my Fave so I can finally give up on this train wreck. I seem incapable of doing it on my own.
  11. ☝️This is one of my biggest issues with this show, while I appreciate that when they give Atwater an episode they are fantastic and those storylines do need highlighting but they do not give him anything else to do, at all. They have all these great characters that have been there from the start and they are all pigeonholed. Atwater - the token black guy for the racist cop storylines, undercover buys and that's it - why are his parents not around, his old man is in jail...why? Burgess is trotted out to show her tragic love life...when has she not had a storyline that didn't involve her latest squeeze dumping her, dying or some variation of. When she's not being kicked around by her latest beau, she sticks a couple of photos on a board. Halstead...whenever he gets to do anything usually gets too invested and then fucks up and we are supposed to feel sorry for him because he has such a 'big heart'. His other main purpose these days is to follow around his master like a good little puppy dog. Ruzek....well he just fucks up...oh and he has a Dad, and that random sister that we didn't know about for 4 years. That's it for him. Rojas, was basically bought in to prop up Upton and make it seem like she actually has friends and drop the enormous Anvils the writers seem to think we need with regards to the two dumb blondes bumping uglies in the near future. It's paint by numbers and all these characters are pretty one-dimensional and they've all been dumbed down to make Eid's love child shine. And don't we get to hear about her tragic (Erin-esque) past every other week. Even trotted off to the FBI for a bit....hmmmm where have I seen that before?
  12. I'm guessing just for the angsty Severide/Casey bromance moment. A throw back to season 1 when Hadley wanted to nose dive off the roof. The Girls on Fire storyline needs to die a quick death. It is the single most boring thing this show has done this season. I don't know whether it is the fact that Stella is just a boring character but that class seemed like it was a total snooze fest. Nobody seemed remotely interested. No wonder the chick didn't turn up for the next class. Hopefully by next season they've moved on to another C-plot. The last thing this show needs is Gabby 2.0 and that's precisely the path Stella is on.
  13. I'm not even going to pretend I understand how it must feel to live in an environment like what was portrayed in this episode and it is horrifying that this is still a reality for many. As always Atwater focussed episodes are among the strongest episodes, even if I do wish they break the mould every now and then and give him something different to do. I am glad they switched this episode with last weeks because this was a much stronger finish, even if I do think the past two episodes were more like PD of old. They finished a pretty plodding season off strongly (albeit they didn't know this would be the end). Hopefully they pick up this thread and give it much more focus next season. One disappointment was that the rest of the team was barely sighted, despite how much I enjoyed Atwater & Voight's journey through the episode. I hate how Atwater goes through so much shit and nobody bats an eyelid. Apart from the brief moment with Ruzek & Voight at the end you would have never guessed anyone gave two hoots about what was going on. They also did this last time if I recall, Ruzek is the only one who ever sympathises with Kevin's predicament. And for all the shit Ruzek gets he is loyal to a fault to the team and particularly Atwater. The past two weeks did prove one thing....Upton was not missed at all and I feel sorry for Halstead's character because he's been reduced to being a lapdog and nothing more. Did he actually do anything other than report into his captor?
  14. Wouldn't be surprised if that's how she 'earned' her Detective badge....
  15. DCP in Chicago hands foster kids out like candy in these shows. Two full time workers, barely weeks out of having treatment for cancer just get to take home a foster kid. Okay... sure, that makes sense. Paperwork and background checks and suitability be damned.
  16. Maybe she's finally maturing and realises what's good for the goose is good for the gander?
  17. Wow, who knew Jay had a personality & was a competent cop & sharp shooter?...Amazing what happens when he is not yoked to permasmirk. I've gotta say a whole episode without her condescending bullshit was pretty bloody good. They even made Adam look competent which I know is something Rick Eid refuses to do but I guess he was busy stroking Upton's ego over on FBI so they managed to slip this one through. I mean they almost let the whole team do some work. Atwater probably had the least to do but he was at least invovled. Burgess getting a little taste of her own medicine in the beginning was a nice surprise, it's usually Ruzek getting burned by her unless she's the one that wants the booty call & then he's always happy to obliged so seeing him blow her off for once was a nice change. Still, I am a sucker for this couple and while I know it's a fruitless exercise I refuse to give up on them because, well that last scene. Those guys have chemistry. Oh well....
  18. This is rapidly veering into Chicago MED territory...and that's not a compliment.
  19. The show and characters have just become repetitive. It's the same every week and the way they make every case 'personal' is getting tiresome. It was never this way, each character would have one or two 'big' episodes per season where they got some personal development and the rest of the time it was working together to beat the bad guys. Now they just spend most of the time digging someone out of a hole. And the characters are boxed in. Atwater does nothing but do undercover buys (usually badly) until he needs to be wheeled out for his black v blue episode, Ruzek does SFA until he's needed to fuck something up, Halstead, well look at his 'big heart' he fucks up and everyone is 'awwww Halstead just cares too much.' Burgess sticks pictures on a board until low and behold she gets a story that involves her tragic love life, and Upton well she's in everything pontificating, snarking, stalking halstead and smirking her way through facilitating murders, planting evidence & pretending her shit doesn't stink. Rojas is just there, not really bringing much and seems to be destined to prop up her housemate and make her seem like she has friends. And I was never an Erin fan, but I will put my hand up now and say, the grass was not greener on the other side.
  20. Because they need Rojas out in the field to prop up Upton and make her seem like she has friends.
  21. 😂True...but you know anything is possible.
  22. My theory on the Louie2.0 Baby Drama.....Baby Daddy is so over come with grief that he can't possibly take care of the child so Gabby Sylvie steps in, Matt helps her start adoption process using his enormous circle of influence at DCP so that Gabby Sylvie gets all excited, sets up home and then Baby Daddy comes back and re-claims Louie the Baby leaving Gabby Sylvie heartbroken.
  23. I wonder if Rojas every get the feeling that she's being watched while she sleeps....why is she always creeping on people. She watched Rojas & Halstead like a hawk. It's creepy. Poor Rojas can't even get an episode focus without it ending up be all about Upton again.... And she thinks she's so smart and clever, except Voight knows about it before she even takes her jacket off. If it wasn't for Voight covering her ass she'd be done by now and she doesn't seem to either get that or perhaps she just doesn't care. Her arrogance is astounding. Also I can tell you if I saw someone out in the open lifting their collar and talking into it that they are either knee deep in a mental health crisis or a cop.....I mean come on, we know they are cops we don't need them to make it so bleeding obvious. I know they think the views are dumb, but we are not that dumb.
  24. Considering 'One Chicago' has the habit of killing babies...this was almost a surprising twist....almost...since most people picked it a mile off from the moment #deadmumwalking showed up.
  25. Must say one of the highlights of the season was seeing that shit-eating grin being wiped off Permasmirk's face. She really did strut in there thinking her shit didn't stink & thinking that she can do whatever she wants. Nice to see Voight slap that arrogance out of her. Rojas should've been sacked as well. For an elite unit they seem to fuck up drug buys fairly often...maybe they should give Atwater/Rojas new jobs, they don't seem particularly good at it.
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