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  1. Interviews with the several members of the cast on Afterellen! Danielle and Samira are just adorable and I absolutely adore their real life friendship. http://www.afterellen.com/the-cast-of-orange-is-the-new-black-talks-love-lesbians-and-season-2/06/2014/
  2. If so that is some really great planning ahead/continuity!! I wonder what happened though that set her on the path to going to jail. I hope we get even more backstory!
  3. Yeah, I wonder about that too. She also seemed warm in the dinner scene with Taystee and RJ, and was laughing when the girls were playing the game this episode-i think it was "fuck, marry, kill". Were those real moments or all an act? Definitely a testament to Lorraine Toussaints acting
  4. Just rewatched the scene. What happened is Poussey was throwing up in the bathroom from being drunk and Vee, Black Cindy, and another woman we don't know were brushing their teeth/at the sinks. So Black Cindy was there. Poussey gets up and starts yelling at and hitting Vee, Cindy runs away, and then Suzanne comes from another shower stall it looks like and pulls Poussey off and starts beating her up at the direction of creepy looks from Vee. I remember watching it and thinking it was good Taystee wasn't there, only because it would have made her even worse. Though it does look bad that she heard about it and didn't reach out to Poussey. But I would really hope that if she had been there, she would've done something. Just rewatched and Cindy didn't actually leave-she watched. But I think her flashback confirmed she definitely was not one of the more more sympathetic prisoners/can be selfish. I'm not surprised she watched. Also, I noticed Taystee also developed this attitude of "well, we're all criminals anyway so it doesn't matter what we do because we're already in jail." While I don't think that's a good excuse at all, I think it's how she justified her actions.
  5. I thought Taystee wasn't there when Suzanne beat Poussey up? Wasn't it just Vee? Or am I confusing it with another scene and did Taystee leave before the beating took place?
  6. I agree. I think Danielle was surprised as well. In interviews she seems a bit nervous about how fans responses will be. I think she expected Taystee to remain close to the character she was in season 1. I kind of feel bad for her, but I got the vibe that she was scared that fans wouldn't like her/her character after this season, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I've seen a few comments about fan's opinions of Taystee going down, but I think most people seem to understand she was being manipulated, right? This is her first big job, so I can see why she would have some qualms about her character changing so much. But I think it allowed her really showcase what a wonderful actress she is.
  7. I hope next season brings more Taystee/Poussey light heartedness and comedy since I think that's what made them such fan favorites anyway. It was good to get to know their characters more, as well as see what amazing acting chops they each have, but I think a big part missing from this season was their amusing friendship which offset the drama going on around them. I definitely want to see Taystee redeemed/make amends since (as Danielle has said in interviews) she made some choices we didn't expect her to make-I think when Danielle says this she means giving Nicky the heroin. Also, Taystee and Poussey barely did any Amanda and Mckenzie, so I definitely want to see more of that :) Also, I want to see more of Flaca and Maritza; I know Daya is a regular, but I always enjoy when those two are on screen.
  8. That Poussey/Taystee scene in the library was so heartbreaking. Both Samira and Danielle seriously brought it this season. Did anyone know what Taystee meant when she said "you said plenty of words" re Poussey's feelings for her? I only remember one scene about it this season.
  9. What's so sad is that her parents loved her, but weren't equipped at all for adopting a special needs child. I think denial played a big role in it, but I think another big issue was pressuring her to think that she was "normal and just like everyone else" (rather than saying they loved her the way she is, while trying to help her behavioral problems) when she would have benefitted from therapy. I also wonder how old she was supposed to be when she was adopted because if she suffered trauma at an early age, that could have lasting effects. I thought it was kind that Poussey didn't seem to hold Suzanne's beating her up against her. She probably realized it's because Vee had her so manipulated and willing to do anything. Still I was pleased that she didn't seem mad at Suzanne, though I hope she aplogizes to Poussey next season. I'm glad that Cindy and Watson recanted their testimony against Suzanne (probably because they were scared of Vee), but that was still wrong of them to do in the first place. I definitely have conflicted feelings on them blaming it on Suzzanne at first. On one hand, they know Vee's dangerous, on the other hand they knew it was wrong to blame it on Suzanne. I am interested to see where her character goes next season-hopefully she not be as easily manipulated/the other girls will look out for her more.
  10. I had been waiting since last season to see Poussey's backstory, but that was so sad. And in the present day, she was pushing Taystee away just like she did with her German girlfriend. I loved that her dad defended her to the other girl's dad. He prevented her from shooting him, so did they ever hint at or say what she is actually in jail for?
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