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  1. Marathonrunner

    Good Witch

    My favorite part of last night's show: Grace is in bed at the university - roomie says get up, we have to go - Grace gets out of bed wearing the clothes she slept in, no bathroom, no face washing, no teeth brushing & off they go - yeah, sure, just like a typical teenage girl Nitpicking I know but can't they at least make some of this drivel more realistic?
  2. Marathonrunner

    Best Baker In America

    Thanks for the explanation!
  3. Marathonrunner

    Best Baker In America

    The bakers have to know ahead of time what the challenge will be so they can have all the ingredients on hand - but don't they have enough time to practice the challenge? On that British baking show you hear the judges & contestants talking about practicing with the baking, the construction, etc. before the competition The cakes & dessert plates they showed as the competitors were introduced were stunning - the cakes last night didn't match up to that quality - does that mean the ones done in their shops & restaurants take longer than 6 hours to create? (not a criticism - just curious)
  4. Marathonrunner

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    Has Nutmeg ever said what she thinks should happen to the children of the women who bear them instead of having an abortion? Adoption? How many has Nutmeg adopted? How many of these women has she personally assisted with child care, sick care duties, clothing allowances, etc.?
  5. Marathonrunner

    S03.E14: The Graduates

    I was really hoping that perhaps Deja had misunderstood the directions for the writing assignment - maybe the teacher had told the class that some of their work would be published, maybe that info was written on the assignment sheet & Deja forgot or lost the instructions - anything so that Randall didn't get to, once again, be all speechy & self-righteous - then he gets to do it all over at home suggesting that Beth needs to rethink her new job - something they both should have done before he started that ridiculous campaign
  6. Marathonrunner

    "The View": Week Of 1/14/2019

    With so much rambling, screeching going on I find that I only catch bits & pieces of conversations - what point was Abby trying to make with Castro regarding the cost of health care? She said something about the people in Scranton telling her this but the way she said it - it sounded like those voters wanted a change - maybe she was referring to another Scranton but the one in Lackawanna County in Pa. voted for Clinton - one of the few counties in Pa. that stayed Democratic
  7. Kiss at Midnight was pleasant enough & it was one of the few movies where no one was abandoned by a parent, was divorced or was dead - has anyone counted up the young & dead over a holiday season? Good grief - its as though a Hallmark character has to have a "tragedy" in their past to have a happy ending - I much prefer the movies where none of the above is part of the story - of course, at this point, all these movies have run together & I can't keep any of them straight!
  8. Marathonrunner

    "The View": Week Of 11/26/2018

    It's difficult trying to follow anything going on with all the rambling & yelling - but - do I have this right? Al Gore & Leo D. are doing some anti-environmental things - the US is going to meet the emission standards set by the Paris Accord - therefore we can all relax & stop worrying about climate change, clean air, clean water, fossil fuel damage? Is that what MM was advocating/preaching/screeching? I can't shake my head hard enough!!
  9. Marathonrunner

    Veterinary and Animal Rescue Shows

    Scaled was an interesting program - I wish they would give an indication as to the type of finances (& hours) needed to house, feed, get medical care of all those exotics - the woman profiled last week had a huge number of enclosures & wanted an even bigger one for her favorite critter - & then the basic question of how often do these enclosures need to be cleaned?
  10. Marathonrunner

    What's Cooking? Cooking Shows, That's What

    Yes - who are these people?! Of course there are many chefs/cooks whom I didn't know when their shows first came on - some ended up being favorites (Sara Moulten) others not so much (The Kitchen group)
  11. Marathonrunner

    What's Cooking? Cooking Shows, That's What

    The pretzel chocolate bread pudding from the other night looked pretty good The sisters really are characters - it's what keeps me coming back!
  12. Marathonrunner

    What's Cooking? Cooking Shows, That's What

    I watched a few minutes of that Let's Eat show - way too cutesy & loud How about the show on PBS Create - The Food Flirts - somehow their cuteness doesn't bother me & I think they're rather amusing - it's the same premise every show so I'm not sure how many of them I'll watch but they're good for a 9 p.m. chuckle
  13. Marathonrunner

    Best Baker In America

    Question regarding the contestants knowledge of challenge prior to the actual challenge - apologies if this already been discussed How long ahead of time are they given the info as to what will be required? They must have time to decide on their recipes, ingredients have to be purchased, etc. Last night's winner had never made that dessert & yet in 3 hours time she managed to out-do all the other contestants - beginner's luck? Good for her Marcella & Jason seem (to me) to be trying too hard with their comments to prove they belong as judges on a baking competition show
  14. Marathonrunner

    Good Witch

    Another one here confused by the weather - they said it was a winter formal yet it's going to be held outside, the trees all have leaves, flowers are blooming, some kid is playing baseball?? How did they manage to import tents & a dance floor for the park in just a day or two? Wasn't it a bit creepy how Cassie & the doc were looking through the anonymous questionnaires, found 2 from Middleton & then thought nothing of trying to find these people? Granted it worked out for the woman as the doc discovered a possible medical condition but still........ I agree with the other posters in that it used to be a more interesting show when it was a bit more magical but the scenery, Grey House, the shops in town are all very pretty & it's a pleasant way to end a weekend
  15. Marathonrunner

    All Episodes Talk

    I was only half listening but put my math skills to the test when she started listing the liquid amounts for that gravy - I thought for sure I had added incorrectly - guess not!!!