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Sharp Objects

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So, I finished the series just as the New Year hits and.....I'm really not impressed.

I see all of this praise over the series online and I'm just....not really getting it? I just thought the series was boring for most of it and I suspected that the show may not end well. And....for me, it really didn't end well. It was a pretty shitty ending. And no show, I am not impressed with the "twist" ending. Are you wanting to be a mini-series or are you aiming for a second season? Because I got no explanation as to why Amma decided to kill those girls. Ok, I guess the interpretation is that she was...jealous of them, angry at her mother, and took it out on them? But we don't really get anything. Didn't we also get a last minute throwaway line about how Adora adored Natalie and Ann? Despite not having any information before the final episode about that, it just....came out of nowhere. It didn't feel like this show knew what it wanted to be. Did it want to be a murder mystery or did it want to be a character study about a messed up family in a messed up small town? 

I'm just...really, really annoyed. 

I loved Amy Adams and found most of the acting decent, but not many stood out. Patricia Clarkson was great, though. She stood out more than Eliza Scanlen to me. But yeah....I'm disappointed in the series and just...found the finale to be fairly frustrating to watch, even with the decent acting and the overall decent character progression for Camille. 

This series probably would have worked better as a movie, if they really didn't know what to do for six out of eight episodes. 

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I just finished this and immediately texted my friend who was considering watching and told her not to.

I can see why the acting was recognized everyone did an amazing job but man what a slog this was. TOO much atmosphere and not enough story. And the twist and quick cuts during the credits for the final episode was a bunch of crap. 

I went to the old threads to read and many more people said it more eloquently than me. I concur.  

However small towns were getting a lot of crap in those threads. Yes I wanted out of mine (town with a pop of 700 and now live in a city with 3 million people) but not because small towns are an evil hell hole. Yes the boredom and everyone knowing everyone's business could get toxic but there we're also some of the kindest people you will ever meet.  Small towns don't have an exclusive on racist sexist homophobic small minded people. It's just that small towns provide the microscope and can also create an echo chamber where you don't get a chance to experience any other truth.  I may be undoing my own point here...

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I started watching this show and mid of episode 3 I knew that the killer would be Amma and her friends because of something she said "my friends love me and would do anything for me" and because she seemed jealous of girls her mom was close to. I got bored with how slow it was so I checked an article that was saying who the killer was and omg it was Amma indeed! I am very proud and I wanted to share. I have watched a lot of Law and order and other crime series and documentaries. So proud of myself. 😛

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I know this is years and years later but I'm a late watcher. What the heck kind of name is "Jodes?" Is this a nickname for something?  A midwestern-southern thing? Can someone please enlighten me as this name was flung about on the show as if there was nothing unusual about it and I'm not buying it.

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