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  1. Yes, looks like Sheryl's into some dark stuff and has been even before she met Leland. Eddie my Eddie was disturbing. She's totally grooming Lexis. And she was actively setting Kristen up to be arrested - she wants total access to the kids, or at least to Lexis. Makes me think she's into some Hereditary-like cult and Lexis is their future princess of darkness. Or something. The "next on Evil" trailer, presented by the ever-delightful George was amazing!! Can the hiatus be over? Need my Evil!
  2. They really toned down the sexual attraction angle between these two. Sister Andrea is the episode's most valuable player. I love her! And I adore her interactions with David. Judging by next week's preview, courtesy of George, Sheryl's back to her shenanigans.
  3. Whew, that was intense. And scary. The teke teke girl got me screaming. I too wonder if it was a hallucination... or something else. They're all haunted, even poor Ben. There are so many layers to this show. I just love it. Sheryl is up to no good! Isn't Lexi her favorite? Maybe she's wants to groom Lexi into serving her demonic purposes. Or, maybe she's just a loving grandma (not holding my breath!). And, as usual, the bit with George at the end = gold. George is my favorite character.
  4. I thought the same thing - didn't Sheryl tell Leland he wasn't the first demon she knew? Can't wait for the next episodes! Edited to add: It's the same actress? Cool!! I wonder if it means something, or they just liked her work as Brenda so much that they invited her back as another character.
  5. Yup. I thought she was going to force oral sex on him or bite the family jewels off. But it makes total sense that she might have done it to frame him and blackmail him into giving Kristen's secrets away.
  6. I did not get the ending. The girl was still possessed? Does she have firestarting powers? Didn't the Jinn jump from her to Kristen? I thought Sheryl was going to attack Dr. Boggs. She is so creepy. I think Sheryl is evil.
  7. cancel culture at its finest.
  8. Yay Gabe! I was rooting for him all along, though I would be happy with Shota winning too. Great finale! This is the second time the person I was rooting for won (the other one was Brooke). So glad I'm not mad and disappointed at the winner, for a change.
  9. That outfit was EVERYTHING. She always looks impeccable, sexy, stylish and powerful. Kudos to the stylists. This season had some good moments, but overall was kind of a mess. Some of the writing was, quite frankly, at the same time, pretentious and foolish/amateurish. Uzo, John Benjamin Hickey and the cast are excellent though. They totally rose above the material.
  10. I love the "Next on Evil" bit at the end with George, the night terror demon. Good episode. I just love this show.
  11. Brooke on Brooke was a mess, but the dark gray suit therapist Brooke was wearing was amaaazing. I find Eladio's character and sessions to be the most boring to me. Colin and Laila intrigue me so much more. And again, they do know how to dress Uzo. I wish I had her stylist.
  12. Welcome back, show! It's been a long, long time! I enjoyed the episode and am intrigued about how things are gonna play out. I also like that there is humor so it doesn't get too scary, otherwise I am not sure I would stick around. I love horror but as I'm getting older, I'm becoming more and more of a scaredy cat. I like to think that Leland is indeeed a loser with delusions of grandeur, and that he would be scared to death if Satan really materialized in front of him. Let's see. I had to laugh at Leland saying that David is the real prize. Indeed, sir! Mik
  13. They *really* wanted to get Dawn to the finale, huh? I don't think I've ever seen a chef leave something off the plate so many times and not be eliminated. Hope she goes next.
  14. Luna is also the middle name of one of Pompeo's daughters. I know some cats (and dogs) named Luna too. But it's still a lovely name, I think.
  15. Wasn't the name in the receipt ROSS? I don't remember seeing the first name (I may be wrong).
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