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  1. kdl88

    S07.E16: Big Buddha Brawl

    I have higher standards for men. My boyfriend absolutely would not have looked. Nor would most of the men I know. It was accidental on Erika's part and no one had the right to look.
  2. kdl88

    S07.E16: Big Buddha Brawl

    Whatever you think of any of these women, Dorit's defense of PK (while they were on the boat) was vile.
  3. kdl88

    S07.E25: Behind The Scenes

    Jenelle is sure holding onto some petty childhood stuff about Barb. That is probably why she wants Jace - either so she can get her mom back for only playing Yahtzee with her for a few minutes or to prove her mom loves her. It's more likely the former. It has never been about Jace.
  4. kdl88

    S07.E25: Behind The Scenes

    I am so embarrassed for these producers. I can't believe how much shit they take from Jenelle. They lap it up.
  5. kdl88

    S07.E23: Ready Or Not

    Jenelle is a garbage person. I would much rather watch Barb. So, good luck to Jenelle and her master plan to get Barb off the show/remove the extra source of income Barb uses to raise Jenelle's son. Garbage person.
  6. kdl88

    S05.E18: Regrets Only

    What was going on with Katie's hair at the beach?
  7. kdl88

    S07.E21: I Don't Wanna Talk About It

    Is that a new BMW Kailyn is driving? And a new Louis Vuitton backpack? I normally don't judge how these women spend their money, but she seems a bit out of control. Like, I can technically afford to jet off to Hawaii tomorrow, but I am saving that money. Jenelle might be less self-aware than Leah, and that is really saying something.
  8. kdl88

    S05.E14: Into the Closet

    I just came to ask the same question about Katie - does she have any redeeming qualities? I'm with Ariana. Why is Katie's truth the only truth that matters? Why is she the only person who can call people out? And if she doesn't want people to call her on her mean, nasty, drunk texts, she can STOP SENDING MEAN, NASTY, DRUNK texts. She needs to grow the fuck up.
  9. kdl88

    S05.E13: Ambush

    I don't have much in the way of assets, but I would get a prenup to protect my 401k and other retirement assets, even though those accounts are embarrassingly small right now. Also, I'm a lawyer. If I were meeting with clients, I would be wearing a suit (I dress business casual when I'm in the office and not seeing clients), but the guy seemed knowledgeable (and is maybe a solo practitioner who doesn't have a boss to enforce a dress code), so his appearance didn't bother me.
  10. kdl88

    S05.E13: Ambush

    I'm with Sandoval. James is a pathetic loser, but what does that make Jax and Kristen for caring enough about James to set it up?
  11. kdl88

    S05.E13: Ambush

    I don't really blame Jax for getting upset when they were grilling him. That is none of Brittany's mom's business, and the fact that their family is really religious does nothing to make it her business.
  12. kdl88

    S07.E18: Heartache

    Omg, I had no idea what "a loop" meant! Thank you, Shelley1005! The Teen Mom cast is full of geniuses. Leah looks awful, 20 years older than she is. She needs to eat a sandwich.
  13. kdl88

    S07.E17: Privacy Please

    That scene of David and Jenelle in the car talking about the baby was super creepy.
  14. kdl88

    S05.E12: Jax's Roast

    My reaction to every episode is to think "how are Katie's clothes so ugly?"
  15. kdl88

    S07.E16: Homecoming