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  1. Hoping for lots of wins tonight! The supporting categories are tough, anyone of them deserve it but I expect Hannah and Brett.
  2. There’s 3 more episodes this season. They had 10 episodes for S2 planned, Apple asked for 2 more so they added this and the Christmas ones as more stand alone.
  3. I enjoyed the weird random trippy night. Something that is long in my past and was never quite that insane…10,000% less interesting. My favorite part was definitely when the Crown & Anchor guys got to be on the pitch.
  4. I think this one is you either like it or you don’t. I liked going on a weird tippy adventure with Beard and the pub guys. I wasn’t in a place mentally to deal with the aftermath of last week’s, so this met me were I was at. But I think also knowing this was supposed to be an extra stand alone episode helped.
  5. Agreeing with everyone else, it was a fantastic ending. But thanks to streaming services will live on forever. Nine-Nine! (If you’re looking for an awesome show to fill the void and haven’t seen Ted Lasso, do it. It’s more than worth paying $5 for that treasure of a show)
  6. Or general show discussion? Rounding up the Diamond Dogs
  7. Spoilers and Speculation: Spilling the Tea Pigeon Sweat Small Talk: Off the Pitch
  8. Media needs to somehow include Trent Crimm, The Independent Small Talk: Tea Hot Brown Water Talk
  9. I’m not sure if I want to live on the plane of existence where buying a restaurant as a lark and being invited to Sir Elton John’s on fucking Christmas Day only achieves “middle class” status. I’d be rendered a street urchin.
  10. Or Ted was lying or in denial about how his dad really was. And is it possible teen Ted was a bit of a Prince Prick of All Pricks himself before he started “believing”? Also, I still have not emotionally recovered from Roy hugging Jamie.
  11. I’ll keep an open mind for Rebecca and Sam, wherever it’s going. I don’t know how I feel about it and I’m not sure if I know what the show wants us to feel about it. This show gave us a Roy and Jamie hug that was a truly earned authentic moment, so I have faith this storyline will find its way, whatever it is. This all seems plotted by Jason specifically, so I’ll just sit back and enjoy this gem of a show.
  12. I had an out do town wedding so I was just able to watch the episode now. Not much else to add because I agree with everything else people have said. One objective for Season 2 must have been to make Issac fucking cool as hell in every scene. Dang.
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