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S01.E01: Episode 1

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After being dropped from a dinner party invitation, Aine calls an old friend from rehab for some company only for things to take an unexpected turn. Shona connects with new friend Charlotte.

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I liked the way the first episode just dropped us into the middle of things. I had mixed feelings about the relationship between Aine, her sister Shona, and the boyfriend. On the one hand, I can understand how he feels that Shona drops everything to swoop in and save Aine. On the other hand, that's her sister. He can't expect her to just ignore her own sister when she needs her.

I felt for Shona and Charlotte at the party. It's tough being the only women in the room.

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I realize Aine has mental issues, but continuing to walk alone at night in high risk areas is ridiculous.  She’s causing her sister undue stress.  The relationship seems quite co-dependent.  

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