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  1. ktwo

    Windy City Rehab

    Did anyone catch the street address of this last one on Evergreen?
  2. Colonel Lingus joke in Weekend Update! To be expanded upon in the Colonel Angus sketch many years later.
  3. ktwo

    All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    Who could be happy with Cleo? Ugh.
  4. Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon will be hosting the royal wedding like they did the Rose Bowl: https://www.housebeautiful.com/lifestyle/a20635809/will-ferrell-and-molly-shannon-hosting-the-royal-wedding/?src=socialflowFBHBU
  5. Also, when you rewatch, the dancing totally looks like the dancing one would do if one was trying to keep jewelry in one’s butt. This cold open was reminding me of something and I didn’t realize it until now - the awesome cold open with Hammond’s Bill Clinton, Will Ferrell as Saddam Hussein, Molly Shannon’s Monica Lewinsky (not the real one although that did happen ala Stormy) and... Tim Meadows.
  6. Fallon had already played Kushner last year: https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2017/04/jimmy-fallon-jared-kushner-snl-alec-baldwin-trump
  7. ktwo

    Good Girls

    I got the impression that the old hot water heater had leaked all over her basement, so the $8000 was for the new hot water heater and all the repairs (new carpet etc.)
  8. ktwo

    Bar Rescue

    I was all set to watch this but my DVR grabbed a “Back to the Bar” update episode instead. Argh! Do you remember the name of this episode?
  9. ktwo

    Good Girls

    Is it more realistic if she’s in a union? Tons of large chain grocery stores in states like mine have union workers, including checkout clerks. My college roommate worked at one of the big chains in NYC while she was in high school and got health benefits and paid vacation because her store was unionized. I think a union would have rules against firing at will and about keeping someone on until a case like that is adjudicated. And they’re in Michigan which is historically big on unions.
  10. Of course she’s not going to reveal her source, but how would it be possible for the source NOT to be Boente himself?
  11. ktwo

    SNL in the Media

    What on earth is Paul Reiser promoting? I haven’t thought about him in ages.
  12. ktwo


    Agree, but had to add - IN THAT DRESS! The least appropriate dress for a mea culpa that I could possibly imagine.
  13. ktwo

    Good Girls

    My husband and I are friends with another couple, he runs his own all cash business servicing restaurants and she stays at home with the kids. He literally gives her a pile of cash every week to take care of household expenses. I think they are mostly on the up and up - he has employees and an accountant who I’ve met who seemed enthusiastic about deductions but not overly shady. But they pay cash for everything I’ve ever seen them buy - restaurant/bar tabs, tickets etc. He told us that he has boxes full of small bills all over the house, sort of like you’d have a jar full of loose change from emptying your pockets every night. They also bought a house with mostly cash and the seller financed the rest instead of getting a bank mortgage. I suppose if you really wanted to cover stuff up you could get money orders and pay your mortgage/utilities etc. like that, too, instead of depositing the cash in your checking account and writing a check or paying online with your bank account. Money orders would also work for large amounts at the pharmacy. But yeah, Ruby and Stan are going to have an interesting discussion at tax time. I’m really enjoying this show. I’m a younger sister who’s thankfully not as all over the place as Annie with an older sister who’s a LOT like Beth minus the criminal stuff, and their dynamic feels real to me. And I’m a big believer in suspending my disbelief - that sounded better in my head than it looks, but hopefully makes sense - so I’ve been able to handwave some things that I think are bothering others.
  14. ktwo


    She does this in literally every coffeehouse scene. Once I noticed it was when I really started hating her.
  15. ktwo

    Good Girls

    I think Beth was shopping to return like normal, while Annie had a whole shopping cart that she walked out of the store without paying.