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  1. Crossbow

    Hemlock Grove

    Yeah, they could at least TRY. Say it's Olivia's cancer that made her lose it or something.
  2. Crossbow

    Hemlock Grove

    Here she is towering over the other characters...
  3. Crossbow

    Hemlock Grove

    She's also gotten a foot shorter. She used to fill a doorway. (Edit: At a distance she's played by Amazon Eve, who is 6'8", but up close they have her being about eye-level with whoever she's talking to if it's a man.) Here's the first time we see her whole face. Currently, she has a right ear, hair on the left, the eye is up higher, the growth over the nose is gone, and the marks on the neck are gone.
  4. Crossbow

    Hemlock Grove

    Why doesn't Shelley glow anymore?
  5. Crossbow

    Hemlock Grove

    I've only watched 3x1. Man, Shelley' makeup is TERRIBLE this season. Why???
  6. Crossbow

    Book Discussion: Songs of Experience

    I am far more horrified by your average nightly news broadcast than by anything in "Hannibal." I made my mom watch "American Horror Story" and she said, "How can you SLEEP?" Me: "After this? Fine. This is just pretend. If you want to keep me awake all night, talk about gerrymandering or HMOs."
  7. Crossbow

    S03.E04: Chapter 30

    I thought Doug was marked for death in the first episode - I can't believe he's even made it this far.
  8. Crossbow

    Hannibal in the Media

    Available for pre-order on Blue Ray and DVD: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015WLJUYS
  9. Crossbow

    Season 6: Speculation

    I don't know if this counts as a spoiler or not because although it was attributed to GRRM I'm starting to suspect people just make stuff up and attribute it to him, but apparently Tyrells: I feel like Loras and Margery are both marked for death. If I were writing it: The winning triumvirate would be Dany as queen, because she makes a good figurehead, with the dragon thing and all; Tyrion as Hand, because he's awesome; Jon putting together all the silly private armies and building a national force to defend against the Others. Of course, if I were writing it, I woulda killed Sansa two books ago. She bores me. ETA: "Dead Lannisters" will be the name of my Paul & Storm cover band.
  10. Crossbow

    The Cast In Other Realms-Oops, *Roles*

    Natural color usually works best. I think they shoulda lightened her eyebrows for Dany.
  11. Crossbow

    S03.E04: Chapter 30

    Well, I could go on about sociopathic traits he does and doesn't have, but he's a fictional character he'll never add up completely. Risk-taking is the hallmark of a sociopath, because the true sociopath has a malformed amygdala and can't feel fear. Frank does feel fear, so what I think he's got is learned sociopathic traits. His amygdala seems to work just fine. They're also not able to feel guilt, which he does (look at Freddy) but he denies and suppresses it.
  12. Crossbow

    Season 6: Speculation

    About Tyrion and Sansa: Yes, he saw her as nothing but a pretty highborn girl but he only ever tried to protect her in his own way. He had the whole kingdom crashing around him and she was far from his biggest problem. He was just like, "Oh, leave the poor girl alone. Okay, FINE, I'll marry her if I really have to." He was forced to marry her and give up the woman he loved, and I think he was a lot kinder to her than most people would be in that situation. I know if I were forced to marry someone I would resent them no matter how innocent they were. I've been expecting that she will end up being the wardeness of the North. Hopefully she will acquire some leadership ability from somewhere. I think GRRM is done killing Starks for now. He killed three and turned one into a tree. I think he's going to prune the Lannister tree some more next.
  13. Crossbow

    Jon Snow: He Knows Nothing

    I expect him to get through the whole series. He's been one of the major plot lines. He's also the reader's view of the Others, the free folk, and the Wall, and it would be silly to kill him off at this point. And
  14. Great, now I have to re-read the first book to see when Ned refers to Jon as his son and when he refers to him as his blood. Sounds like he's referred to as the Storm Lord in book three, too.