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  1. I hate it when I'm smarter than the supposedly Top In the Field guys, OK Many swat types with guns and not just the heroes. Good start. Chopper sitting outside the mansion - Me: "somebody disable that chopper". But Noooo - there was an airstrip Connected to the house. An airstrip!! That no-one spotted with a satellite. That no one took the simple precaution of parking a car in the middle of it. Not our heroes. I know they needed to go to Europe but did they have to be so bone-headed.
  2. Either kill off Chance or bring him back - loads of stories either way. Chance returns with PTSS and Abby is confused and turns to Devon OR Chance is missing and reported dead and Abby is confused and turns to Devon and they raise their one-liter empty bottle to adulthood in 5 years. Oh gosh - I just visualized a huge 5 gl water cooler jug with a business suit and puffy hair.
  3. Also so Connor wouldn't sell him to a ring of predator's or tell him that horses really like it when you stand right behind them and pull their tail hair and also surprise them by going BOO!!
  4. So that's what's wrong with Every One on the show. I still hope that Bowie turns out to be a Stitch baby. Terriah could be good BUT not another baby-rabies story. Maybe Tessa could turn to Noah for a shot of jizz
  5. Please please Pleeeeeeze! Then they can line up Airplane style and each take a turn with Ash. (I thought Adam knew) or a car....Noah is coming home having done all the dick-stroking photo instillations for CEOs ever needed
  6. I'd love it if Ashland found out his only living blood relative is Sally. She did live with carnies? If she can't be Phacks long lost that might be good too Why didn't Victoria tell Billy to go embezzle some money and gamble it away.
  7. I know they won't but wouldn't it be great if Ashland was a long ago protected witness with plastic surgery and Billy outed him and Endangered Mop and Hiz KIDZ!!! They could have a Red Wedding. Bonus if Noah runs over Billy's head again. But that might be good so....
  8. I actually liked the sons in this and I usually hate kid characters - I didn't want to drown the kids in this
  9. Nick and Rey? Ney? It always seemed that they had more chem,
  10. I love that according to the GC faithful poor Dummer is being held prisoner in Italy. Otherwise she could come home and get her old job and be under Rodan's thumb Just because she screwed his brother on his desk? Judgmental much? Just because she and his warped brother debased every elevator and cabin and giggled about dumb OLD Ja.ck? It was years before people could push an elevator button without their finger sticking.
  11. I only watched a few minutes here and there but you mean they haven't put that Thomas in a wood chipper or something. That guy made Adam look like Albert Schweitzer.
  12. Seconded! I hope Adam tells her about the dead hooker he disposed of for Jack. Does anyone know if way back in the day around the time Phy was lying about Daniel's father if she was awos (absent without storyline) for a time? 4-9 months. Did she have anything to do with Jack? Might explain why jack never kissed Sally. Snicker. Adam and Sally do make a cute couple. Anyone is better than Chelsea.
  13. I've been thinking this. Also it spares Devon giving away his first born son - not a good look and not in character somehow. Especially since he already lost one baby with Hilary - unless my long to come theory about Mad Scientist Nate having Hil and child locked up somewhere ala, ROOM turns up. Maybe someone will notice Bowie has a basketball shaped head covered with platinum blond stubble. BUT first!!! Did everyone notice when Victor stood in front of the N logo the circle made a halo on his head But with tiny horns from the serif's on the N. It had to be planned
  14. But it would be even better if he fell for Tracy and Ashley returned and was like "What!" He and Tracy would be super
  15. Christian 2? This mystifies you? A show where 3 soon 4 multi nationals, an international airport with possible transporter, two hotels (each with one room), one coffee bar and one detective are all in one town. Where Iwanabeadoctor University also offers degrees in CEOmygodiwanabeboss and PHDeeplytroubledshrinks. Where Newman is taken over so often it's stock is printed on toilet paper. Where you can almost murder a cop and get a stern talking to. Where Adam Newman is so evil he forgives people who frame him - shoot him - run him over - Shoot him some more. Where half the resid
  16. Mariah volunteered but it was dumb of Abby to take her up on it. I still wish they had done what I wished and Victor took Abby's 20 eggs and hired surrogates to carry hoping for a baby or two. I just wanted to see Abby trying to handle 18 or 20 babies, "How are those Rabies now?" I still hope it turns out to be Stich's baby - all he had to do was visit some old friends at the Hospital and look like he belonged there, Hope they strung barbed wire around that nursery. This is why celebrities' hire strangers with previous successful pregnancies often at the other end of the count
  17. The one where the football players do the whole finale dance from Dirty Dancing. Hilarious
  18. I wondered about that I-Pad. Also they could have Adam Deliver the baby since he's done it so often in worse conditions. It's not like there was a blizzard, and a pregnant plane crash onto a frozen lake. Abby went with Stich to the Unsafe House. Mariah was trying to make a nest. Devon's PI gave Rey and Devon the address and they were off at a saunter. Abby ran into the room and Stich beat cheeks. Devon and Rey arrive. Rey leaves to chase Stich and ask him about Adam's involvement. Devon and Abby deliver Bowie with help from Nate, on the Magic I-pad. At some point Abby called 911
  19. Maybe the kid Dina gave away was twins (hey the MWT's never met a story they couldn't reuse) and one wasLocke's dad or something. Then they could do the Victoria look-alike as the doomed lost love who died and made young Ashland rich. Something about Burgi makes me go all fan-fic-y.
  20. did it result in a pregnancy? Or is the mention of Dena by Tracy an anvil. Hell maybe it would be an op for Victoria to do a flash-back as the 'woman' who was the love of Ashland's life. Victoria stands by him and he dies in her arms and he calls her the woman's name. This could be Stanwick level melodrama...but it might be good so it won't happen. Ashland will be faking and take over Newman for the umpteenth time and a chagrinned Victoria will have to work for daddy... or dog forbid Billy
  21. So who is the lucky, 'older', rich woman who used Ashland as her sexy boy toy. Katherine? Dena?
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