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  1. One of my top 5 Charlotte outfits is the pink dress she wears to Brady's 1st birthday party. So pretty! I love her timeless style. I just finished season 5 and am halfway through season 6. Upon rewatching, they are so much better than I thought at the time. There are really no bad episodes. Not even the Aleksandr Petrovsky ones.
  2. I'm currently rewatching the whole series and am halfway through season 4. I've always been a big Carrie/Big shipper, but man, now that I'm older and hopefully wiser, I do see that Aidan was a freakin' dreamboat. And Carrie was so awful to him, and not only because she cheated on him with Big. Damn. I realize that men like Aidan only exist in fiction, a normal, living, breathing man would have kicked Carrie's sorry ass way sooner.
  3. Aw! I was crushed to see Kevin eliminated, but I figured he was a goner when Tom said he mistreated the pork. I know a lot of people root for Stephanie, but, in my opinion, she is not on the same level as the others and should have been eliminated one of the multiple times she was in the bottom. My dream top 3 were Kevin, Bryan and Gregory, so... go Bryan! Though I think Melissa will win. She has been consistently good and she seems o cook the kind of food that other chefs like. She truly is a force to be reckoned with and, on the shallow side, she is so so cute. I would totally date her, and I 'm a straight gal.
  4. I was very sad to see Kevin eliminated, but it was a fair decision. Why did he insist on so many dishes? It's always the deaths spell in these competitions. Focus on fewer dishes so they can all be well executed. Plus so many sides, gets confusing. Shrimp as a side? Just because your grandma did it, doesn't mean you should do it, especially on RW. Plus, his teammates were uncomfortable with that concept, and made it clear to him. So, yes, the blame lies squarely upon his shoulders, and he should have been eliminated, as he was. I think he was gracious to the end, took the blame like a champ, and hope he finds his way back into the competition. My dream top 4 are Kevin, Bryan Voltaggio, Gregory and Melissa.
  5. I loved it. There were some loose ends - the woman that Carrie helped escape and that she left in the car at the CIA compound, and the Taliban did shoot down the second helicopter, right? Just not the first, where the president was. That was never addressed. All in all, it was great. My heart was racing throughout.. Carrie did what Saul couldn't do (because he loved Anna and owed her his life) - sacrificed a life so thousand could be saved and a nuclear war wouldn't start. If the roles were reversed, Saul would do the same. Didn't he send Brody to his death? I didn't catch this, nice touch 🙂
  6. So, Colbert asked Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin to describe the finale with one word. Claire said
  7. I enjoyed the series for the most part. Some of the stuff was beautifully and powerfully portrayed, such as the trip to Washington, Bess dealing with a terrorized Seldon, and Herman and Sandy's trip to rescue Seldon. I just think a lot of it was too preachy, heavy-handed/trying too hard. A little subtlety goes a loooong way.
  8. I don't think Carrie is really considering killing Saul for real (though, back in season 4, she was ready to drone the compound where Saul was being held hostage. Quinn brought her to her senses), though her considering giving up his russian asset is pretty cold. She truly is a horrible person. I think Carrie will find a way to trick Yevgeny into thinking she did kill Saul so he will giver her the black box. I do think, though, that either her or Saul will end up dead. Anyway, I am enjoying this season, much more than seasons 3, 5, 6 or 7, which were a deep bore. A fitting farewell for a great show.
  9. The guy that was forced to become a suicide bomber was heartbreaking, and yes, the whole sequence was super well directed. I still think Jenna is hiding something. Maybe she is the mole? By the way, what ever happened to the woman Carrie helped escape her Taliban brother-in-law? Talk about a loose end. This episode kept me on the edge of my seat. The series finale is really shaping up to be memorable. I will miss Homeland. My unspoiled speculation is that Saul dies/retires and Carrie becomes the new Saul, mentoring a new agent who is a young version of herself. Oh, and the bus with the special team guys - hope some of them survived. It was heartbreaking to see them locked inside, watching the car hit the bus. One of the hardest scenes to watch.
  10. The Carrie & Saul body count. They make quite a team in that respect.
  11. F*ckers killed Max! Nooooo! I never thought I would be this upset after they killed Quinn, but damn. Why kill him? Why? Whyyyyy? At least Carrie was honest enough to acknowledge how she just used Max all these years. Damn, writers.
  12. Hated that Madison is the baby mama. Ruined the whole thing for me.
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