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  1. Disraeli Ears

    S06.E16: Last Day On Earth

    I love JDM and think he is sooooo hot. Ack. He actually was great, even though that speech went on way too long. But I had heard about the cliffhanger and thought "surely, they won't do that...surely." And they did it. I literally flipped off the screen and yelled "Fuck you, show!" when it went dark. How are they going to keep "who got killed?" secret for six fucking months? *Somebody* is not going to be filming many scenes come...oh, MAY...and that shit is going to leak. Way to fuck up momentum, Gimple and Co.
  2. Disraeli Ears

    S06.E09: No Way Out

    Heck, yeah! But I don't think it's gonna happen. The Wolf cleans up well. Benedict Samuels? I'd hit that...and not in the "with Morgan's stick" way. I'm very happy with this episode. I'm still worried about the Negan storyline ending up being "The Governor Returns Part 3 (4?)" but I'll cross that busted bridge when we come to it. Darryl - I would have kissed you after that rocket launcher stunt. Even with that nasty hair. What did Abraham yell to Glenn after mowing down those walkers?
  3. Disraeli Ears

    S05.E10: She Gets Revenge

    For both episode 9 and episode 10, I just read the recaps first - then watched the shows, knowing what parts I could fast-forward (looking at you, John and Alex). I'll tune into the rest, but will probably do the same thing (except the finale - I might watch the finale unspoiled). Liz, Iris, and Douglas were the only good things in this episode. Ugh, I'm so glad that Finn Wittrock's horrible Italian/Russian/Klingon/Count Dracula accent is gone.
  4. Disraeli Ears

    S01.E12: Dorkus / S01.E13: The Final Girls

    What - no love for the gag of the garter snake in a sweater? I LOL'd at that. Poor little snake. Other than that, I thought the final episode was too long and somewhat boring...especially Hester's drawn-out accusations about the Chanels. I did like the Chanels in the asylum, though.
  5. Disraeli Ears

    S05.E08: The Ten Commandments Killer

    Yeah, I'm pretty much on board with you on these points. I enjoyed the episode because I loved Evan Peters (who I have not been as enamored with this season as some have) - he was actually pretty great in this episode. I was disappointed that John turned out to be the killer and, yeah - the whole "March's masterpiece" thing - why are those murders any more special to him than any of the others? He is just digging on doing a theme because he never did it before? Doesn't really make sense. I usually watch this show when I'm walking/running on my treadmill so sometimes I mishear dialogue: I thought Miss Evers called the Countess "sparkle tits" instead of talking about laundering the "sparkly bits" of her outfit. I found the mishearing funnier. Also - what part did he cut off Hahn? I think I know, but I wasn't sure.
  6. Disraeli Ears

    S06.E08: Start To Finish

    Add me to the list of "people who are getting over this show." My SO just said to me: "I'm thinking this show is approaching shark-jumping." Fonzie (errr...Darryl), strap on those skis! I can't really add anything as most of my complaints have been addressed, especially the Morgan/Carol character assassinations and the "people generally acting like idiots" issue. And also, I'm already sick of Negan (sorry, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who I usually like). Ugh.
  7. GAH looks like she has recently been on the receiving end of some needles full o' Botox. I mean, I can't blame her (and more power to her if it makes her happy), but it definitely affects your facial expressions in a negative way. [Full disclosure: I've considered Botox myself, but I'm afraid of that very problem. The price of vanity. *sigh*] And YAAAAAS to those of you who have pointed out how yummy Steven is looking lately. And not in the "eat his intestines" way, of course. ;)
  8. Disraeli Ears

    S05.E07: Flicker

    Ok, I liked this episode because of - mostly - stylistic elements. [i'm shallow like the Countess, Valentino, and Natascha I guess.] While Gaga's acting abilities were really stretched this time, she was up against Finn and his ridiculous accent so...that helped? Also, her costumes were amazing - she must have loved filming in all those beautiful ensembles. And - I say this as a straight woman - dat ass. Has Gaga always been so shapely? Or did she work out a lot to film this show? In any case, lots of really nice butts on display this season. The three women at Valentino's crypt - I didn't see them listed on IMDB, but the middle one looked like Grace from Scream Queens to me. Possible because it's another Murphy show?
  9. I'm sorry, but I've kind of grown tired of TTD. I usually can't make it through more than 15 minutes lately. The most I have watched of one was the week Lennie James and John Carroll Lynch were on (because I love LJ); even then I didn't finish it. As soon as I saw AB, I thought to myself: "Why the blue tipped hair? Shouldn't she be filming the last of the back half of S6 right now?" Then I thought: "Maybe she doesn't make it through the back half of S6?" Then I thought: "I guess it could be temporary dye or a hairpiece." But I can't shake the feeling that she doesn't make it through S6. Which is fine with me. She is better on American Horror Story, anyway (go back to the red hair, AB!).
  10. Disraeli Ears

    S06.E05: Now

    Denise could be bisexual. But I agree: why don't we see angst with the gay couple? We know how much Aaron loves Eric! Alfalfa is also good for dairy cattle. I thought I saw Deanna draw a little spot for dairy or milk on her schematic. ETA: I see Zanne caught it, as well.
  11. Disraeli Ears

    S06.E04: Here's Not Here

    I remember back when Disney bought ABC and they basically forced a bunch of their sitcoms to do Disney tie-in shows. I particularly remember the two-parter of Roseanne (who apparently hated the fact that they had to do so) in which the Connor family went to DisneyWorld. It was so ridiculous. So I guess if Disney buys AMC, this could happen.
  12. Disraeli Ears

    S06.E04: Here's Not Here

    My SO and I have recently been perusing listing for cabins and, in the future, we would like one (we live in Colorado). We both noted that Eastman's cabin (sans cell) would be perfect for us. I hope we don't have to keep our goats locked inside, though. Milking stool impalement was great. So my walker of the week was Surprise Bonfire Walker! Woot - here I am!
  13. Disraeli Ears

    S06.E04: Here's Not Here

    Also, yeah - Steve Yeun was not in the credits. I'm calling SHENANIGANS, show!
  14. Disraeli Ears

    S06.E04: Here's Not Here

    Remember, Eastman was way back in Georgia. We first ran into the "Wolves" and their chaos in Noah's old neighborhood in Richmond, Va. So I guess my SO and I are some of the few people who liked this episode? And he hated episodes like Slabtown! Lennie James and John Carroll Lynch were awesome and their interplay kept me interested. It was funny because SO and I were all: "Where have we seen that guy before?" Turns out, I had just seen JCL in American Horror Story this past week...ha! And RIP, Tabitha - dammit show! Quit killing cute little animals!
  15. Hahah--...awww. :( RIP, Mr. Turtle. Well, "momentum" be damned...I, for one, am looking forward to a little insight into Morgan's Jedi transformation.