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  1. If there were 99 Lady Gaga impersonators in the room, they all would have sucked at Snatch Game. Gaga, personality-wise, doesn’t translate well in an improv format, it’s more looks-oriented for her. Cracker was also giving me Madonna as Evita Peron, and would have been better off impersonating her as there’s more ripe material. Alexis or Jujubee were my top picks from Snatch Game. India’s was, as expected, terrible but at least hers won’t be considered the worst (Gia Gunn’s offensive Jenny Bui impersonation takes the prize). I really wished Mariah would have stayed on longer because I bet she would’ve brought it this time. Within a few seconds of that Open Your Heart lipsync, I knew Shea won. She captured the nuanced showgirl dance moves that Madonna embodied in that video, with that same energy of vulnerability and wanton desire she portrayed in the video but with Shea’s spin on it. It reminded me of Manila’s lipsync win of Whitney Houston’s How Will I Know, in All Stars 4. Both lipsyncs told a story and educated the youngins on gay icon herstory!
  2. What I got out of this: Morgan most certainly deserves her lipsync assassin title, she always makes it entertaining. Oh, and that was not a double-Shantay! Mayhem is fun both in and out of drag, but Drag Race isn’t her format. Ugh at any reference to TMZ!
  3. I like that concept, though it would take a grouping of smart queens like Jinx Monsoon, Detox, Katya, Ben DelaCreame, Alaska, Monet, Sasha Velour, etc. to make it creative & funny without coming off too esoteric. Or maybe a twisted Norman Bates motel filled with horror. I think Shea was on the right track with the Golden Gals and her idea had the most potential, but unfortunately they all pulled back because I think they were caught up in trying to make the hotel “marketable”. Meta moment of the night: Cracker talking about the potential of Shea getting “Manila’d”. Whoever that male guest judge was, ugh I found him tacky! About a Madison Beer-level of random!
  4. Agree about Blair, she was one of my favorites tonight. Now if she lays off the Botox trout pout look in her confessionals she will continue to blossom. Also agree about Juju, that was a lazy lipsync. I’m convinced she was asked to “throw it”. Monet is not a lipsync assassin per se, but always brings the laughs while doing one, which is why I think they asked her back. I’m pissed about Mariah’s exit, she’s a far more entertaining queen and performer, and of course has that Mug 4 Dayz. But I’m sure she’ll be back, much like the other eliminated queens. Was not expecting, but loved seeing Bianca Del Rio sending her love and respect to her good friend in Untucked. Alexis’s goal was to gaslight Cracker and it worked. She slipped up a little during the Golden Gals.
  5. So part of me feels like Alyssa threw that lipsync. It’s a campy Pointer Sisters song, how could she NOT ham it up and serve? I smell a rat (producer)! That said, her moments in Untucked were just beautiful, she’s indeed Drag Race’s all-time Sweetheart. Shea gagged me all night with her beautiful nude outfit; it was very Josephine Baker, and was of course she was on point with her lip sync. I will be thrilled to see her JuJubee fight for the crown, though I’ll be pleased if Alexis Mateo gives them a great fight. Was I the only one who got Blair’s runway? The hot pink leather outfit was a runoff of her hot pink skin, I’m really surprised Michelle couldn’t see that. I thought it was great twist on the theme.
  6. Oh there’s plenty of shenanigans that Ru and the producers are more than willing to play out for ratings, in the face of objective judgement. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the future lip sync assassins turns out to be Silky Nutmeg Ganache. 🤮
  7. Well if past All Stars has taught us anything, if you don’t have the range and volume that can sustain a live vocal, then best to rely on a pre-recorded track and lipsync it well. Ginger Minj was the only queen I can recall who technically knocked it out of the park, and she’s done musical theatre. At least Blair didn’t sound like Phi Phi O’Hara live, lol. If you’re going to use singing as your only talent and it’s not for comedic purposes, then you better show it off well.
  8. Except for Ongina....GURRRLLL! Those reads! And that dance was soooo sloppy. I adore her but the show changed drastically since the pilot season so I’m not sure if this is the right format for her. Loved JuJu’s performance even though she was singing to a pre-recorded vocal, they should have switched her with Cracker for top contender. Blair, on the other hand, chose to bravely sing live and I could think of was Coco Montrese saying: “Gurrrrl, find the note!”. Loved Alexis, I think she should have won ultimately based on the performance. I’d love to have seen her lipsync against Yvie. Derrick’s delusional camera time was welcome, including the fact that he consistently looked like Britney throughout the episode while he was saying otherwise. He’s entertaining villain fodder in the vein of Gia Gunn. I’m kind of excited for Mariah, I liked her performance even if it was a bit risky. And I’m sure Ricky Martin’s compliments flooded her basement. He was a nice guest! Shea is on the cusp of looking a bit pinched there, but facially she looks stunning!
  9. That needs to be on a tee shirt. If I’m ever reincarnated into a fabulous woman, I want that to be my life motto!
  10. Well it definitely was on brand (i.e.: bizarre) so it didn’t disappoint. I liked how she immediately channeled Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction” with a dash of “Melrose Place” crazy Kimberly from when she stole Joe’s baby, all while trying to be a woman who can have it all. I get a kick out of the fact that the show never bothers to give Cole Escola’s Chassie Tucker a fake breastplate to give the illusion that she has a womanly frame. And it’s nice to see Lesbo getting more screen time with Patty!
  11. LOL! I’ll be nice and say she seemed well intentioned at least. Her makeup on the runway wasn’t exaggerated at all, and her dress barely had a hint of camp in it. She was aiming for “Violet Chochki fishiness” because they’re both very pretty to start with, but she forgot that Violet also knew how to camp it up. Ultimately her drag had the least amount of personality to it, which is disappointing considering she had Monique Heart as her drag mother.
  12. Whitney Cummings coming into the workroom to see one of the contestants was the only celebrity I recognized.
  13. I think shaving his hairy arms would’ve helped. I’m surprised the judges didn’t take points off for that.
  14. And more importantly, Nora is growing. A far cry from the mooch in the first episode. Nora’s interactions with her emotionally fragile assistant was amusing.
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