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S04.E01: Everything's Okay

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OMG, I am just gonna pretend 20 out of TWENTY SIX eps last season ... never happened. It definitely feels like redemption. Maze back to normal. Luci not being an idiot. Scenes between characters that were moving and long-overdue.

Works for me.

Am totally assuming action ended on the gorgeous 3.24 moments of Luci and Chloe and wings everywhere. Loved it.

On 5/11/2019 at 2:52 PM, lorbeer said:

Something weird happened to Chloe's face.

I really don't want to critique Lauren German's face, or the work she has or hasn't done, which I feel is so disrespectful since actresses are held to such a ridiculous level beyond male actors.

She's a beautiful girl. I don't think she needs plastic surgery and hope she agrees sometime soon.

HOWEVER> I will simply note that her make up team drives me CRAZY with the chalk-white makeup, the magenta/red eyeliner and eyeshadow, the purple eye circles, and the general lack of definition around her eyes or features. Yes, I guess, it makes her appear less interested in her appearance, but ye gods, this is television. Please, someone, give that woman some actual eyeliner, dammit.

As it is, despite her natural beauty, for 3+ years now she's looked like she was waiting to be admitted to a tuberculosis ward or at least a commune for terminal sufferers of pinkeye. Sheesh. 

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I caught up on the older episodes, over the past month, and am glad that we have individual episode threads. I almost didn't watch this, because season three was messed up. Although it wasn't until season three, that I realized Trixie gets her sweet tooth from her dad. He cracked me up, with the pudding, and things like the lemon tarts. 

I can Chloe looking for some kind of understanding, but not signing up to kill him. 

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