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[Not A PTV Bug] Black Screen

Sew Sumi

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7 hours ago, SilverStormm said:

@Sew Sumi @QQQQ Are you still experiencing this problem?

That exact same thing has been happening to me lately on my Fire tablet. I didn't report it because I was assuming it was the hardware. It's never done that on my iPhone.

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Yes. It just happened after I read this message. I clicked on the Previously TV black banner to get to my homepage, and the screen went black. It cleared up when I swiped the screen.

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I'm having the same issue, also on android running version 8.0.0

It happens multiple times a day. I haven't noticed it affecting any specific forums/topics more than others, but it's really frustrating.

What's odd is if I copy the address, close the tab, open a new tab, then paste the link and go - it will likewise open the black page in the new tab. 

I normally use Chrome on my phone, but recently downloaded Firefox and have signed into my PTV account with Firefox. I'll use Firefox for a couple of days and report back if it appears the issue is unique to Chrome, or if the issue still occurs with Firefox.

Update: I've been on PTV (different forums/topics) with Firefox for the past six hours and I haven't gotten the black screen at all. When I switch back to Chrome, it happens again. So it has to be something to do with android + Chrome + PTV not playing nice. Is it fixable?

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