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  1. That's what it sounds like. Maybe going to fast and missed a turn or something. Can't find the article except on Dr. Pols facebook page.
  2. One of Dr. Brenda's cows was hit and killed by a car. Our hearts are with Dr. Brenda over the loss of her beloved Kirby. Kirby was a 6 ½ year old American Lineback-Holstein cross steer trained to be part of an oxen team. He leaves behind his teammate Reid, his herd mate Zeiter, and his “Mom” Dr. Brenda Grettenberger and her family. Kirby has been returned to Dr. Brenda's family farm in Eaton Rapids for burial. RIP Kirby Kirby's fatal injuries occurred as a result of a car accident when a vehicle struck him in his pasture. It is an important reminder to pay attention to all stop
  3. My DVR taped the new episode and the one after it. More buffalo moving. I guess it's less stressful to move them that way instead of just herding them? Again with their dog being in heat! And they still want to breed her. She should know better. And the guy that owned Homer hemming and hawing about having him neutered. I'm glad they finally did it. That poor dog with the porcupine. Said it was the 4th time and this time it actually got fur! Yeesh. Poor Pancho and the office cat getting it's nails trimmed.
  4. Annie Murphy's Phexxi ad. Welcome to her vagina. I'm not really sure what to say about this.
  5. The thing is Florence has a type. From what we've seen, she likes them tall, big and fit. Neville is none of those things. Plus she'd have to be taking care of him and his idiosyncrasies, If they were to have kids, that stuff might be passed on. I would prefer they not go down that road and tell Catherine to MYOB. I want to see the cases.
  6. Kayak commercial Does anyone else get an Ellen vibe from this woman? Almost sounds like her.
  7. That's enough Darren I don't get this ad. I guess it's some actors known for this bit? When you're not expecting it, the woman yelling scares you!
  8. Just watched Season 22's The Wolf Hunter of Little Worthy. It was ok I suppose. Odd backstory of some guy doing the wolf myth to try and get his wife back. They kinda dropped it near the end.
  9. Marmite rescue It's from 2013 but the little carriers are so cute! I've never eaten it but some stores do have it here.
  10. Cameras can pretty much see the hairs on a fleas ass at this point so there's no excuse for some of this "footage" being so blurry.
  11. I had the shots back in January. The first shot didn't hurt right away but by the next day I thought my arm was going to fall off. I had a bit of a fever and there was a "bullseye" at the injection sight. The whole area was VERY tender and the skin felt like a second degree sunburn. Couldn't even have clothes touch it. Was like that for about 3 days. I got the second shot 3 weeks later and none of that happened.
  12. I don't understand how/why they made this movie yet. They haven't gone to trial and the court has said that Lori is unfit to stand trial. They aren't even mentioning the husband.
  13. Dead in the Water was an episode I couldn't finish. It was just so boring! I turned it off halfway through. Maybe I should try again.
  14. I notice they don't do updates on ones that involve the police. The guy that got shot in the hip and the one who broke the window with his head. That poor old veteran that dislocated his fingers! Ouch! That looked broke to me.
  15. The case was interesting and you get to see Nevilles arse.
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