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  1. Based on her blog post, the "friend" who used to "cut" it moved away. Having to find someone else to cut it may have been the best thing to happen to her in a while.
  2. This haircut makes her look younger, more energetic and less weighed-down. I like the way it's styled in the picture with the red shirt. I bet she feels about 10 pounds lighter with it gone.
  3. Ugh, Izzy's teeth...Thanks Dad! Hopefully, they'll save enough by eating Poor Man's Pizza to afford his orthodontia.
  4. I'm impressed that Carlin had the sense to ask about using that picture. Based on Joy's comment, she seems to be the most mature of all the Duggar married women.
  5. Maybe she's referring to the wash cycle timer? The kids are asleep, Derick's with Becky in the third row...all she has right now is an off-balance washer?
  6. I'm assuming the B+ is on the Duggar grading scale?
  7. Taxes are based on the assessed value. In NC, statute requires jurisdictions to revalue once every 8 years at a minimum. Most do them in 4 year intervals. At the beginning of the reval period, houses are assessed higher than actual value but by the end of the period, it is below. It evens out the valuation over the period of time between revals. Topic, this house should have had at least two kitchens taken out and converted to bedrooms or additional family areas. You can see the Duggar handiwork throughout. And...is that supposed to be a water feature in the picture of the staircase (there's a pit in the floor next to the bottom of the stairs)?
  8. That's not the sun...it's God's favor shining upon the most holy. 🤣
  9. Just cutting back on the amount of eyeliner and lipstick she uses should double the amount of money they'd have available to spend on other things...like food. There'd probably be enough food that someone other than David could eat.
  10. The neutral farmhouse-y decor is today's version of the "shabby chic" of the '90's. And, if you are going to have plants, get real ones!
  11. And manages to spell at least one incorrectly. MountAIns, not mountIAns.
  12. These two buffoons would refer to the sun setting as a "date."
  13. David's face in that picture doesn't make it appear that he really thinks Nurie deserved a special date. Less food for him.
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