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  1. It's a Baptist church so no one else probably wants the front row. They don't call them "Backrow Baptists" for nothing. (I grew up in a Baptist church ((thankfully not as fundie as this one but still bad)) and it's true about the back rows.)
  2. Fundies need to learn the difference between being "persecuted" vs "prosecuted."
  3. Based on how his family does things, food, medical care and etc. are not needed for human children, so why would a pet be any different?
  4. Is there something wrong with Josh's feet so that the only shoes he can get on those cloven hooves are Crocs?
  5. I'm beginning to believe they don't use any color that can be found in a rainbow since in their world, rainbows = gay.
  6. C'mon...I think we all know how David is heating the Love Nest. 🤣🤢🤮
  7. Joe and Kendra: My God, Joe...Get off of her!
  8. It was so nice of Josh and Anna to put some effort into their appearance for her parents' anniversary.
  9. The difference is that you ate food from the food court. Jill brought in outside food so she was just using the space. And do those kids get anything besides Little Caesar's?
  10. Look at how thick her eyeliner is. There's no way she's getting that off with soap/water/makeup remover. She's just adding more layers.
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