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  1. expateliz

    TGIFF: Thank Goodness It's Friday Forcenings

    I remember how shocked I was when I learned Dallas had a totally different theme song in French, since the original music is so iconic. Of course, to my French hubby, the French version WAS the real version. Glad they stopped that practice after the 80s...
  2. Such a fun episode. Have to start writing down ideas for part 2 (sincerely hope this will be a regular thing).
  3. expateliz

    EHG Mini: Citation Needed

    I finally know where the Hot Potato drop is from! A huge weight has been lifted. Thank you to whoever asked for this list.
  4. expateliz

    EHG Mini: Election Of The Century

    Every time I see one of those bro-y pictures of Paul Ryan & his backwards baseball hat at the gym, I think it's a Ken Marino character. EVERY TIME. So I think there's a real opportunity there.
  5. expateliz

    S04.E02: Heavy Lies the Crown

    Help me, people. I can't decide whether to restart watching this show or not. I liked season 1 and loved season 2, but hated where they went with season 3 and quit half way through (I used to be a completist, but find myself breaking up with shows more and more). I did hear the season got better towards the end. Is it worth going back and rewatching and/or starting back up with season 4? I trust your judgement...
  6. expateliz

    EHG Mini: Theme Song Elimination Zone

    I hope there are a gazillion more round-robin tourneys like this. Excellent mini idea.
  7. As much as I enjoy and admire John Oliver's show, Samantha Bee's full-blown righteous fury is what's getting me through this election season.
  8. I think I can adjust to this (working through the stages of grief), but am VERY worried about Mary and Paul...
  9. expateliz

    EHG Mini: Never There

    My pick would definitely be Brody from Homeland. What if he'd actually been killed at the end of season 1 or mid season 2 and then was just a figment of Carrie's imagination from then on. Season 3 would have been so much bearable. I mean, it was already established that Carrie was nuts, so it's not even that much of a stretch. The baby could even be imaginary, too. Win-win!
  10. This show is so deeply weird (in a good way) that it's alleviating some of my anger at the Kings for later seasons of the Good Wife. Like most people here, I care more about the characters than the plot, but that's fine because the cast is so much fun to watch. (I keep imagining how much better Blacklist would be if they had cast Winstead instead of dumb Liz.)
  11. expateliz

    Is 'Trophy' The Perfect Episode Of Law & Order?

    "Trophy" as a touchstone for the faithful? Absolutely. But I would argue not the best place to start for new converts. The Bombshell works so well because we've been conditioned that L&O rarely dips into its main characters' personal lives and because we've been watching Claire and Jack's dynamic for so long (and if you're like me, flip flopping between "are they?" and "no way"), so it really packs a punch. I wouldn't want to spoil that for any newbies.
  12. Yeah, my first thought was Merida and Mulan. My second thought was that's a bit obvious. My third thought was this is not a show known for its subtlety (and I say that as a fan). But maybe they'll surprise us?
  13. expateliz

    EHG Mini: Positive Change

    For me, it would definitely be the end of "Medium". I know it wasn't a prestige show, but I always thought it had one of the best depictions of a marriage on television. And it would be SO easy to fix: it was all a premonition, Allison convinces Joe not to get on the plane. Done. Allison & Joe 4evah!
  14. expateliz

    Watch The Latest Trailer For Homeland Season 5

    Shit. Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in.
  15. expateliz

    EHG 71: Drag Race To The Finish

    I was feeling pretty old/uncool listening to that Canon submission, because the clips just made me want to stick daggers in my ears. So I was a little gratified that everyone else hated it just as much (sorry, Patrick - but really fun Game Time!)