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  1. Cozmicmyst

    S01.E10: The Prodigal Son Returns

    A lot of people think that Laurie is a horrible mother. She is, but, the her screaming out "Jill" and pointing to the burning house, was definitely character growth, she's not a great mother, but when it comes down to her daughter's life, she will talk if she has to.
  2. Cozmicmyst

    S05.E11: No One Here Can Love or Understand Me

    What I gathered from the Ouija scene when it said "goodbye" I thought that it was Miranda saying goodbye to Caleb, and figured the writers were closing the Miranda/Ravenswood story line. But then, the fireflies outside the cabin got me thinking that this isn't over yet, even if the show was canceled, does this mean that Ravenswood story is moving over to Rosewood? Because they just made it very clear that ghosts are real, demons are real, doesn't matter what town they are in, the characters spoke it out loud, Hanna knows this stuff is real now. Which makes me believe this story line isn't over.
  3. Cozmicmyst

    S03.E21: And Life Begins Right Away

    Daphne's speech at the graduation had me in tears. It was beautiful. My heart broke when Bay took the blame at the last minute. Not because it was a sad moment, but because I have never seen a more selfless person on this show, and it shows what family truly means. I was impressed, and I love the character of Bay even more now.
  4. Cozmicmyst

    S01.E03: Two Boats And A Helicopter

    It's three episodes in and I still don't understand the people in white. Can someone explain to me what that is about? And why don't they talk?
  5. Cozmicmyst

    Speculation With Spoilers

    I have read a few articles saying that Alaric and Elena will be the new "power couple" next season, how true is this?
  6. Cozmicmyst

    S05.E22: Home

    Okay, so everyone that passed through, even though they died, they get to come back to life? Alaric? I want Lexie too! Ugh!
  7. Cozmicmyst

    S05.E21: Promised Land

    The saddest part of the episode for me was when Bonnie said "I lost it" and Stefan closed his eyes for a second, then grabbed Bonnie in a semi tender grip and passed through. No goodbye, his face showed defeat. That made me sad.
  8. Cozmicmyst

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Bravo. This show is wonderful. The best part of the show is the acting of Jacob's parents. I actually feel the emotions of what they are experiencing, kudos to the actors themselves for that. I am going to start the second episode, but I hope it's as great as the pilot is.
  9. Cozmicmyst

    Small Talk: a.k.a. 'The Meet Market'

    I am also a long time TwoP fan. I am really upset that it's shutting down, but I am thankful to find a great new place to post and read about my favorite shows! *Cozmicmyst*
  10. It was almost sad to see how far gone Lizzie was. With no meds or therapists in this new world, it's no wonder she went crazy as a child. But, I suspect she was a little unbalanced before the world turned into zombies. *Cozmicmyst*