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  1. Like A Phoenix

    S07.E22: Gods & Monsters

    Caroline: Hey adorable, beloved twins - if something took your mommy away, how would that make you feel? Adorable beloved twins: Mad! Sad! Caroline: Well, get used to that feeling, kiddos. I liked maybe half of the episode and was utterly indifferent to the rest of it, but I found it... I don't know... maybe the best description is 'wildly inconsistent'.
  2. Like A Phoenix

    S07.E21: Requiem for a Dream

    I was distracted for most of the episode thinking that if Bonnie's vampire-murdering ways are a spell, why don't they just get the Saltzman twins to give her a hug and siphon the magic away? Wouldn't that be a lot easier?
  3. Like A Phoenix

    S07.E13: This Woman's Work

    I was trying to work that out, until I gave it up. Maybe they have to be stabbed through the heart to go into the stone? And ditto on Beau; he was the only one I liked too. Poor guy finally gets to show off his singing voice, then barbecued in an instant. Also have my doubts that three-years-in-the-future Alaric would be cool with Caroline taking his precious twins to stay with Klaus, given that Klaus possessed him shortly before murdering Jenna. Probably not high on his trust list.
  4. Like A Phoenix

    S07.E06: Best Served Cold

    I remember when I thought that Ric's life couldn't possibly be any more messed up - thanks for proving me wrong, episode! The flash forward with Alaric and Caroline seemingly engaged to each other was a heck of a surprise seeing as, you know, Alaric kind of murdered Caroline's father, albeit not knowingly. (Also, his goodbye to Flo/Jo was wrenchingly heartbreaking) Was I the only one shouting "just tell Damon!!" whenever Stefan was on screen? I find it really hard to believe that he thought that Damon would make a sarcastic comment about the death of a baby. That's just way too cold. Lily, your parties and boyfriend both suck.
  5. Like A Phoenix

    S07.E05: Live Through This

    Ahh, I've never even touched a gun, so fair enough. :)
  6. Like A Phoenix

    S07.E05: Live Through This

    I can only guess that it's the same gun with which Alaric attempted suicide after Jo died. Of course, if it was, he should've known full well from experience that it was empty.
  7. Like A Phoenix

    S07.E05: Live Through This

    Thank you TVD; that was more like it. Good fast-paced episode. Considering the publicity for the episode was all "SHOCKING new couple omg!!1!" I didn't really care too much either way about Bonnie and Enzo. Probably because of the tedium of the latter. Kudos to Paul Wesley for his scenes with Valerie; his reaction was beautifully done. And ditto to Matt Davis and Jodi Lyn O'Keefe when Alaric realises that it really isn't Jo. Him promising to help an unknown, scared vampire was strangely touching. But boy is he lucky that a nice vampire ended up in there instead of a ripper maniac. See Ric, your luck isn't all bad!
  8. Like A Phoenix

    S07.E03: Age Of Innocence

    Well, that episode was frustrating as hell. The Damon/Bonnie/Alaric scenes were fun and interesting. It had its own handed-from-the-network hashtag on Twitter. So that was the main focus of the episode, right? Wrong!! Why the hell was the focus of the episode on the story about a heretic who is boring as hell (as are all the heretics - the only one with any semblance of a personality got killed at the end of the episode), and which seemed to mess with Stefan's history as we knew it. I just don't care about their 'relationship'. The whole thing felt like filler, which was so annoying when the other plot within the episode was actually enjoyable. (and did we really need that many flashbacks? I was starting to get whiplash from all the jumping back and forth.) Apologies for the rant, but the episode tonight was the first time I've thought "maybe I'm too old for this." And I'm not even that old.
  9. Like A Phoenix

    S07.E02: Never Let Me Go

    Agreed with all of the above. The heretics are cardboard cut-out villains, and I'm guessing we're supposed to find their old-timey ways charming. Well, we already did that with the Originals, and I hated them too. I'm still not sure how I feel about the 'resurrect Jo' storyline. It's a weird one, but at the same time I get how someone who's been resurrected as many times as Alaric would have difficulty in just letting someone go. It must feel like a pretty cruel joke to cheat death that many times yourself, but the woman you love can't even get a second chance.
  10. Like A Phoenix

    S07.E02: Never Let Me Go

    So, anyone know how to add "Stone" to the end of my username? (j/k, that thing's freaky.) Enjoyed the ep, but a surprising amount of it felt a bit recycled - Caroline getting tortured with pencils - check! Alaric did that back in season 3's "Before Sunset". Bonnie stopping Matt's heart - check! She already did that to Jeremy in season 3's... "Before Sunset". Hmmm. Now I enjoyed "Before Sunset", but really.
  11. Like A Phoenix

    S07.E01: Day One Of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give Or Take

    Great season opener! I think they've done a good job of keeping the spirit of Elena alive without having everyone pine for her too much. Didn't expect Damon to break the truce quite that fast (though obviously it was going to happen). Matt's life continues to suck, via the fastest promotion ever. And hi DarkRic! I'm sure that trying to resurrect Jo will go fine with no problems whatsoever.
  12. Like A Phoenix

    S06.E22: I'm Thinking Of You All The While

    Farewell Elena, and Nina. Need to gather my thoughts but it certainly managed to shock me a few times: Jo and her unborn babies butchered, Alaric putting a gun to his own head and casually pulling the trigger, and Damon knocking Kai's head clean off. And yay, Jeremy!!
  13. Like A Phoenix

    S06.E18: I Never Could Love Like That

    That felt like a long episode, pretty much just setting up Elena wanting to be human again, and the new Big Bad. Nice to see Enzo's story at last, but it felt a little shoehorned in - I'd have preferred more of a build up to it, or at least it being in an episode where Enzo was central to the plot (though that's not really been his thing this season, seemingly). Also, The CW needs better nitpickers- it's Southampton, not South Hampton - bit of an error for what's a major British city. Hampton is a London borough, and not noted for its ocean-going vessels.
  14. Like A Phoenix

    Vampire Diaries In The Media

    Best wishes and good luck to Nina with her new adventures - whatever she ends up doing, she'll be awesome at it. I'm interested to see how TVD is without Elena too; although an ensemble show, it does give it a new slant which I find quite intriguing. And best wishes too to Michael Trevino; he's been in the current season so little that his departure was less of a surprise, especially as he has other projects already lined up. Also, some of the vitriol I've seen being hurled at both cast and crew on Twitter has been breathtakingly crazy and embarrassing, so let's hope that stops very quickly.
  15. Like A Phoenix

    S06.E17: A Bird In A Gilded Cage

    So all that needed to happen to get Enzo to drop his pointless and tedious crusade, and become halfway likeable again, was for Alaric to call him sad? (if we can get Ric to squish a few more pointless storylines with other characters by insulting them, that'd be fab!) Much improved episode after last week's.