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  1. Right? I know it's par for the course to leave some things unanswered so people will tune in next season, but seriously. How do the dolls tie in with everything else? Why was Sheryl praying to G*d and then taking part in a cannibalistic demonic feast? I feel the writers have no idea where this is going. A lot of things from season 1 are still unanswered. I liked season 2 but the finale was the weakest episode. Also: NO GEORGE AT THE END. A big NO-NO.
  2. wtf was that ending
  3. Pics 5 and 6 look like a mix between Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Eyes Wide Shut. I love this show!
  4. Spoilery interview with Christine Lahti. Evil Star Christine Lahti Discusses Sheryl's Dark Side, Leland & More. Some bits of interest:
  5. Is he, though? Yes! I concur. The Kings should try a George-centric spinoff. Maybe a children's show. George could read and dramatize classic Grimm tales. I'm sure kids would be scarred for life delighted.
  6. Wow. That was the scariest episode for me, mostly because of the business Sheryl, Leland and Tim Matheson are involved with. By the way, how do they dispose of the bodies of the people they murder? Sheryl is a monster. For a moment, I thought she was going to kill Andy. By the way, I think Andy's not long for this world. Which is a shame, I like him. The demon-worshipping frat boy Kristen had sex with was hot. I wonder if Kurt the therapist was really talking to his wife. Kristen is the common denominator of all the plots. All the roads lead to her. Mike Colter is not
  7. I like this theory, but there was a huge, hairy, goat leg upside down his kitchen, with goat claws and everything. But it could be all in his mind. Is it just me, or were they implying Andy is having an affair? He was talking suspiciously on the phone with someone and got all jittery and jumpy when Kristen showed up. Don't get me started on next week's preview. Why were Leland and some other guy carrying an unconscious Sheryl? Human sacrifice? This show is INSANE. I love it!
  8. Yep. Especially the keeping the body from decaying and the stigmata. These 2 scenes cracked me up:
  9. Yes, looks like Sheryl's into some dark stuff and has been even before she met Leland. Eddie my Eddie was disturbing. She's totally grooming Lexis. And she was actively setting Kristen up to be arrested - she wants total access to the kids, or at least to Lexis. Makes me think she's into some Hereditary-like cult and Lexis is their future princess of darkness. Or something. The "next on Evil" trailer, presented by the ever-delightful George was amazing!! Can the hiatus be over? Need my Evil!
  10. They really toned down the sexual attraction angle between these two. Sister Andrea is the episode's most valuable player. I love her! And I adore her interactions with David. Judging by next week's preview, courtesy of George, Sheryl's back to her shenanigans.
  11. Whew, that was intense. And scary. The teke teke girl got me screaming. I too wonder if it was a hallucination... or something else. They're all haunted, even poor Ben. There are so many layers to this show. I just love it. Sheryl is up to no good! Isn't Lexi her favorite? Maybe she's wants to groom Lexi into serving her demonic purposes. Or, maybe she's just a loving grandma (not holding my breath!). And, as usual, the bit with George at the end = gold. George is my favorite character. May I introduce you to Carrie Mathison?
  12. I thought the same thing - didn't Sheryl tell Leland he wasn't the first demon she knew? Can't wait for the next episodes! Edited to add: It's the same actress? Cool!! I wonder if it means something, or they just liked her work as Brenda so much that they invited her back as another character.
  13. Yup. I thought she was going to force oral sex on him or bite the family jewels off. But it makes total sense that she might have done it to frame him and blackmail him into giving Kristen's secrets away.
  14. I did not get the ending. The girl was still possessed? Does she have firestarting powers? Didn't the Jinn jump from her to Kristen? I thought Sheryl was going to attack Dr. Boggs. She is so creepy. I think Sheryl is evil.
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