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S15.E16: Hell or High Water

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Nice to see Monte and Keith back on the boat.  Monte did his turn on the deck, then took over as relief captain.  That's playing iron man, like in the old football days when players played both offense and defense.

I'm glad they were all safe given those waves.  I really thought the show was building up to a big injury when a boat was far north.

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Again with the "rogue wave" BS.  In those seas, small waves are rogue.  To be fair, those really were some significant seas.  No icing, though.

Are they finally done with the ridiculous Jake A. harvesting enough crab for an equity position narrative?  

Bill's story was odd.  What was preventing him from re-setting and returning after a multi-day soak?   Was it the storm forcing a return to port, or were his tanks full?  Maybe a cannery deadline came up?   Annnd...no mention of the ice floe.

Keith may be many things, but there is no denying the man knows how to harvest crab.  It was good to see Monte aboard again.

No CM!!!!!  Overall, a basic, old school DC.  Not too bad.  

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11 hours ago, Lonesome Rhodes said:

No CM!!!!!  Overall, a basic, old school DC.  Not too bad.  

Agree wholeheartedly.  I don't mind them showing the CM when the focus is on Casey, like when he was helping an injured crewman a couple episodes back or when he and the crew were trying to regain control of the swinging pot.   Just keep He-who-shall-not-be-named off the screen.

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