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  1. It seems before the arrest things were already crazy for them since it was finals time. Then her abuser gets arrested, media outlets contacting them for a quote, her husband getting into Twitter arguments again. I’m glad she has people who care. You know her parents are too busy calling every “sweet friend” to take in the eldest child to care about her, or really any of their other children.
  2. Zero. She’s probably planning on what matchy outfits the M’s will wear to greet him tomorrow when he’s released.
  3. Derick definitely wants his tweets to be noticed. He tweeted today asking people to like or comment because he thought he was being censored. No, either he doesn’t understand how Twitter replies work, or he was playing the censored card to get some traction. It’s probably both.
  4. Holy shit. It’s not even vailed homophobia. It’s so gross. And young kids singing this? How is that ok in Jill’s eyes, with not so subtle double entendre about sex and reproduction? I guess talking about sex is ok as long as you do it to shame the gays. What’s even grosser is there are adults who enjoy this song, yet will think Josh just needs to pray more and would welcome him back with open arms. Fuck all of that.
  5. Banking on never having to get an actual job was never a smart play and now it’s biting them in the ass and I do not feel the least bit sorry for them. None of them are incapable of working. Yeah it’s going to be low skilled, low paying jobs, but again don’t feel badly for them. Maybe they’ll realize for their kids a real education is a necessity because being an influencer doesn’t pay for the lattes.
  6. If I was Jill I’d be fighting the urge to call JB and Mechelle and scream “I had to be granted permission to come to the house, but my abuser, a pedophile could come and go as he pleases? This is why I’m done with you motherfuckers.” I hope this solidifies her decision to break from them.
  7. The charges are for a child under 12, not a teen that maybe in some context could be mistaken for an adult. That type you’re not going to accidentally stumble across.
  8. Picture of their “statement”. Your son is a pedophile. The sad thing is as long as he “repents” they will still rug sweep. If he was gay, they would drop him in a heartbeat. Get fucked JB and Michelle. I hope you reflect on your responsibility in this.
  9. I guess blaming the devil for building a fortress and praying didn’t work. And Fuck you TLC. This whole family should have been dropped in 2015. But nope you kept pumping that well. Even if they never showed Josh, he sure as hell benefited from the rebranding. Fuck them, JB, Michelle for thinking you could just pray problems away.
  10. No it won’t change their beliefs or make them question their own part in it at all. It was the devil at work! The devil is working hard to destroy Godly Christians like them.
  11. My friend once called it “The Mechanical Rat Child Casino” 😂 I’m assuming they don’t see it as gambling, or they don’t care. “Rules for thee, but not for me” and all that.
  12. Not just you, height comments can bother me. I’m 5’ 1” and my husband is 6’ 4”. We only have boys and they are taking after me in the height department. All the time I get “Oh, there’s still time for them to catch up to dad” comments. Like being taller is better obviously. 😒 My husband and I don’t care. They’ll be whatever height they’ll be, why make a thing of it. Jill’s comment didn’t bother me, it was more like statistical information. It’s when people imply not so subtly that being tall is preferable and I get irritated.
  13. Puppies still benefit from training classes and puppies should go to training. Especially for inexperienced dog owners like them, they will gain a lot of knowledge on canine behaviors. Class is really to train the owners. We currently have a puppy and are experienced dog owners, and still go to class. It’s as much for the puppy as it is for us. I will never like Derick, ever, but it’s great they are getting Fenna into classes sooner than later.
  14. I also agree. Spin-offs are hard to do. Frasier was by far the most successful, but they took a minor character and completely removed him from the original show and really had little connection to Cheers, save for some cameos, which are always my least favorite episodes. A Syid spinoff would have more possibilities to open a whole different world.
  15. People did but it’s still hard to hear people thought you looked pregnant. It was pretty relentless and she actually responded she was not doing well mentally with the bombardment of questions about her looks. Especially since I’m sure it’s not an easy day for her either. I don’t think anyone meant any ill and were excited about the possibility of Dina/Garret babies. It’s important to know she’s a real person and like most women, has complained feelings about her body. Most women have worn a top that have gotten questions and it never feels great. Comments (even positive ones) about your bod
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