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Legacies Cast & Crew's Other Roles & Projects

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I'm really looking forward for a decent movie with Kaylee Bryant. I just watched Mary Loss of Soul, but honestly, it's a waste of time. Really bad movie. It's categorized as a horror, but it literally doesn't have any scary scenes, not even jump scares. It sucks, I hope she films some romantic/teen movie in the near future. 

As for Jenny Boyd, I think I'm going to watch the movie Hex. Surprisingly or not, it has 10/10 on IMDB, which is really rare to say the least. Don't care about the rest of the cast whatsoever, I'm okay with following them only on Legacies. 

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So Raf is the second Legacies character to leave the show for a lead role on another CW series after Alyssa Chang leaving for Kung Fu. With both characters being written off in a way that would allow them to be brought back if their new gigs don't work out.

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