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S01.E10: Power of the Fanny Pack

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A contestant finds himself in the water; two competitors fall into icy water while attempting to get across before their ball does; a firefighter contestant contends with a fire-breathing distraction; gymnast Gabby Douglas guest commentates.

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Well I thoroughly enjoyed this ridiculous show and I see they are casting for season two already, so I guess it's done ok. Joe laughing at Rob's jokes is the best. Stephen Curry loosened up as the season went on. And sorry Stephen, but I'm choosing the robot on Caddysmack.

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5 hours ago, Gothish520 said:

And sorry Stephen, but I'm choosing the robot on Caddysmack.

I realize that the first season people didn't know this, but it'll be interesting to see what happens in season two if they keep that challenge. I, not wanting to be the guy who chooses the robot, would probably just tank the putt so it would seem like I got stuck with the robot.

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I really liked the show and think Rob and Joe made the whole thing work, but it can be even better. Overall I think they had a great idea but hadn’t worked it all out and what we saw was heavily edited and assembled in post. There was a lot of filler.

There were too many contestants, and we didn’t even get to see some of them. It felt like Rob and Joe filmed their parts afterwards and they were laid in which made it feel less authentic. The guest hosts were wasted — I mean they had William Shatner and Michelle Wie and they got about 2 minutes of air time. The difficulty of the holes was inconsistent. Dutch Courage annihilated players while others only had to putt. The zip line wasn’t an equal challenge given some people’s age or height. Every time they fell on their knees I cringed in pain.

Mostly I want to know if Stephen Curry made every single one of those shots onto the green or if he shanked one or two and got a redo. I love Jtmacc’s strategy of getting “stuck” with the robot. I’d take him, too.

I look forward to next season. Rob and Joe did a great job.

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