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S01.E06: The Next Episode

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On 7/23/2019 at 8:13 PM, sd dude said:

Kat because I totally buy her arc - the effect of being an overweight child/teen on her social/sexual development and self-esteem, her discovery of her female sexual power and how she can be desired (not necessarily in a healthy way) at any size, and her ongoing promiscuity which she believes is her controlling and exploiting older males, as opposed to her own exploitation, to the extreme of rejecting more conventional romance/emotional relationships with appropriate partners her own age.

That's a really good explanation.

I like Kat's story too but I'm struggling to understand her thinking now. Is she just on a power trip? Maybe this is a persona she likes to play and she thinks it's working for her. It's giving her confidence. I guess the persona and the confidence are more important to her right now than the pursuit of an actual relationship with emotions involved.

Or else she's too young and inexperienced in life to know what to value. So she doesn't value the nice, attractive boy of her own age who was the only one to give her sexual pleasure. And next episode I bet she'll be back to having terrible sex with some weird old guy and calling it winning. 🙈 Kat is a very frustrating character to watch!

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