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  1. I really hope this isn’t the last time these three compete. I don’t know under what premise they could get them together, but with the strong ratings, I’m sure they’ll think of something. Although it will more than likely not include Alex.
  2. No, you’re correct. He was hesitant at first but when Amy obviously wasn’t going to convince the men to knock it off, he agreed to it, and in a way that would help her out. There was a lot of wink-wink going on. He wasn’t tricked. Amy was right to be ticked off at everyone. She was working her ass off and no one else was doing anything but complaining. And that was not the time for Jonah to play Social Justice Warrior. Usually it’s Amy being the unreasonable one, but this time she was right. He needed to knock it off.
  3. She legit looks like Gretchen. Why? Why would anyone make this? Why would anyone agree to sell it? Why would any one wear this? Why would anyone share photos to the world of them wearing this?
  4. It was very impressive by all. Ken and Brad are definitely not as comfortable with the large wagers but they don’t have much of a choice, because James will bet big whenever he can. Very excited about the rest of the competition.
  5. I hope he cleared his rant with her first. It’s one thing for them dealing with Boob and whatever’s going on privately. It’s another thing to make it Very public. I really hope that she gave him ok for him to spill. If not, yikes.
  6. I don’t doubt JBoob Was the one getting paid, but Derick couldn’t have been so naive to think no one was getting anything beyond “trip and meal reimbursements” I think he knew dang well TLC was paying JBoob and was fine with it until they weren’t on the show anymore and now that the money train has dried up, he’s playing the “we didn’t know” card.
  7. He’s a grade A idiot if he didn’t think TLC was paying anything more than “reimbursements”. That’s on him for not asking more questions and blindly believing everything. He’s college educated, he had the tools to know better. I don’t feel sorry for him in that regard. But anyone willing to expose JBoob for the slimy jack ass I always knew he was, I’m very much here for it.
  8. I can see adjusting to vegetarian options, but Jill’s post made it sound like this friend will eat ChicFilA. Meat is bad unless it’s supporting the oppression of civil rights.
  9. How can someone be “mostly vegan”? If you sometimes eat animal products, you’re not vegan. And I think this is her R&F friend so I majorly side eye the hell out of this girl.
  10. I was going to say, hopefully she’ll feel better and more confident because she was clearly struggling earlier in the week. And fuck you JB and M! She didn’t even get her hair trimmed until she was a teenager?!?!
  11. I wouldn’t put money on her going there. She looks worlds better. It always baffled me how she still cling to her “it’s lower maintenance” stance on having super long hair. Especially when she had started wearing pants, listening to contemporary Christian music. What’s next? An actual TV so they don’t have to huddle around a laptop to watch Paw Patrol?
  12. Jill has done a sporadic things like an hour at the library and a MLM party, but she needs regular activities for her and the kids. But unfortunately, since she has no idea how to function on her own, even for a few hours. Until she address that, it won’t help because she won’t know what to do while the kids are elsewhere. I worry that even once DD finishes law school, he’ll be busier than she’s expecting and as the kids grow older she might rely on them for emotional support. She grew up where her parents were both home all the time, there was zero semblance of structure or routine. She can’t handle being alone or not getting attention from someone, her family or on SM. Shes obviously struggling with basic life. But she’ll just pray the “burdens” go away. Jesus will fix it if she prays hard enough. No, she needs therapy (I think everyone could benefit from therapy for the record)
  13. Jesus will protect the holy flowers for the mildew. Get outta here with your science! Jesus!
  14. It is convenient but I actually don’t think Jill ever just goes shopping or runs errands on her own. She literally does not know what to do with herself if she’s alone. Not so much her fault, she was raised to never be alone. Girl needs some non Jesus based therapy. She’s constantly overwhelmed by basic life.
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