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  1. Sofie Fatale

    S09.E15: The Calm Before

    Yes, zombie apocalypse Nicole Kidman was the source of said hair and dress.
  2. Sofie Fatale

    S09.E15: The Calm Before

    So this ain't the only show where "winter's coming". *crawls back into sewer*
  3. Sofie Fatale

    The Passage

    So good. The finale was 👌. A departure from the books, but good. The only thing I don't love is Babcock. In the book he absolutely terrified me, and Shauna does not....
  4. Sofie Fatale

    The Passage

    Lacey could surprise us😉
  5. Sofie Fatale

    The Passage

    So I think they're setting up Elizabeth
  6. Sofie Fatale

    The Passage

  7. Sofie Fatale

    S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    Cersei + Jaime = incest!! Jon + Dany = WINCEST!! ?
  8. Sofie Fatale

    S05.E16: Conquer

    So I guess red poncho is Little Red riding hood? We get it show.
  9. Sofie Fatale

    S01.E16: Rogue Time

    I must of had a brain freeze but can someone please tell me how Wells knew about the reporter. Was there a convo?
  10. Sofie Fatale

    S05.E15: Try

    That's one reason I figured he wasn't around. He is probably thinking, "out of sight, out of mind".
  11. Sofie Fatale

    S05.E15: Try

    Where's jessie's older son? As a teen just hitting manhood I could see him being torn between wanting to take on his father AND being terrified of him. Although maybe he is too "weak" as Carl implied earlier... It's interesting that we've only seen the younger son be proactive With trying to get a gun.
  12. Sofie Fatale

    S05.E15: Try

    I'm right there with ya, and I totally think that Michonne clocked his ass to buy time. I thought the flashback to her katana wielding days was interesting and I still think she will side with Rick when the shizz hits the fan.
  13. Sofie Fatale

    S05.E15: Try

    I agree, and this is exactly my problem with the Rick/Jessie/porchdick drama. Why should we care??
  14. Sofie Fatale

    Speculation Without Spoilers

    But will there be cookies!?
  15. Sofie Fatale

    S05.E14: Spend

    Very interesting take kikismom