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Kathryn Dunn: Getting High on Life (And Bobcat Pee)

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Okay, so usually I wait a while before starting these contestant threads, but come on.  I don't think we're getting anything better, so I may as well do it now.

"[The bobcat piss] smelled exactly like what they use on my hair to highlight it."  Say whaaat?  Kat better hope she wins the show, because somehow I don't see a lot of commercial endorsements in her future.

Now we know why she's "29 and single", I guess.

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Poor Krazy Kat.  I'm sure that she thought her "conspiring against me" Kat-ch phrase was all in good fun and would catch on, but when you keep beating it into the ground like that (I counted 17 iterations in the episode [21.04] where they did the montage), you're just wearing it out.  Both comedically and in terms of it being tolerable.  And nobody really likes being called "bitch" on the regular, unless you've known the person longer than 10 days.

(Props to Sam for saying "lovely ladies" when he did a riff on it.)

I am glad she stayed, though, and I enjoyed how she took her dumping with minimum drama.  I actually rather like her now.  Which put me in the strange position of watching Legohead completely treat her like shit…and still being happy because, hey, she's free.  Although I do feel that, despite her DR protestations, she would totally take Oh-Michie-You-AIN'T-Fine back in a heartbeat, be it later in this season or afterwards.

Frankly, I'm holding out a desperate hope that Kat is at least sliiiiightly bisexual.  Not merely because it would diminish the chance of Kichie 2.0, but because a Kat/Christie showmance would be EVERYTHING:


KAT and CHRISTIE kiss.  Kat breaks it off.

KAT:  Christie, baby, I love you, but…are you conspiring against me?

CHRISTIE: [cries]

KAT:  You are?  Oh, God, I knew it.  Well, maybe not "knew it" knew it, but I knew there was something I didn't know!

CHRISTIE: [keeps crying]

KAT:  Wait, if you're conspiring against me…which of these bitches are you conspiring with?

(spoilered for feeds-only comedy elements)


CHRISTIE (still, you guessed it, crying):  Why does Jack keep hitting on me?  I'm totally not never ever, never-never, never, never, NEVER, okay a lot, NEVER, NEVER into him at ALL!  NEVER!  I LIKE GIRLS!!!

KAT (confused):  But…I'm a girl! (pause) Aren't I?  Did you see something down there?  Are my genitals conspiring against me?

CHRISTIE (suddenly dry-eyed and cold as ice):  Remember, whatever I think, I manifest.  The universe gives me signs.

KAT (aghast):  Oh, God!  THE UNIVERSE is conspiring against me???

Make it happen, BB gods, please!  Remember, there's a reason "Kichie" rhymes with "icky"!

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2 minutes ago, IndyMischa said:

@Halting Hex you really need to be a TV writer. [Unless the SPOILER OF THE YEAR is that you already are??]


Heh-heh, thanks, but that's more "no, I WISH!" territory.  Tried once, but I lack self-confidence and dedication.  This is more my speed.

Besides, I know you noticed that I couldn't help stealing one of those lines.  Or as we call it in the biz (that I'm not actually in), a "homage". 

(Where did the "winky-face" emoji go?  I keep trying to manifest it, but no luck…)

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On 6/30/2019 at 10:23 PM, Halting Hex said:

Now we know why she's "29 and single", I guess.

When a guy’s opening lines are limited to shit like “Gee, your hair smells terrific like bobcat piss”...???  Oh HELL yeah. 😉 

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Piss, not pass - damn autocorrect
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