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  1. I can believe that, but taking an hour or so to set up passive food traps would seem a good use of time. Even if they didn't work, it didn't cost much in terms of time or calories. And if it did work, bonus!
  2. Theresa's pit house was awesome! And she did that in just a couple days! I just hope she can get some hunting and fishing done. Colton, I think, was the one who said he lived alone for a long period, in addition to being the only person living on an Alaskan island. He has potential. The others seemed good. But there's still too many for me to remember their names. I'll get there... I wonder why they don't set up snares, traps, fishing lines almost as soon as they get there. All the time they're building their shelters, they can be passively trying for food. Maybe they do
  3. I loved Carleigh. Was so upset during her redemption.
  4. Oh, believe me, I know. Rugrat #1 was the product of failed birth control. But so many "failures?" I don't think so...
  5. Remember Dave from season 3? He had lots of food stockpiled and was afraid to eat it. He looked like a skeleton when they pulled him out. They have the option of including food rations in their 10 items. I believe only 2 of the contestants this time included food rations in their 10 items.
  6. That was my assumption. How is EJ going to help with that? Or will he let the others do it like he seems to be doing already?
  7. Ooh, Bulent is a great choice! He is much better alone. After watching the last XL, I don't think he could do it. He needs the validation from other people on the challenge. But I wouldn't mind that end score. 😄
  8. That bridge was nuts! @LittleIggy is right, they are the best team I've seen on XL. Don't know that I'd go out on it, tho. Hope Riley holds on; she's the only female left. EJ wasn't doing much, was he? Hey, you guys do this and do that and I'm not cleaning no stinking fish. WTF, EJ? I would NOT have slept out in the open with a bear that damn close. Nice exaggeration, Jeff. That bear didn't charge them. They ran back into the shelter as soon as they saw it. Did he really think the footage wouldn't be used? I figured they'd come across EJ/Max/Gary and Jeff would drop St
  9. She could always look into birth control, since none of these docs seem to know what it is, what with all these surprise pregnancies. 😄
  10. I didn't catch it until the two came in "What did we miss?" and he was brushing dirt off his shoulder. 😄
  11. Love that ad, once I actually watched it. It took about half a dozen airings before I realized they were animals. 😄
  12. Even the grizzlies? Last year, Amos wasn't allowed to kill something (can't remember what it was. Wolves?) unless they actually attacked. I would think grizzlies would be somewhat protected.
  13. Every time that someone says they're only in it for the money, they tap relatively quick. There was the one guy who was in it for the money and didn't last a day because he thought he saw a bear. Season 2, I think? Another one who said it was all about the money because he knew he could survive on his own, he tapped in about a week. You do have some that leave because they've done everything they wanted to do. There was the woman in season 4 or 5 that built an awesome shelter, built a sauna, she was kicking ass and she just said she was done, she did everything she wanted. And I thin
  14. The writers probably forgot about that already. They needed new drama, so Linc now has miraculous baby-making sperm.
  15. Me too! If Lucifer didn't want her to fight, then give her something to make her immortal. No, instead, here's a demon blade that isn't going to do much but irritate the angels once you take the time to smelt it into bullets. Lesley-Ann Brandt killed it this episode and most of the season. Her tearing up at the tee shirt, then her anger when she thought Chloe had been killed. The humor was still there, even in the midst of the drama. I laughed my ass off at the MC Hammer bit. I like the idea of making the angels work on earth, gain some insight into humanity. Especially t
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