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Alaric Saltzman: Teacher/Guardian/Drinking Buddy Extraordinaire

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Who doesn't love some Ric!


He is always the middle ground voice of reason.


I love his fatherly role with Jeremy who really needs him.


And what can I say his bromace with Damon is EPIC!


Now he's an Orginalish vampire....hum not so sure how to feel about THAT!

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I'd say I like Alaric the most because he is probably one of the few recurring characters on the show who is actually a nice person and has never done anything evil, not counting the "Evil Alaric" from all the times he died of course. He's also probably one of the few people on the show who has some common sense, though I expect that will change now that he's back.

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Alaric is a great character. I thought he was interesting as the vampire hunter turned vampire friend and I cried when he died (in the days when TVD made me cry for the right reasons). He had some great if somewhat inappropriate at times interactions with all of the cast. He just seemed nice. On TOS, I always hoped that he and Lexi had found each other and spent time looking out for their bffs together.

However I want him to a strong SL otherwise it could totally ruin the character. I think his relationship with Jeremy what with him being a hunter could be really great. I wonder what they will do with the original vampire SL. I hope it's not just an excuse to dagger him and stick him in a coffin!

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Alaric's always been my favorite (aside from those 7 or so episodes in season 1 before he was written in, but y'know).


I'm interested in how they'll deal with his vampirism this season - it seems that most vampire characters we've seen turned go through a period of not being able to control their bloodlust, but learning to embrace aspects of being a vampire once they've gotten the bloodlust under control. Alaric seems to be going in the opposite direction; he's actually coping with the bloodlust reasonably well (so far), but hating everything about being a vampire. It makes sense given that he chose to die rather than become a vampire, before Esther took the choice away from him. It'll be interesting to see if he gradually accepts being a vampire more as the season progresses.

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White Oak stake, I think? That might be the only thing.

Even the white oak stake can't kill him - Caroline and Rebeckah stabbed him through the heart with it when he attacked them at the school in Before Sunset. If something can kill him, I don't think we've seen it yet - I'd guess that the only thing that can take him down is a witch desiccating him a la Mikael, which was their original (ha) plan for him when he was first turned and terrorising the town.

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