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  1. 2 hours ago, DoctorAtomic said:


    I love everything about Glazer. She's been a top comedian since she broke out. She is right in that it's ok to apologize. I don't have a problem doing it either, but she's also right that you don't have to always do it just to do it. (Seriously the joke about Griffin was brilliant.) 

    I don't know anything about her but I liked her here. I know comedians have to constantly go over the line when they develop material; that she is comfortable apologizing to someone who is triggered in the process is refreshing. It lets her be fearless and a decent human being. 

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  2. On 6/19/2021 at 4:37 PM, YaddaYadda said:

    I find that the show did Willow a huge disservice. And this has nothing to do with Chase or how much I hate the Willow/Michael pairing and how I think both characters are absolute trash because they really are.

    Willow was brought into a cult by her own mother. Her father was either killed by Shiloh because he was trying to get his daughter out or committed suicide (He was murdered IIRC, but I really don't), Shiloh sexually abused her and raped her. She became pregnant. She managed to get away from Shiloh, she was alone and pregnant, she gave up her child for adoption. Then she met Michael and Chase. Chase beat Michael to the punch and asked Willow out before stinky dish rag could grow a pair and do it. 

    The girl had zero breaks between the cult and her relationship with Chase.

    Then we have the whole Wylie debacle, where she goes from Chase to Michael without skipping a beat. She doesn't get to mourn the child she lost. She doesn't get away from Wylie even though that's what she wanted to do. She marries Michael because she was essentially pressured into it. All for Wylie. Must protect Wylie at all cost. 

    Willow is one of those people who will say what they think someone wants to hear from them. In a lot of ways, it feels like she never left the cult. She's just part of a different one now. 

    Anyway . . .

    Since I missed all the cult stuff,  this actually gives me a different perspective on Willow. If she ends up staying long term I look forward to the writers exploring this aspect of her life. 

    In a way, she reminds me of a young Laura. 

  3. 8 hours ago, BrownBear2012 said:

    I didn’t see Bill’s rant on this and his claim that and misgivings about casting by Miranda are why “people hate Democrats” but that’s the dumbest thing he’s said so far this season. 

    This is where it helps to actually watch before commenting.

    I was half asleep but iirc, it was more the existence of Miranda's apology that inspired Bill's rant. His issues with woke Twitter aren't new.  He might even have a point that when LMM, the creator of Hamilton, gets raked over the coals by them, then it reinforces how many people feel like nothing they do is ever going to be good enough. 

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  4. 50 minutes ago, dubbel zout said:

    Frank has been really petty that way, which cracks me up. Hello, we're watching a soap opera. We know the tropes. And it's not as if GH is especially subtle when it comes to plot.

    It's really hard to find ways to do modern takes on the tropes, what with easy DNA tests, cell phones and Google. I sympathize a little but they're writers, that's what they're paid to do. 

    Splitting up Sonny and Carly (even for a little while) is a pretty big task, so I get dragging out the amnesiac presumed dead plot. But even if we overlook all the holes, this is usually where they introduce a fresh face for the new love interest. Having Nina there turns it into just another riff on a woman who should know better falling for the dimples. 

    If this ends up with a permanent shift, with Carly and Jason battling Sonny for the bizness and Sonny on the losing end, then I'll be impressed. But this is GH... I'd believe Sonny losing only if I see MB's retirement announced on deadline.com at the same time.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, ouinason said:

    I brought it up because this is not the first time that I have heard complaints about "legacy" characters deserving more or better or whatever.  I just don't see it as a thing that should set a character above the rest.

    The logic is that peripheral characters come and go but legacy characters and families are the backbone of the show, so they deserve decent writing and consistent characterization.  Because that's also what the viewers deserve. 

    That said, the writing is better than it was when I left the last time. The last few months have even surprised me on occasion. Which has been nice. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, BrownBear2012 said:

    Wow...Bill is really getting lazy. He did that bit on the water shortage and almond growers a couple of years ago...sounds like it was almost word for word! Talk about phoning it in!

    Considering the current drought and other climate issues, I'm okay with it.  I found the reference to coal mining persuasive. Not every industry will survive. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, dubbel zout said:

    Carly and Jason have been talking about Novak a lot recently, so my guess is that's who Mathison is playing. Another pointless "competitor" who will ultimately lose to the mighty Corinthos organization. Zzzzz.

    I'd rather Sam be with him that with Dante, but it looks like that pairing is happening. Sigh. KeMo hasn't been engaged in years, and DZ can get lazy when his scene partner doesn't give him anything.

    That's more logical - I guess the scene could be a red herring. I liked Drew so I hope it isn't. On the plus side, rival mob guys rarely have a long shelf life on this show. 

  8. 24 minutes ago, ciarra said:

    I would think Michael would be a bit upset, as well.  Nina wants to stick it to Carly, but she doesn't see the collateral damage.  Does she think Michael won't ban her from seeing Wiley?

    Nothing about Nina in Nixon Falls makes sense.  I just hope she gets Mike on audio saying that he doesn't care about his past life.   

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  9. 11 hours ago, WendyCR72 said:

    I didn't watch but even reading that Anna was acting chummy with her daughter's kidnapper/torturer, and I get all ragey. And then remind myself how glad I am that I didn't witness such atrocity.

    I think we're supposed to give Olbrecht a pass because she must have been Faison's dupe/victim, not his gleeful accomplice? (At least from some of the writing.) And Anna has done some shady crap too. But most of the time Anna barely tolerates her, from the way FH plays it. 

    I love KG the actress but Leisel - ugh. 

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  10. Bill is an ignorant ass. 40% in my area aren't vaccinated and a lot of them don't plan on it. They just started vaccinating homebound patients in my city this week and my medically fragile husband is still waiting. They haven't been vaxxing 12-15 year olds long enough for the process to be complete. But sure, let's hang that "Mission Accomplished" banner. 

    I think this one may push me over the edge into hate watcher territory. 

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  11. I don't understand Nina at all. She knows who Sonny is - not just his name but his character. He's an unrepentant thug who will destroy her like he does everything else once he's back in PC. His only redeeming quality that I belatedly see is his ability to suppress the worst of Carly. Not all but some...

    Anyway, Mike is a mirage and a fantasy. She could have either Jax or Valentin back but she wants Mike? I would be grossed out except it's so stupid my brain rejects it out of hand. 

    The Anna and Liesl thing was ridiculous but I  noticed the old phone and (I'm assuming) the IBM Selectric escaped destruction.  (I rewound the scenes several times and did not see the typewriter carcass on the floor. Those things were tanks.)

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  12. I've been watching again this year and had no idea there was a Terry. I think I remember a line early on (last winter)  that mentioned her and because of Randolph/Robinson confusion, thought they were referring to Portia (who was new to me). 

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  13. 50 minutes ago, 30 Helens said:

    Yes, it’s nice to see that the White Savior trope is alive and flourishing in Nixon Falls. /sarcasm off.  The fawning over Smike is ridiculous, but not surprising since people fawn over Sonny wherever he goes.

    I don't think it was on purpose,  just a side effect of Phyllis being the common thread that got Nina there. But it has been so cringey on screen. Are there any PoC on the writing staff?

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  14. 2 hours ago, ciarra said:

    Yes, give the child a name that will be mispronounced her entire life.  I like IR, but he's a bit of a nutter.  His wife is lucky she didn't have to give birth in the woods.  Go to a hospital.  Home birth.  Geesh.

    One of my kids was a home birth. It was so much better than any hospital experience. I would have had them all at home if my husband hadn't been so nervous about the whole thing.

    But yeah, poor kid. The name is pretty though, either way.

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  15. 53 minutes ago, greekmom said:

    Actually Geena Williams who he refused to kiss in school is the same girl he married.

    I thought it was amusing that when she was looking at pics of Mary at the dance, she said something to the effect of "OMG, she's going to marry one of those losers".  (Though the backhanded implication that DJ is a loser made it less amusing.)

    I'm all for more DJ and family next year but only if they don't get dragged down to the same level as the rest of the Conners. 

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  16. I half agreed with Bill's rant on college. I spent decades training 23 year olds 90% of their new job without any option to move into those jobs myself because my own degree was not in the right area. Not every job requires a bachelor's degree, either. But it is an easy way to screen applicants. 

    I have a soft spot for Chris Matthews. John Kasich was awful though. I hate it when politicians hammer away at their talking points no matter where the conversation goes.  For some reason I thought he was better than that but I guess not.

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  17. Maybe Austin is looking for a job and he'll end up at the pediatric head injury center. Or if he's a Q, he's heard the stories about Michael ending up as Sonny Corinthos' kid. I was more interested in his offering to join the search. If he really knows those Pautauk woods like he claims, they might find fake Chloe's body right away and realize she never had Louise with her. 

    I'm kinda glad Cyrus isn't dead. Prison is better.


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