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  1. xldb2004

    "The View": Week Of 2/5/18

    You know Sara was at home watching this live and texting Sunny. Giiiiiirl?!!!!!
  2. xldb2004

    "The View": Week Of 2/5/18

    I couldn't find it on YouTube either after I had watched it. They are really trying to protect MM.
  3. xldb2004

    "The View": Week Of 1/1/18

    I think MM's hair was on fire the moment she found out Ana would be co hosting instead of Neicy. She was blindsided because it was weather related. Neicy couldn't get in and Ana couldn't get out. Things went south from there.
  4. xldb2004

    The Human Beings Known as the Arnold-Klein Family

    I totally agree, you'd need wonder woman to intervene. My point still is i see no protection around the pool area.
  5. xldb2004

    "The View": Week Of 11/27/17

    TMZ picked up Sunny taking MM to the library and reading her. MM is good for ratings
  6. xldb2004

    "The View": Week Of 11/27/17

    I think the ladies were sending a message to MM. We could eat you alive if we wanted but we choose not to right now. Express your point of view but show some respect. This is the big league.
  7. xldb2004

    The Human Beings Known as the Arnold-Klein Family

    Not to sound morbid or anything but I thought there were many large reptiles in FL that were near bodies of water. Remember the Disneyworld incident and reptiles in pools and on golf courses? The Klein home is on a canal. I did not see any kind of protection arou d the house or pool. I'm from California so I don't know if it's a problem. Just wondering.
  8. xldb2004

    "The View": Week Of 11/27/17

    Wolf tickets are when you talk trash without being willing or able to back it up. For example: a drunk is talking to someone at a bar who's minding his business....talking about stand up fight me, you can't whip me...etc..the drunk is selling wolf tickets. Usually the seller gets more than he bargained for
  9. xldb2004

    "The View": Week Of 11/27/17

    I would love to see someone like Ana Navarro (she has the skill set) tell trust fund baby squared about herself. Joy, joy, joy!!!
  10. xldb2004

    The Human Beings Known as the Arnold-Klein Family

    You work hard you get prizes....good on her. BTW I think Jen has great taste.
  11. xldb2004

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    Maybe it's just me but there is just something off about this whole marriage thing. There are not pic of the bride and groom together, he came out of nowhere, I just don't get the we are in love vibe. Oh yeah on the sexiest man alive show MM said she and Sara had the same taste in men because their husbands could be brothers....really?
  12. xldb2004

    S11.E10: Let's Go In The Snow!

    Would you have the same feeling if Bill was the ambitious doctor?
  13. xldb2004

    "The View": Week Of 10/30/17

    On a shallow note what's up with MM and the hair stroking? We all have are ticks but professionals learn to control them.
  14. xldb2004

    "The View": Week Of 10/16/17

    MM behaves like the trust fund baby of a trust fund baby she is. *Whoopi's valley girl voice*.... "This is really hard for me so we can't talk about it......we can talk about the VA because I'm okay with that"
  15. xldb2004

    The Human Beings Known as the Arnold-Klein Family

    I don't think they will be playing outside in the summer. Houston heat and humidity is oppressive.