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  1. I could care less about Bruce but the actor playing him is quite possibly the strongest actor in this ensemble. He made people hate Bryce which wasn't hard to do but still the actor hit his part out of the ballpark.
  2. I watched that one too! I was pretty surprised at how steamy the scenes were with the Emperor and his mistress/secretary. That was quite racy for a Kdrama.
  3. I didn't even realize it was him until I saw the credits. I was happy that he had pretty significant part in the movie.
  4. Who saw Bohemian Rhapsody? Was I the only one surprised to learn that Allen Leech played the man Freddy Mercury leaves near the end of the movie just before he tracks down the man who ultimately became his partner?
  5. Thank you! I'm fairly new to TH. I binged OND pretty quick and moved on to BGITC which I just finished. I've started Aloha State. I'm not huge on reality shows butI love Terrace House.
  6. Has anyone else besides me just recently discover this adorable show?
  7. Exactly. These flashbacks to me do nothing to advance the story. Why make such a big deal about how they were all damaged from his death but not show that in the flashbacks?
  8. I can't watch this show anymore. I'm tired of them focusing on Jack still. I was hoping this season would focus on the immediate aftermath of his death and the months/years following. I feel like this Vietnam story could've been explored in the first two seasons given how they built Jack up.
  9. My unpopular opinion: I'm not a fan of exploring more of Jacks backstory. This show spent two seasons building up his death and how it affected everyone so why are the writers wasting their time with more Jack instead of showing the viewers the aftermath of his death. When and why did Kevin leave for LA? When did Kate join him? How did Rebecca fall for Miguel.
  10. It's a sad day. DramaFever closed. Thank god for Viki but I still need to find a platform to finish watching Emergency Couple.
  11. I have! Camilla was my favorite last season. This one I'm questioning Georgia and Sams decision to stay on the island but to be split up.
  12. Finally! I was hoping a forum would pop up. Ive been watching Love Island on Hulu here in the US. I'm over half way with the season that just aired this summer. I'm not really much of a reality show person but somehow I got sucked into this.
  13. TotalHellion

    U.K. TV

    Is this where I can talk about Love Island? Surely, I'm not the only one who's watched this.
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