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Khaled Hosseini

Spartan Girl
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Anybody read his books?


The Kite Runner was assigned to be for my college orientation and I couldn't put it down.  I guess I should have known a book about Afghanistan wouldn't exactly be a joyride, but it was so good.  I did see movie version as well, and I'm kind of glad they left out certain parts like

Sohrab's suicide attempt.  I almost threw up when I read that part



A Thousand Splendid Suns has to be my favorite book, perhaps because I identified with the fact it was more about the life of women in Afghanistan.  I loved the relationship between Mariam and Laila in the sense that it was a surrogate mother/daughter relationship.  Both of them kind of had crappy mothers -- Mariam's mother could be downright cruel to her (I know she had a hard life, but it's still no excuse), and Laila's mother neglected her and spent her whole life grieving over her dead sons.  I hope they're still working on a movie version of this one.


I did read the recent And the Mountains Echoed, and while I didn't like it as much as the previous two books, it was still pretty good.

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I read The Kite Runner in 06 so I don't really remember it (but really liked it), but I read A Thousand Splendid Suns  (which was amazing) last December and am about to start And the Mountains Echoed. 

The Mariam-Leila relationship was very well done..Mariam had such a tragic life. I also liked Leila and Tariq. 

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I can't remember if I ever finished A Thousand Splendid Suns. There was nothing wrong with it, I just don't think it was connecting for me at the time I was reading it. And I just finished And the Mountains Echoed, which I didn't like much at all. Or really, I liked several of the parts of it, but I hated the jumping around and got really, really bored in the middle-to-late part because I didn't care at all about those characters.


I did love The Kite Runner, though.

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