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  1. Cassandre

    S02.E06 The Domino Effect 2018.07.10

    Exactly. I went back to that episode (1.06) and Sutton tells him "you know my hair's not red, right ?". Oliver "Yes, but it should be. It would be fabulous with your coloring".
  2. Cassandre

    S02.E05 Stride of Pride 2018.07.03

    I thought that was one of their best episode (can't top 1x10 though). I wasn't expecting Jane and Kat to have that conversation but I'm glad they did. Jane left Scarlet and now she's complaining about having a hard time finding a new job. I know she didn't plan to get fired by Victoria but why did she leave a good job in the first place... Kat used to say she was just Adenasexual, well that dream proved her wrong... I'm glad that guy's wife believed Sutton's side of the story.
  3. Cassandre

    S02.E04: OMG 2018.06.26

    I knew that Jane's issues with Ben being a religious person had something to do with her mom. So I didn't find her annoying. I liked Kat and Adena storyline and that they brought Coco in it. Too bad Adena got away with this just by talking about her mom. I still don't see the connection between what she said and what Kat was asking earlier, not the 'how many people have you slept with' but her concerns about the way Adena moves from a relationship to another. I wasn't into Sutton's storyline but the end got me worried for her. She's the only one who is working very hard for the magazine and yet she has to face things like this that can get her lose her job.
  4. And I hope they will stay heavily featured. I'm not on tumblr but I'm glad to know they love them. The medias love them too. We can't forget why. A lesbian muslim and a queer black woman together in a world where LGBT people aren't represented enough.... I can't really expect tumblr not to like them.... I can understand why you wouldn't like their storyline just like most of us don't appreciate the Richard and Sutton story but it's just not the same. There's no "pointless" angst that doesn't get solved after one episode in The Bold Type. So I can deal with it even if I don't see it as "pointless". They are just portraying Kat and Adena's journey as a couple. Knowing that Kat has never been in a serious relationship before and now she has to deal with a woman. They do it in a positive way. When something is wrong we see it and they end up talking about it. They are honest and supportive with each other. I must be the only one here to think that but the writers are doing an amazing job with them. This relationship seems good for Kat. I just hope they find something for Adena to do in this season. A permanent job. I don't want her to be just Kat's girlfriend. I don't read spoilers but I heard some stuffs are coming. The sooner the better.
  5. Cassandre

    The Bold Type in the Media

    it's speculation. We will know when the show comes back or even when they start producing it. I wonder if Sarah Watson is going to say something about it. She hasn't said anything since the show got renewed. Which is understandable. TBT was her show after all.
  6. Cassandre

    The Bold Type in the Media

    Saraw Watson had said when TBT ended weeks ago that in season two she would want to focus more on the male cast if they got renewed. And Freeform is now talking about how they want "to continue to champion these incredible women" and they're all about how they want "to deliver shows that celebrate female voice" . Whatever happened I hope they don't ruin the show.
  7. Cassandre

    The Bold Type in the Media

    For the Love of God and Louboutin, Give The Bold TypeAnother Season
  8. Cassandre

    S01.E10: Carry the Weight

    I think this was their most powerful episode. I did cry. I seriously hope they get a season two. They know how to handle very well and in an emotional way a difficult subject. Like @funkopop I also think that that interview made sense.
  9. Cassandre

    S01.E10: Carry the Weight

    Richard ! I almost forgot about him ! Can't wait to see the girls together. This may be the last time unfortunately.
  10. Cassandre

    The Bold Type in the Media

    Why 'The Bold Type' is the Most Relevant Show on Television Right Now Another nice article. I like the part when they say that TBT is a digital native : Most people might not like that part because they think the opposite (like it's truly witchcraft lol) but even if I'm not a fan of some social media, that's not a reason to think it's bad for people or something. Everything is always bad or good, it only depends on how you use it. So I don't mind seeing them tweeting or texting all the time during an episode. Besides it's kind of Kat's job. Of course I also like the part about TBT embracing a positive LGBT representation.
  11. Cassandre

    S01.E09: Before Tequila Sunrise

    So last week Jane got almost fired and today she feels like Scarlet is too safe for her.... and that she has to go for the thing that scares her the most. But a week ago she was afraid of the layoffs.
  12. Cassandre

    S01.E09: Before Tequila Sunrise

    I think it's wrong that Kat had sex with Adena and then just let her go the next day. It sounds awful. I wish she hadn't told her she would go with her. If Kat was a guy people would say that she had what she wanted and then just decided to let her go alone. I know it's not like that but I hate this timing. I wish their first time would have happened later. I didn't know Pintsripe's name was Ryan too. I mean I heard it before, but that was really funny to actually realise that.
  13. Cassandre

    S05.E07: Chasing Waterfalls

    I'm glad Stef was finally honest about Tess. That woman can be such a snob. How do you tell someone who tells you she had feelings for you that you didn't so no worries. She's so insensitive. that was a nice episode. Life is better without Jesus Adams Foster. So that's what it takes to have Stef and Lena included in the episodes ? And Jude too ? I'm so glad he had that scene with his grandma. Everything that has something to do with family interacting with other family members is fantastic. That's what I want from The Fosters. That Lena and Stuart story was sad, but I loved learning stuffs about Lena and her coming out. I didn't fully enjoy the episode though cause I'm still annoyed with how the show has turned. There used to be a time like the camping episode when everyone was included in the story. And it was nice. Even when Jude was missing they have always explained why he wasn't there, saying he had a trip or something. And Callie was the one always asking about where he was. Now her life is about Aaron I don't know why that guy is so important. I'm waiting for a Callie and Jude scene before the end of the series... maybe next week....
  14. Cassandre

    S05.E06: Welcome to the Jungler

    I don't think so. It's not really the same thing. We can agree that they don't care about Hayden... (I don't know why) and they don't care about Stef and Lena anymore. When I say that they write for Noah, David and Maia it's because these 3 feels like the center of the show in this season. Not the same for Teri who did have a boring storyline of her own in this episode but there was nothing for Sherri. She existed through Jesus or Mariana. I wonder why she even bothered to come on set. David, Noah and Maia have their storyline followed through in every single episode. Cierra too but you can't say the same for the other ones. Sherri and Teri have that Tess thing but the writers remember it every two episodes (Tess is nothing compared to Grace or Courtney, that's how you have to look what I mean when I say they write the show for D, M and N). Just like they sometimes remember that Hayden/Jude is alive and is part of the family. David, Noah and Maia have a veto power.... I don't watch Brandon's scenes.... so I can tell it's a lot to pass. I would donate Gabe and Courtney scenes together to Stef and Lena... So no, it's not really "more like... " I feel like even her acting changed. It doesn't feel real anymore.
  15. Cassandre

    S05.E06: Welcome to the Jungler

    Well, I disagree with both of you. I think that your love for the character is blinding you from how dumb Jesus trully is. Or is acting right now. You say that the guy is normal and they don't need to treat him differently because of his TBI but then you get mad everytime someone yells at him like he is some victim. They are just treating him like they always did. Remember Stef telling him "life is a bitch" in season four ? He was fine back then. You have to wonder why they act like that with him. To me it's because he is acting stupid. Stef and Lena have to say "no". I don't understand how they just count on him to fail the test instead of just telling him no. Jesus is not above them. And they did say no to Mariana at first. Mariana has no boundaries but Jesus is acting like a despot. He is like "if you don't let me drop out of school I'm going to... " No one loves threats. I'm sick of Jesus and his behaviour towards everyone and I don't care about his TBI since we have to treat him like a normal human being. I'm glad Stef and Lena are hard on him. The problem really is not his TBI but it's just him being dumb. It's not about Mariana or someone else.