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  1. Nolan said it hadn't been processed yet. The trio just checked for her print outside to identify her. But Bailey touching the bullet holes without gloves? Stupid. Yeah, I'm not liking the Nolan/Bailey thing. And she's like a super ninja? Please. The new rookie is good and I like the friendship with Chen. Again, Wesley, just tell Lopez what's going on. Be a double agent. don't make this stupid. Oh, too late...
  2. I thought I read he wasn't comfortable playing a police officer anymore and quit?
  3. I was always bummed that I never got kids for Halloween because I love to see the little ones in their costumes. I go to my son's and help him hand out candy now.
  4. We have a Garmin with Alexa in the Jeep (it's an old Jeep, no GPS and I hate using my phone for directions because I'm weird). It listens and it's creepy when we're just having a conversation and it thinks we said Alexa or Garmin and all of a sudden a voice says "I'm sorry, I didn't understand." I could never have that in my house. 😟
  5. Funny, my first thought was she was upset over Mark. Then I realized it was the other guy. They forgot. They conveniently forget things when they no longer work in the plot. Not quite so topical this episode, so I enjoyed it much better than the last. Nice seeing Addison back, but damn, Kate Walsh has some facial expressions that really irritate me. I did like her and Meredith bonding over the interns' speculations. I, too, think they're leading to Amelia and the non-binary doctor getting together. It was too random a scene not to be integral to a future plotline.
  6. I can fanwank that she learned it during her years away from the main group, when she did whatever it was that pissed off Pope. I just don't understand how all these vehicles are still running. Gas doesn't last that long.
  7. madmax

    S01.E03: The Hunt

    My first thought was echoed by many - why did they think a plane would make it when a drone didn't? Although, I fully expected Psychic Dad to be flying the plane for some reason, maybe that beer Pilot Guy drank (!) when they were chatting. I guess they're saving him flying down there for sweeps week. Or the season ending cliffhanger, which will really be a series ending cliffhanger because these types of shows don't last on networks. I did not think of them lowering food, supplies, etc. down the hole. That's a great idea, so it won't happen. Why were they keeping all of the foo
  8. Why couldn't he just tell Lopez? Unless they've gotten into their house to plant bugs, they have some privacy there. Or use the old talk in the bathroom while the shower's running trope. I'm agreeing that the serial killer thing is just ridiculous. I wish they would have just stayed rookies for the whole show.
  9. I think Elton's looking for money for his rocket, not for the food.
  10. Do they actually remove the titanium parts or let them go thru the fire and give them back to the family with the rest of the cremains? Curious, because I have titanium in my jaw and foot and that would be a weird thing to get back. Mr. Max has never really given me a preference, so if it's up to me, he'll be cremated. I'm sure his family will be upset not to have that grave to visit, but oh well. I'm not wasting the space or as I said above, making my boys feel obligated to visit a grave.
  11. Technically, that's probably what we SHOULD eat, but yeah, good luck with that. When I had my boys at home, I had to cook double what was considered normal for a 4 person family and even then, I might not have enough.
  12. Funny, I was thinking today that I haven't heard any Supertramp for a while. Like I said, I could take them or leave them, but I might need to look up a couple songs. I've been running my iPod on shuffle and I get some of the weirdest mixes of songs. Guess that's what happens when all your favorite tunes are the ones you grew up with, in so many different eras.
  13. I don't remember him from the comics, but I read it a while ago. They have shown that they can elevate the comic material (Daryl, Carol's arc), but they seem to just go for the lowest common denominator. And that sucks. This season should have been more about the Commonwealth, not just the last half of the season (which will still be interspersed with Leah and her drama).
  14. Wasn't a bad episode, but a lot of wasted time back at home. Of course nothing's going to happen to Judith and Gracie. I would have rather seen what Aaron or Carol were up to. Glad Pope is gone. He was an irritating character. I guess his sole purpose was to set up Leah as the ultimate baddie. I did like Rosita's line after she came back in all River Tam like (thanks @Starchild): Let's stay away from the windows.
  15. Thanks for the wine advice! This is why I don't want to be buried. Why make your children obligated to come visit a plot of land? Remember your loved ones wherever you are. A weird aside, but I always remember my dad when I'm drying my feet because he used to drill us about drying between our toes very well since he got trench foot while he was in the Korean War. My in-laws (well, the whole one side of the family, actually) are all buried at a cemetery about 45 minutes away. I can count on one hand the number of times Mr. Max has gone to visit their graves, wi
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