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  1. Why was JLo saying that Jefferson and Adrianita were the first salsa couple to get that far? Do Karen y Ricardo not count? Maybe I misheard...
  2. I was wondering if anyone else picked up on that. I wish the episode had not followed that book quite so closely, since it just felt like lazy writing. The bit about Mr. Honey being such a great principal bugged me too, but this forum was able to clarify why it was bothering me so much. The “goodness” really did just come out of nowhere. No build up at all. Some of Mr. Honey’s actions were reasonable, but there was always a whiff of vindictiveness about them that a good principal shouldn’t have. I’m starting to suspect Jellybean as the voyeur. She has free time, and no one ever pays
  3. Agreed. I was riveted season one, pushed through season two on principle, and this season I watch the first performance of a group just to see if any of the performers grab me. So far it’s a big “ so what?” The eliminations seem completely random. How are all these legendary singers getting eliminated in the first two rounds of group competition? At this point I just read forums for predictions and People.com for the unmasking.
  4. Coming to this late, it’s interesting to see what Yvie’s condition actually entails, since Jameela Jamil says she suffers from the same condition. Joel McHale’s enthusiasm is kind of endearing. Watching Michelle get annoyed by it is a bonus.
  5. One of my favourite moments from last season was guest judge Keenan looking at the other 3 judges in disbelief saying “who in their right mind does not know that is Gladys Knight?” I keep hoping for a repeat of that with Flower, sadly the guest judge wasn’t on her half of the episode.
  6. Had that exact same thought. So the reason Mary left her husband and son behind and started a new life in Chicago was that she couldn’t get a job in Riverdale??? Seriously? It’s such a flimsy reason. It bothers me that Archie won’t take a loan from Veronica but has no problem dragging her into a money laundering scheme.
  7. Although didn’t Gladys Knight claim that “Patti can’t cook” last season during her identity reveal?
  8. Phoebe seemed so tiny compared to Cat during her interview. I wonder how tall she is.
  9. It’s funny to me that of all the nonsense that has gone on in Riverdale, this was the thing that crossed the line for me. Serial killer dads, drug pushing nuns, grizzly bear fights, G&G...sure, whatever, it’s a TV show. But serial killer genes? Now we’ve jumped the shark!
  10. While Briar’s style of dance is not one that speaks to me, I did love how she supported the other dancers this season. When she said she was inspired by her competitors it felt genuine. She also seemed to be having the time of her life in the group number. All of the finalists seemed super supportive of each other in the backstage shots. It’s a nice change from reality tv trash talking. I’m guessing some of that is just dance culture?
  11. Mary Andrews, what do you think you’re doing being all logical, thinking about your child’s future, and trying to set reasonable limits for him? It’s as if she is on a completely different show from the other adults. I love her character and scenes with Archie, but she just doesn’t fit. Meanwhile, Sheriff FP is having Jughead cut class to come investigate at the junkyard. Is it even possible to fake-sell a business? Wouldn’t Veronica have some kind of proof of payment to go with her fake deed, allowing her to charge Hiram with fraud or something similar?
  12. I’m with hnygrl, having every single higher scoring qualifier lose in the duels really feels like manipulation. I really started feeling bad for Derek during those interview clips. It’s like I could see his dream slipping away in real time. Thankfully the D’Angelo brothers cheered me right back up. I realize it’s mostly due to English being their second language, but calling a broken nose and finger “very sad” in such a casual tone seemed like such an understatement. Also the need to clarify that they had red wine with dinner because of the meat entree. It’s so charming to me.
  13. Half the enjoyment I get from this show is from coming here and reading the technical critiques from Electric Boogaloo and others. I rewatched Exile’s performance and despite my best effort couldn’t catch anything, although the constant cuts to judge reactions kept throwing me off. Were there any moves in particular that a noob like me could watch for to see the lack of “clean”? I took advantage of the close up on Kayla’s shoes to try and figure out if she had “good feet”, but nothing stood out. How are her feet, for those in the know?
  14. It’s funny to me that T Pain’s horrible mistake was using auto tune, since it’s pretty much expected that most artists use it now. Now it’s a big deal when someone actually sings live with no backing track, etc.
  15. Marinspired from season 2 had a stiffness to their lifts that made them look clumsy. Jonathan y Jorge did not have that issue at all. I did agree with the judges that they do need more between the tricks. Charlize andJulian May be the first group to react to moving through before the final average was posted. It’s always bothered me in the past that people still look unsure after tnree 80+ scores are up. I realize that could just be editing, but still. I noticed JLo’s changing outfit, but didn’t realize it was juniors vs. seniors. In the past the clothes have stayed the same for all
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