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  1. LakeLover

    S44.E07: Claire Foy / Anderson.Paak

    I would not miss Leslie if she left. She constantly flubs her lines (this hasn't gotten better with experience), and she yells constantly.
  2. LakeLover

    S03.E09: The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

    Fellow Fightin' Blue Hen right here :) I drove to UD from Long Island, and it's a 3 hour trip. It's a breeze from New Jersey. Now, Alpine, NJ to Philly, I can see people being up at arms about Randall running for office - Bergen County is a suburb of Manhattan, not in the greater metropolitan area of Philly. That would be like someone living in Benton Harbor, Michigan running for councilman in Chicago, Illinois. As others have said, there are plenty of things you can do to help a community, including attending a council meeting to nudge the councilman to do something I had my babies from '85 - '92. Never knew the sex, as I had only one ultrasound and unless they could see a penis visible (impossible for me, I had three girls), you didn't know. WRT Kate betraying Tess, it would be easy to clue Rebecca in on Tess' need to have someone to listen and still retain her confidentiality. "Mom, I had a great time visiting for Thanksgiving and got to know Tess a bit better. She's changing and growing up, and I know she could always use someone to spend time with her and listen to her, especially with Beth looking for a job and Randall's campaign. Thanks for being a listening ear." Ta. Da. And ditto on cringing at "No matter what." A simple "We love you, and we're glad you can come talk to us whenever you want or need to" would suffice.
  3. LakeLover

    S03.E04: Vietnam

    I agree. I'm a boomer, remember and lived through the Vietnam war, and just didn't like this episode in relation to this particular show.
  4. LakeLover

    S03.E04: Vietnam

    I lived through the Vietnam era and did not like this episode at all. Of course, I hate any "war" shows, movies, etc. and I don't really find Jack all that compelling. I gave this show two chances and fell asleep both times. Interesting about the lottery. My number would have been 364.
  5. LakeLover

    S03.E02 A Philadelphia Story

    Oh, I love this story. When I was pregnant with our second, I recall relaxing in the afternoon and after talking about it, deciding if we had a girl (this was 30 years ago when we didn't know ahead of time), we'd name her "Alexis" (not her real name). That night, we got a call from my husband's stepfather telling us his son and daughter-in-law had just had a baby girl and they named her Alexis. We looked at each other and smiled. Three months later, we did have our second of three daughters and we named her Alexis. When we told his mom and stepfather, stepfather said, "But we ALREADY have an Alexis in the family!" Husband said, "Now we have two." We never met the "other" Alexis. Not even a single time. Moral of the story? Name your child what you want to name her or him. How many Italian families have three "Frankies"? Heh. Mine does.
  6. LakeLover

    S03.E02 A Philadelphia Story

    I so agree. Randall gets his bio dad and his adopted dad. Two dads for the price of one. Sure, I understand he didn't know William but for a short time, but he's passed on William's genes. Seriously, it cannot have just occurred to him that he has no biological connection to Jack.
  7. LakeLover

    S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    Thanks for the clarification. Still, 20 pounds a year when you're super-morbidly obese is great, but I can see why she'd feel defeated..
  8. LakeLover

    S03.E01 Nine Bucks

    As a woman with PCOS (I did have three successful pregnancies, was not obese when I was young, but lost my first [single] and third [twins] pregnancies) I have sympathy for Kate. I am obese now, past menopause, and it's a struggle to lose any weight. As the mother of two very large daughters with PCOS (not as large as Kate, but big enough) and a third daughter with PCOS who has a struggle as well, I absolutely, positively understand that Kate feels she's been given the short end of the stick. I see my daughters diet, exercise, forego extras that other women their age can happily, easily eat, and they struggle daily, weekly, monthly to lose weight. I see them take drugs meant to help that do not, I see them fight against diabetes, I see them deal with excess facial hair. This is no picnic. It's not ALS, true, but with the obesity and diabetes threat, it's a ticket to an early death. We see Kate who has worked hard and lost - what did she say, 40 pounds? Were they 35 when the series started? Forty pounds down in three years is great, but really nothing when you are that heavy. To those of you who don't know the struggle, understand that it is real and heartbreaking. All Kate (and my daughters) want to do is to look and be normal. Think it's hard to lose that extra 20 pounds? Try losing 100, 200, 300. Now that I got that off my chest, I am almost disinterested in Jack and (see, I can't even remember her name!) Rebecca's story. I could watch Randall and his family all night long.
  9. LakeLover

    S02.E08: Dear Mrs. Kennedy

    As an American citizen and not a citizen of the Commonwealth, Mrs. Kennedy would not be required curtsy, although the other breeches were noticeable. Having said that, there's no way the Kennedys called her by the wrong name. They would have been briefed accordingly. Unlikely place for me to find an article about the meeting: https://www.rd.com/culture/when-jackie-kennedy-met-the-queen/
  10. LakeLover

    Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Well, then I'm being unkind about his speech. Sorry about that!
  11. LakeLover

    Unpopular Opinions Thread

    If we never saw Jack again, I'd be cool with it. He looks like he needs a shower and shampoo. And I'm not a fan of his speech pattern - half the time, it sounds like he's slurring his words, and he can't be drunk all the time.
  12. LakeLover

    History Talk: The British Monarchy

    I have a question that I have not seen asked or answered, although it's possible that I've missed it. With regard to protocol, I've read several places that people are not to turn their back on the queen as it is considered rude; however, I don't see this being followed by most of the characters on the screen - I don't seen people "backing out" of the room, for example. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks in advance.
  13. LakeLover

    S02.E14: Super Bowl Sunday

    As the mother of three girls, and the wife of a man who played college football and who loves all things football, not once, ever, in our lives did he say he needed "some boys" in the house. His now-grown daughters adore him, he adores them, and I adore the fact that he never, ever expressed the "need" for a son.
  14. LakeLover

    S02.E10: Number Three

    Right - I went to school at the University of Delaware. NEWark (as she pronounced it) is NJ. New-ARK is DE :)
  15. LakeLover

    S02.E03: Déjà Vu

    I can't believe I missed that. I adored Randi (Randi!)