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  1. I’m binge-watching it on Netflix right now after not having seen it in several years. Toxic is the only word to describe “Girlfriends.” Like many others in here I think the production value is high, the writing actually has some very strong and sophisticated moments yet it never allows the characters to truly evolve, making them unwatchable. It feels like these are friends out of convenience and co-dependency. While Toni is definitely the worst girlfriend human being ironically she’s the one that shows the most growth in the series, learning from her failure of her terrible marriage and ra
  2. I would never pay to watch Silky as an accepted form of entertainment and I’m not about to start through Paramount+. In other words, GURL BYE!
  3. Same. For all that showboating and tacky staging, his performance ended up looking cheap and lifeless to me. The singing was barely live. Being cute goes only so far if you’re not a strong live pop performer.
  4. Depicted as a depressed, fat, racist? Where is the lie, tho?
  5. That was almost as revolting as Loni Love’s comparison last week where she deemed Kandy Muse the Don Rickles of drag! WTF are they all smoking? And what an insult to Don Rickles and real comedy queens like Lady Bunny and Bianca Del Rio!
  6. Agree with everything. I just think Kandy is one of the worst! And a very talented, polished queen like Denali was criminally robbed. Season 11 takes the crown for worst season ever.
  7. Utica got on my last damn nerve, she’s so wildly inconsistent and unbelievably tone deaf that you never know if she’ll deliver something amazing or a hot mess. And it’s pretty astonishing and absurd when you realize Kandy is actually the more balanced one who actually listened to the judges compared to Utica. To get the double middle finger from RuPaul during the roast is pretty embarrassing, and pretty much says you’re done! Glad she got the boot. At least Farrah Moan no longer has to own the crown for the most cringeworthy roast.
  8. I think the only thing those 4 equally share in common is that their drag is scrappy and rough around the edges. But I’d argue there’s a huge drop in quality from an Adore and Heidi (the former showing growth, charisma, and genuine talent) to a Vangie and Kandy (the latter of whom are pretty loud and one-note memes, which IMO doesn’t make for interesting drag on a national level). And then of the two, Kandy is just unlikable, pretty much on the level of a Silky Ganache.
  9. What a garbage episode! Sending home one of the more polished queens of the season while mush-mouth stays? I’ve had it, OFFICIALLY!
  10. This left me conflicted. On one hand her trans-identity was mercilessly used to demonize her her crimes well beyond her money laundering schemes (the fact that Dick Carlson equated her with serial killer Jeffrey Dahlmer shows what a piece of shit he is). On the other hand, Geri was a criminal with delusions of grandeur (which explains the Ayn Rand/Trump narcissistic tendencies I saw) and she left behind 10 kids, 5 of which she ran out on. And she constantly put her family in such exhaustive danger. And Vivian was really no better, she appeared to be a lost soul with a doomed future. I get
  11. Paris Hilton is certainly an easy choice, but Gottmick did nail it with their vocal fry and by consistently not missing the beat on a joke, which Ru wants. I do think it counts for something because it’s also easy to screw up what should be an obvious impersonation (see Raven). I’d have love for Rosé or Symone to win because they took important historical figures and turned something challenging into comedy, but I think Gottmick was ultimately deserving of it. Favorite moments: seeing Raven and PorkChop, and Denali skating. Utica turning a poorly chosen Bob Ross into a suspect you’d find
  12. I felt the same. Tina looked like she was taking a big nap.
  13. I thought that Ross skit was embarrassingly bad, so much so that I was channel surfing until it was over, I didn’t care who won. This season has been really off and it all started with The Pork Chop, which has really messed with everyone’s heads. The wrong people are getting attention (Kandi) while others are sidelined (Denali, Rosé). While Tamisha wasn’t expected to win in her condition she brought a level of fierceness and heart that is missing. I’m not feeling this season.
  14. Tina’s historic camp knowledge was in the Mommie Dearest references she made during the acting challenge. And I suppose that gaudy “train conductress” runway and hairdo she walked out in.
  15. That episode bothered me a lot. It was so poorly written and very unrealistic for a sex-positive person like Samantha to have never had an HIV test, especially considering it was the early 2000s by that point. Charlotte, perhaps I could see, but not Sam. I could only imagine the battles Kim Cattral may have fought on the set for the integrity of her character portrayal. Even Blanche Devereaux discussed how she would get tested when she’s been with a man, and The Golden Girls was at least 10 years ahead of this show. And certainly far more progressive in its thinking by comparison.
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