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  1. I'm seeing people posting this everywhere online and a few places in comments I've mentioned this podcast!
  2. It was like the Heathers dream sequence minus the wit!
  3. So I just finished up 6 months worth of AWT:90210 podcasts over the past 4 weeks or so. Needless to say I am regularly telling friends and family about Brandon's need to bray, Donna's helmet hair, no one caring about Oooaanndreah's storylines. You all crack me up so much, and the comments section too. I'm sure you get requests for future again with this podcasts; have Charmed been suggested? I used to hate watch it and the Shannen Doherty connection seems like a good fit :)
  4. As soon as I saw the first preview and that it was on NBC, I named it the first series of the season to be cancelled. I'm sure it's not THAT bad a show, but it has cancel written all over it. Prove me wrong, NBC!
  5. I'm catching up. This one was particularly funny to listen to. Gems: Brandon equine-splaining, Andrea "thrilled to be out with the boys on Mother's Day," it being the era of XXL T-shirts and bike shorts, and the whole secret baby things. I laughed so much. God what an awful show that I now can't wait to hear you all make fun of! I must have just missed the window of knowing rabbit died thing. That's ... weird.
  6. This was the first episode of the show I ever saw back in the day. The advertisements trumped up that one of the gang would be at risk with like a gunshot noise or something. My BFF INSISTED I watch because everyone was going to watch and it would be super important (we were 11 I think). I remember thinking the show was stupid. Who ever new 20 years later I'd be posting commentary about it.
  7. THIS: Betsy is a total fail - she's like the Party City version of Betsy Ross. Yes. It took me a minute to figure out the actress. She is just so terribly miscast. Maybe if she played a character in the modern aspect of the show, but she's like someone sent to a re-enactment camp for community service--she's wearing the right clothes but doesn't give a crap about authenticity. Shannen Sossman is great though. She could have played Betsy and done well with it.
  8. No teenager ever wears a blazer to a rock concert. Ever.
  9. The fake Anthony Keidis is giving me harsh 90s flashbacks.
  10. I saw this come up in the TV menu last night and knew you guys had to recap! Thank you for saving me from having to watch myself. I think the casting is decent except for Tori and Jason. I would totally watch a Charmed unathorized bio. But only covering the seasons with Cole!
  11. Anyone else think the new family on the block would have made a better show? They all seem to be better actors. Brandon is such a wad in this episode. He's just so insufferable. And so true on the clothes. Western wear, Aztec prints, black bodysuits! Silk shirts too? I had a size L silk shirt on my skinny pre-teen body that I would tuck in front only. Cross Colours were big at my school and K Swiss shoes! LOL
  12. ^ I also found this podcast from Pop Culture Happy Hour. I am cringing and laughing with every episode.
  13. With Donna, I think the writers realized that cardboard blond Brenda and Kelly's friend had potential to be, wha? a fully fleshed-out character! And yet, they still have no idea what to do with her. I actually feel for Tori Spelling here. I know she was a spoiled celebrity child, but her role in the show is so unfortunate for two solid years.
  14. I love the utter disgust at the beginning. I listened to this one twice b/c it came up again in my itunes when I went back to listen to something else. I was still laughing about lame Brandon Braying his Brayness at this parent who, abusive or not, was totally in the right to tell him he's no social worker and to get the hell out. But one fair point--at least he asked if the kid could come stay with the Walsh family. Chunk didn't ask if Sloth could come live with him, he just declared it! Silly Goonies.
  15. I don't get the Donna boobs comment; is it like a before and after boob job comment? I don't really like busting on her body like that. Her acting and the fashion choices leave enough to comment on. The Richard Simmons shorts on Steve are inexcusable. What teenager was wearing those in the early 90s? In public? "Beeparooni." LOL ^ also "busting" on her body
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