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S06.E08: The Anchorman and the Wrestlers

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Lester Holt, Brie Bella, and Chris Sullivan vs Michael Ealy, Nikki Bella, and Natasho Leggero.

I thought this was kinda a dull episode. None of the celebrities were all that interesting or fun. Since I'm not into wrestling, I've never heard of the Bella sisters.

The only game I enjoyed was I Love A Charade.

Too bad they spent so much time on Stephen Colbert and Harry Styles when it was clear the contestant couldn't come up with the names. But generally I thought Chris Sullivan and Michael Ealy played well together.

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Have to admit, I was predisposed to dislike the Bella sisters from my limited exposure to them (mostly ads during BUSY TONIGHT I think), but they were kind of charming.  Total dummies for the most part, I’d love to see the train wreck of them doing the final round (but no contestant would be crazy enough to pick them, unless the other choices were complete HGN no-stars), but kind of funny.  I didn’t even mind the over-acting sibling rivalry of them mocking each other all the time.

But overall kind of lacklustre episode. Don’t know if one team has ever swept Smash The Buzzer before.  Final round was definitely winnable with some better gameplay.  Civilian had no one to blame but himself, though, not getting Colbert off the bat pretty much doomed him.

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Yeah, she couldn't get Patty-Cake but she got Tummy Time? Geez. I must be too old for this show or something.

The WWE girls were utterly useless.


 Total dummies for the most part, 


You know, I'd love to know what's going on with this show in regards to filming versus airing. Jane said we should watch Natasha's show "Another Period"  . . . which was cancelled over a year ago. Then later she brought up Natasha's Netflix special with her husband, which she was out promoting in June of 2018. That's how long ago this episode was filmed. Why is NBC sitting on these episodes for over a year??

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I actually enjoyed the episode. It was a weird mix of celebs. I think they do best having 2 or more people from a certain show because the actors have a rapport and stacking the couches with comedians or comedic actors. I don't think Natasha was as funny as expected but her style of comedy isn't really on the fly quick wit. And her "character" is usually droll, sarcastic, condescending... it's not the right vibe for this atmosphere. Chris was surprisingly funny and a great player.

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