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  1. bloodstar

    S04.E01: A Flock of Lost Birds

    I really enjoyed how they did the episode. Without getting specific, thought they did a good job of portraying the identiy switch, while moving things along so the entire season isn't going to be about recovering the identities. Fogg is going to savor the orders just deserts. I liked the call back to the first episode of season 1. Marina! That was a damn solid start to the new season. I will have more thoughts later once I've digested things further.
  2. bloodstar

    S02.E13: We Have Brought You Little Cakes

    Maybe I have odd friends, but we all drop F bombs, S bombs. etc. The dialogue seems pretty 'real' as far as the rate of number of curse words per non curse words to me. *laughs* But maybe me and my friends are all weird.
  3. bloodstar

    Wynonna Earp

    I'm not 100% sure what Doc is anymore, was he healed? Is he still vampire? I think it's people who are not fully human can pass through, otherwise Bulshar (sp?) If it was angels only, Bulshar would have serious issues. Count me as someone who really liked Bobo. I think the Actor did a really good job with the part. But I think it suffered from having too many things going on and not enough time for character development. They're going to have fun trying to get everyone back together. And by fun, I think it'll drag on for half a season. I would be curious to see the rules of the world ... If there are any written down. LOL
  4. bloodstar

    Van Helsing

    The first three episodes of season 3: 1 - Vanessa is running almost entirely on rage. I think the dream trip might help her center a bit more. Fingers crossed. 1a - I do question if Vanessa is really even human anymore. She seems to be turning into .... Something else entirely. 1b - Scarlett is one step behind Vanessa, Her powers are still growing. But we haven't seen Scarlett "die" yet, so she hasn't gone all Sayian and reached a new power level. 2 - I think Lily is still alive. Or in that Vanessa shrodingers death state. She looked way too good for being 'dead' for over 100 years. 3 - For being an elder, the Elder was really dumb. I hate stupid bad guys. I mean seriously, blurt out that you hoped Vanessa wouldnt make it back from the dream? That's just putting a big ole "kill me now" sign on your chest. However, I loved the actress who played him. She did an amazing job with the mannerisms and inhuman tics. 3 - The show does suffer from having too many groupings. When the show is focused, it comes across much better IMO. ---- Musings and Hypothesis/want to see 1 - Lucky isn't dead. She is just taking longer to regenerate her body. 2 - Lily isn't actually dead, she's in the Van Helping 'Shrodingers cat' Dead/Not Dead state. 3 - don't they need all the totems to get to the first vampire? If so, can't they destroy the one they do have and then no one could find it. Unless they want to find the first vampire, which strikes me as a spectacularly *Bad Idea* 4 - I hope Susan comes back alive too, I really like the actress. And talk about messing with Vanessa: Susan: "you left me in the ground!" Vanessa: "But I thought you were dead!", S: "And you let a vampire gnaw on my arm! And it was the same psycho who killed me! Even though I'm not dead!" V: "Yeah, sorry about the who not figuring out who the psycho was sooner, and how could I know you might not like being vampiric noms? You should have tasted like crap to him, and you were dead!" 5 - Vanessa might be forming her own undying army. But man, I hope they can die from old age, otherwise things could get really horrible for them decades from now. Fun show, I don't like giving them views after their shoddy treatment of Dark Matter and The Expanse. I just totally expect them to cancel the Van Helping on a cliff hanger as a big ole screw you while giving absolute crap shows 10 seasons.
  5. bloodstar

    Luke Cage

    It makes me really upset to say that I disliked everything about the episode. It left such a sour taste in my mouth I can't even bring myself to try to watch episode 2. The dialogue was trite and cliched in several spots, and I mean bad high school English class level of trite and cliche. the sex scene was pointless and jarring, there wasn't even a juxtaposition with another event to justify going PG-13 sexytime (Don't get me wrong, I have no issues with nudity and/sex in a show, i think Altered Carbon was *fantastic* and it was an extremely hard R, but there needs to be a point and reason, and I do count naked sword fighting as a valid reason lol). The characters seemed like two dimensional cutouts as opposed to actually having nuance. I know, you can't please everyone, but wow. I felt like subtly was ignored for the sledgehammer of *do you see what were setting up?* Finally, Lucy Liu's directing was disappointing, maybe I'm just over thinking it, but it seemed like so many scenes were padded with silence and motionless characters. I loved season 1 of Luke Cage, and I am sure I will try to watch episode 2 at some point, but right now. Just no. :(
  6. I also wanted to add how much I liked that they didn't turn Ashford into a mustache twirling villain. It was really enjoyable to see a season where the only "bad guy" was fear (and hate). And how that fear (and hate) can cloud judgement. Then again, as it has been pointed out repeatedly, Ashford wasn't making an irrational choice, he was operating under limited information, the station is a threat to humanity, we might be able to save humanity if we destroy the ring, and powering down means if the station is going to destroy humanity, then we are ensuring we cannot stop it. Thinking an alien machine will stop itself when humanity tends to react with threats with violence, and the machine had already demonstrated that it seemed to react "offensively" to threats, can easily seem to be unlikely. I love love shows that aren't black and white on morality, and The Expanse did a fantastic job of keeping things shades of grey.
  7. I think this season was a case where another hour among the different episodes would have been about perfect. The problem is, when you're confined to 42 to 44 minutes per episode, adding another episode wouldn't have worked, (the episode breaks worked organically, and some episodes might not have needed more time, but others might have needed another 10 minutes to flesh things out (and still be tight). The good news, only more secondary characters didn't get fleshed out as well as they could have been. I'm thinking specifically of Monica (the reporter IIRC) and Melba/Clarissa. The reporter got sent off the Roci and literally not a peep about her. Maybe it was for the best, but it still felt kinda ex machina thingy when she popped back up. Clarissa seemed to go from spoiled rich kid with shitty parents to some super soldier with implants on a space ship and hiring reporters to sabotage the Roci. How in the world?! I also think they stretched a bit on her change to the good side. If anything, I would have thought she would devolve into self loathing before coming to any epiphanies. But YMMV. Really those my only quibbles and maybe it's because I'm a member of team Clarissa or something. I'm reminded of the Stephen R Donaldson's "Chronicles of Thomas Covenant" when I think about Clarissa's Character, but books can always show internal struggle better than a TV series (and I eat storylines like that up lol). Yay Season 4, Yay more Miller... I presume.
  8. bloodstar

    Ash Vs Evil Dead

    I think there was a bit more story to tell. Watching Brandy grow as a character has been fun, though Ash will always be the chosen one. Mind you, never say never about the show being gone for good. I wouldn't mind seeing a laid back couple of years of low intensity work to make a "fourth" season and wrap the story arc completly. That or set up a new generation of Brandy versus the evil dead (Maybe they'll do a comic run to explore future storylines?). Shout out to a show that was a happy surprise. Thanks to the cast and crew. I hope you'll get a chance to reprise the roles sometime soon!
  9. bloodstar

    S03.E14: My Brother's Keeper

    Just a few thoughts on the episode. Lucifer with quiet fury is a hell of a lot scarier than a Lucifer ranting.the eye glow was a fantastic exclamation point to the speech. I get the sense Lucifer's transformation is into a 'dark guardian's he will never be good per se, he is much too hedonistic and self centered to really change that. But if Lucifer thinks of you as screwed over unfairly, he's got your back. And if he actually likes you, well, "I guess it's not a good day to be a bad guy" (To quote another dark guardian/avenging angel). Ella seems to generate almost as much divisiveness as Chloe, I find it easiest to simply accept she is a very broken person, who is desperately trying to be liked, or trying to be edgy and 'cool', or otherwise running from her own pain. Unfortunately her character suffers because she doesn't seem fully fleshed out. Chloe's biggest issue is the writers have to twist themselves into pretzels trying to justify keeping Chloe in the dark, and it makes her character behave in ways that seem stupid or confusing. The make or break moment will happen when they try to handle the Chloe reveal. It has to happen, dragging it out doesn't serve any real purpose now. Maybe the season cliffhanger? It'll never happen, but I am trying to imagine Lucifer dealing with an existential threat from outside the universe, say, Cthulhu (It would be neat, but probably not translate well to television). And... Three weeks?!?! Seriously? Is Fox trying to Firefly Lucifer?!
  10. bloodstar

    S05.E09: One Fettered Slave

    I *really* wish the show had been given another 4 or 5 episodes to flesh out this end. It's the only real quibble i have... The rushed ending so to speak. That or maybe a few stand alone episodes to fill in some of the back stories. Though they did a really good job with the time they had filling out Helena's. And maybe I'm in the minority, but I've never felt Rachel was evil, in fact, I'd put forth that there is an undercurrent of 'nature' over nuture in the sense that the Leda clones have a good side that nurture cannot extinguish. Rachel knows she won't be trusted, will never be loved by the sestras, and the only adult who might actually care and appreciate Rachel's sacrifice is Mrs. S., and she's dead. Because Rachel did what she did with any expectation of being loved by the Sestras, but instead because she both understood what was being done to Kira, felt it really was wrong, and also how utterly used she (Rachel) had been - and that manipulation had never stopped. Maybe Kira would be the key to letting Auntie Rachel into the Sestra family. Dont mind me, I'm just musing. I really think the writers have done an amazing job keeping the show relatively grounded no matter how crazy the science and plot had become! And Tatiana Maslany should have her name come up 5 times in the opening credits!
  11. bloodstar

    S00.E149: The Return Of Doctor Mysterio

    It was fun. It was silly. Best use of a squeak toy ever! You know, sometimes it's ok to just enjoy the show and not dwell on things you don't like. Just a thought.
  12. bloodstar

    S02.E10: Quid Pro Ho

    I have to say, there is something about this show that has a really nice mix of snark and emotion, and it's one of my must watch shows. Fingers crossed for a third season! OK, now on to some thoughts. I think "Mum" isn't Evil by her belief system. She doesn't view humans as real beings per se, and as such they hold no value in her mind. Humans are akin to vermin in her mind and so the idea that hurting humans is evil or bad, particularly from the perspective that the humans go to an afterlife when dead, could very well be beyond her comprehension. I wonder if Luci was, in his own accidental way, trying to get her to see humans has something more with his 'punishment'. Sure, he can claim to be fulfilling his part of the deal, and that might have been his entire conscious motivation, but I do wonder about what's going on deeper inside his mind.
  13. bloodstar

    S20.E01: Week 1

    LOLWut?! Laura gone? My faith in the Bachelor is shattered!!!
  14. bloodstar

    S09.E11: Heaven Sent

    A few things, 1) previously.tv's editor for posting is horribly confusing. 2) The episode took place inside the confession dial (puzzlebox) and as such was a self contained system. 3) Time in the puzzlebox could pass without relation to what reality was doing. 4) There were two seperate time threads. For the puzzlebox, time passed linearly for billions of years. For *each* iteration of The Doctor, each time he stepped out of the teleport chamber, only a split second had passed since he was teleported into the puzzlebox. So for the doctor, Each iteration only lived for a day or two. And for the final iteration, Only a day or two had passed (to him) since Clara died, and he was teleported into the puzlebox. 5) Of interest, because the confession dial is The Doctor's *and* is Time Lord technology, all bets are off for how it works. For example, each room reset, which means that the clothing that was on the chair would also have reset. So it's very reasonable to think that the first doctor through wouldn't have to have walked around naked. Same thing with the phrase 'bird' in the dust/dirt. The wall was the gateway, so it wouldn't reset. 6) But, The Doctor would know he's been trapped in the puzzlebox for billions of years, So, The Doctor saw Clara die a day or two ago, and also realizes that he has died literally billions of times inside this puzzlebox, even if he can't remember all the deaths. He's going to be a hot mess trying to come to terms with that. 7) I Just don't understand people who hate a show so much, and keep watching it, just to post about how much they hated it. 8) I think the episode was intense, very well thought out and planned, and my only quibble with it was the musical score overwhelmed the dialogue at times and made it difficult to hear what Capaldi was saying.
  15. bloodstar

    S04.E13: 4 Seasons In One Finale

    I... I couldn't root against anyone, I liked all the designers. That being said, I felt that Helen did the most creative work. And I don't believe the other two designers pushed hard enough to create new looks and not recycle older looks they had used in previous challenges. But does most creative mean Helen should win? I don't know, I could see the strengths of all three designers. So for me, I didn't mind the judges choices.