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  1. I remember way back when, after a sizzling season 4 finale where there was so much tension, potential, and excitement to see what would happen in the season 5 premiere, and then we got...Lucy. It was deflating, and for some fans, a big mistake.
  2. I agree, early Intervention should be in place. I only worked with one visually impaired child in my career as a speech-language pathologist, but it's important because language is delayed when babies/children can't see things (nouns!) which are some of the first words.
  3. Where we live, we've 1) been told never to let anyone know if you've had surgery or a dental procedure, because there is a risk of of someone breaking and entering into your home to steal your opioids, 2) to fill the prescription for Narcan that is given to you with opioids now and keep it, even though you think you won't need it, and 3) to use the drug deactivation system that they gave us when done taking the medicine. We live in a rural area, but it's bad here, too.
  4. I think it was after she had left the show, but I recall Julianna Margulies being quoted as commenting on the ridiculousness of the direction of the show when the patients are the doctors and nurses due to accident/crashes/fire/etc. She said something like, "The ER is supposed to be the place where we HELP people who are injured; we are not supposed to be the patients."
  5. I also loved "Aneese Nameena" because he sang, "próspero año y felicidad,"
  6. This episode did not disappoint us. We howled from the monologue to the end. Colin is adorable and I enjoyed his reaction to the "wine" splashing him and clothing. Pete has a place in my heart - maybe it's the mom in me - and I always wish him well. Eddie Freaking Murphy was phenomenal.
  7. We bought a gas range that has two ovens (since my kitchen, even though the house is only 11 years old, didn't have room for two wall ovens). I use both of them PLUS a counter-top turkey oven PLUS crock pots PLUS a toaster oven for Thanksgiving dinner.
  8. In addition, new research has shown that obesity is actually a disease that some people have and do not gain weight with it while other people have it and they gain lots of weight. You can consume 750 calories and your body will only use 500 of it, while I can consume the same amount and my body will take all 750 calories. It's fascinating new research. I have just started seeing a bariatric physician and he said that the old "calories in/calories expended" way of losing weight is not the panacea for weight loss. There's much too much to go into now, but when he saw my blood test results, he said, "No wonder you can't lose weight!" I'm on a low carbohydrate diet and I've lost 25 pounds. Since I've gone through several "plateaus," and I have lost fat and gained muscle, I'm not likely to gain it back. I have nothing but compassion for people who battle obesity.
  9. I would not miss Leslie if she left. She constantly flubs her lines (this hasn't gotten better with experience), and she yells constantly.
  10. Fellow Fightin' Blue Hen right here :) I drove to UD from Long Island, and it's a 3 hour trip. It's a breeze from New Jersey. Now, Alpine, NJ to Philly, I can see people being up at arms about Randall running for office - Bergen County is a suburb of Manhattan, not in the greater metropolitan area of Philly. That would be like someone living in Benton Harbor, Michigan running for councilman in Chicago, Illinois. As others have said, there are plenty of things you can do to help a community, including attending a council meeting to nudge the councilman to do something I had my babies from '85 - '92. Never knew the sex, as I had only one ultrasound and unless they could see a penis visible (impossible for me, I had three girls), you didn't know. WRT Kate betraying Tess, it would be easy to clue Rebecca in on Tess' need to have someone to listen and still retain her confidentiality. "Mom, I had a great time visiting for Thanksgiving and got to know Tess a bit better. She's changing and growing up, and I know she could always use someone to spend time with her and listen to her, especially with Beth looking for a job and Randall's campaign. Thanks for being a listening ear." Ta. Da. And ditto on cringing at "No matter what." A simple "We love you, and we're glad you can come talk to us whenever you want or need to" would suffice.
  11. I agree. I'm a boomer, remember and lived through the Vietnam war, and just didn't like this episode in relation to this particular show.
  12. I lived through the Vietnam era and did not like this episode at all. Of course, I hate any "war" shows, movies, etc. and I don't really find Jack all that compelling. I gave this show two chances and fell asleep both times. Interesting about the lottery. My number would have been 364.
  13. Oh, I love this story. When I was pregnant with our second, I recall relaxing in the afternoon and after talking about it, deciding if we had a girl (this was 30 years ago when we didn't know ahead of time), we'd name her "Alexis" (not her real name). That night, we got a call from my husband's stepfather telling us his son and daughter-in-law had just had a baby girl and they named her Alexis. We looked at each other and smiled. Three months later, we did have our second of three daughters and we named her Alexis. When we told his mom and stepfather, stepfather said, "But we ALREADY have an Alexis in the family!" Husband said, "Now we have two." We never met the "other" Alexis. Not even a single time. Moral of the story? Name your child what you want to name her or him. How many Italian families have three "Frankies"? Heh. Mine does.
  14. I so agree. Randall gets his bio dad and his adopted dad. Two dads for the price of one. Sure, I understand he didn't know William but for a short time, but he's passed on William's genes. Seriously, it cannot have just occurred to him that he has no biological connection to Jack.
  15. Thanks for the clarification. Still, 20 pounds a year when you're super-morbidly obese is great, but I can see why she'd feel defeated..
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